I’ve Changed My Mind Many Times Today

I change my mind a lot. I think about things. Try new things. Go back to the original thing. Try another new thing. Go back to the second thing.

Here’s one of the things I changed my mind on today. Yesterday I was pretty sure I was going to use the Moda fabric as the background for my upcoming Aboriginal quilt. Well, I looked around the inter-webs last night to see what light Aboriginal fabrics were out there and I ran across this fabric.

When I got home from Rico’s dog agility class tonight I dug into my stash because I thought I might have a piece of it. And I did! So I tried it with the fabrics I’ve put together for this quilt.

At first I was afraid the more stark white would be too much for this. But I changed my mind! I love it. It’s perfect. Look at this closer view.

I just LOVE the way it looks with those colorful fabrics. I love the way in brings movement to the background. I love that some spots are more airy and some more dense.

Now I just have to see if I can find some online to buy! Wish me luck.

And I changed my mind another time today about my black quilt top. One of my blog readers had expressed interest in purchasing it since I wasn’t happy with it. So I dug it out this weekend to measure it and decide on a price, and I fell in love with it all over again.

I mean… look at this!!!

… and this…

Yes, it’s chaotic but I decided that the fabrics individually and together are just too pretty for me to part with this right now. And I’ve decided that I won’t cut it up any time soon. I think maybe it’s jut not very photogenic. It’s much prettier in person than in photos.

Oh! And I just remembered that I got a phone call on the way to agility class tonight from my long arm quilter. She let me know that one of the quilt backs I delivered to her a couple weeks ago is too small! Apparently, I made the backing square and the quilt isn’t square. Unfortunately, instead of being too big on one side, it’s too small.

It’s this backing for my scrappy KFC trip quilt. So I’ll pick up the backing from her this weekend and fix it. She said all I have to do is cut out the center seam and add an 8 inch strip down the middle. That should be simple enough. I even have a good number of the strip sets left over that I could use to fill that gap.

Have I told you how much I hate making quilt backings?

But, the good thing is that I will push to finish up the blue quilt I’m working on, get the backing pieced and deliver it to her at the same time.

I’ve also decided to take this NY Beauty quilt I made a couple years ago to her to custom quilt. I will hang this on the wall of my sewing room.

I had originally planned to do the quilting on this myself. And that’s why it’s still not done three years later. I also don’t love free motion quilting. Well, that’s not really true. I enjoy it when my sewing machine cooperates. The thing I hate about it is dealing with broken and frayed threads. I know I will be happier if someone else finishes this up.

And I’m happy to report that I located the reader Frankenbags that have been sent to me over the last few weeks, but it looks like I have misplaced the notes that came with each. So here we go.

This first bag comes from Janet Starner, I really like the color combo on this one and the curved piecing is really good! And how delicious is that polka dot lining with the orange pocket? Yum!

This next bag was made by Patsy Stein. I love the free form approach to the piecing she used. And those bold strips of black and white are fantastic! And the pops of color here and there are so good!

Up next is this bag made by Necia Chessman. The blues and turquoises are so pretty together, and you know how much I love the bold black and white parts. And the tiny pops of oranges, yellows and reds really make this bag sing!

This last bag is from Judith Kendrick. What a great way to use that panel in the center photo! And the bold yellow borders are really nice. I’m thinking Judith told me that she adjusted the handles so they would fit over the back of a wheelchair. Sorry I can’t find the notes sent by readers. I’m trying to reconstruct it from memory.

Thanks to everyone who sent photos of their bags!

44 Replies to “I’ve Changed My Mind Many Times Today”

    1. I had considered cutting it up and doing something with it… possibly some kind of sashing. But after looking at it yesterday, I’m going to keep it intact. It’s really pretty in person and close up,



  1. Beautiful choice of fabric for your next quilt. Try this quilt shop: https://www.artisticartifacts.com
    It’s located in Arlington, Virginia, which is right outside of Washington, DC. When I checked their site this morning for you, it appears there are several fabrics that look like what you’re hunting for. The only problem is that they have quite a selection of aboriginal prints, all of which are gorgeous. If the fabric is what you need, it will be like what they say about potato chips… you can’t eat just one. You’ll be soooo tempted! Good luck finding what you need.

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    1. I actually found them online last night and have already ordered fabric from them. I’m pretty sure I’ve ordered from them before but a few years ago.

      and yes… I had to buy more than just that fabric for the background!



  2. That NY Beauty sure lives up to its name! You’ve inspired me. Seriously thinking about not going back to the university next year to accompany voice students. At 70+, I have an enormous stash of quilting fabrics that I want to sew. While Instill can.

    I adore Janet Starner’s Frankenbag. That’s something else I need to make. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment Jan! For what it’s worth, I—too—am 70+. I retired from university teaching a while ago and have never looked back. I *love* being able to sew every day, all day, when I want to. I highly recommend retirement. ☺️

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  3. I feel your pain when you post about making quilt backs. At one point I mentioned an issue with making a quilt back to my long arm quilter. It was only then that she mentioned that was something she did for many of her customers. Say what? She had thought I liked doing my own backing! You might ask your long arm quilter if this is a service she provides. Best $10 I have ever spent.


  4. That fabric is called Land of Utopia, I’ve seen it in black and in a deep red, but the white will be amazing with your other fabrics!. Still available in several places online when I searched for it.

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  5. Thanks for posting pics of my bag, Anne. I did/do so appreciate your generosity in sharing your knowledge in your tutorials. After I finished my bag, my husband got excited about crumb piecing, and I suggested he watch your crumb piecing video to establish a method for creating the “crumbs.” I am happy to report that I now have a lovely stack that he created for me that are ready to use!

    And I have a question, if you are willing to answer it—in at least one other post, you noted that you had worked on commissions before for people who asked you to make something for them, and that you decided you hate doing that. Instead, you noted, you prefer selling items you have already made, and when someone admires them and you are willing to part with them, you name a price. Today you noted that a blogger loved the dark Kaffe Fassett quilt you were unhappy with and were willing to sell that one. Aaaaand, here is my question (finally): how do you settle on a price?

    I ask because people sometimes ask the same of me, and I can *never* decide what might be appropriate. I would love to hear your thoughts again on the subject if you are willing.


    1. I love that your husband is doing crumb piecing! Now you can have fun with what he makes!

      I’ve seen formulas and guidelines for pricing quilts, but it’s really up to you. you need to consider your costs of materials, costs to have it quilted if you pay someone to do it, and your time. Your time is usually where it gets dicey and that’s the part people have a hard time putting value on. So you need to decide what you think your time is worth.

      So for me, I would estimate the cost in fabric (top, back, binding) for a throw size quilt would be around $140, conservatively as fabric is expensive these days. Then it would cost me around $160 or so to have it quilted. So that’s hard costs of $300. How much I would charge for my time would depend on how intricate the piecing is. I don’t tend to do really intricate things. So for this black quilt with it’s big blocks and simple piecing, I’d probably want to charge at least $150 for my time in piecing and designing. Which doesn’t add up to very much per hour of work. So the total would be around $450. that’s for a finished quilt.

      For just the quilt top, it would have to be around $220 or so. Rough estimate.

      Like I said, it all depends on how much value you want to put on your time.

      Keep in mind that I’ve only ever sold 2 quilts. One was a commission, and one was a sale to a friend so I let it go for around $400.



      1. Well, as usual, you have given a thorough, articulate, reply. Thank you very much for that! People have admired my work, which I very much appreciate, but then they always say “you should *sell* those!” But then I consider whether or not I really want to monetize this creative work I do, and the answer is always 1) I would be a terrible business person and 2) I don’t want the pressure in any case and 3) how in the heck can I value my time? The Frankenbag I made using your tutorial took me a long time with all the pockets, two zippers, etc., not to mention the crumb piecing. No one would want to pay me “enough” to compensate for the time it took to do all of that. And I for sure do NOT want to turn this into an assembly line operation. Yuck. So I end up giving away nearly everything I piece/quilt. I love that, and the recipients always appreciate the gift. On the other hand. . . It would be nice to fund my addition somehow. 😝 You have given me food for thought. I appreciate the time you took to respond. Keep those tutorials coming! Not only are they helpful, you have a real knack for efficient, clear instructions. That’s a rare trait. 🙏


      2. Like I said in may post about commissions, that sort of takes the joy out of it for me. It immediately makes a project more stressful and less joyful. I like to make what I make and if I can sell it, great. if not, then it will pile up in my closets or be a gift!

        I actually have a friend who used to run a long arm business and still does quilting on the side who is interested in trading my quilt tops for quilting services. THIS sounds like a great idea to me. I just need to get organized and see what I’m willing to trade.



  6. Fantastic – the white Moda really makes the other fabrics POP!
    You really have a way with colors. I want to be your neighbor and play with you, your fabrics and your dogs…LOL thank you for sharing.

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    1. In most cases a quilt will be enjoyed close up, and for me I hope people will actually USE a quilt I give them. This black quilt is gorgeous close up.

      It’s funny how my feelings about it can sway so significantly. If I was going to make it again I’d do some things differently. But I’m glad I’m feeling better about it.



  7. Love your posts. Your seemingly boundless energy always give me a lift and you do buy the yummiest fabrics. Think I’m going to have to try a Frankinbag.

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    1. I’m laying on the sofa under a quilt as I type this. I don’t do a lot of blog posts about this activity!

      You should make a Frankenbag! Use up some gorgeous scraps!



  8. This is not a complaint but I want you to know that finding you has been hard on my budget. My mouth waters when I see some of the gorgeous fabrics that you are using and I have started buying fabric again – not quilting mind you just stocking up just in case. My husband is about to have a back operation and I’m thinking maybe I’ll have time to work on something. I’ve been mostly focused on Kaffe fabrics – what an incredible treat. I have the kit for the Jewel Frames Kit and am thinking that might be a good place to start but I have the pattern and ruler for the algorithm quilt so I may try using a pack of 10” squares to get started on this. I was really captivated by pictures I saw of this quilt online and when I went back and checked some of the pictures were of yours! I’m getting too wordy – all I really wanted to do was thank you and say please keep posting. BTW, I saw that white Australian fabric you were looking for on Etsy last night (on Moona fabrics I think) – Not sure how you much they have or how much you need. I love how it looks next to your aboriginal squares. Enough for today! Carolyn



    1. Wow! You’re way too nice! thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice note.

      You might want to search my blog for my posts on my Jewel Frames quilt (still not done!). There is some info on how I did my borders and sashing. I used a different fabric for the cornerstones of the sashing. The pattern has you make them from the same fabric. It’s a gorgeous quilt and I will finish it soon. I keep telling myself that.

      I used to be afraid to cut into my fabric. Now I just cut into it with abandon… unless it’s something I know I can no longer get. Then I’m more considered.

      I won’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on KFC Fabric since the pandemic started. It’s a little horrifying!

      I you do make the algorithm quilt, let me know because I’ve saved a doc of some of my notes on how what I made differed from the pattern.



  9. Love the black quit – pleased you decided to keep it. I’ve just finished a quilt top for grandson, I did my usual and have nearly every colour under the sun in there, I love bright and bold so your black one is so appealing.

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  10. If you haven’t found the fabric yet it’s called Land of Utopia White. You can try Fabrilish.com. They have a great selection of aboriginal fabrics and it was in stock. I haven’t purchased from her yet but I plan to.

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  11. Anne, I am always impressed with your artistic creations using juxtaposition of bright colors against B&Ws. Today your NY beauty quilt particularly caught my eye. Stunning!

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