Fast Little Lap Quilt Top Is done

I had hoped to get my blue KFC lap quilt top half-sewn this evening. But I actually got it all done!

I had seen earlier in the day that there are new episodes of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix so I fired it up and got sewing.

I got the first two rows put together in no time and moved onto the third and fourth rows.

It all goes together really quickly if you press everything correctly. All the seams will nest nicely and your corners will be perfect! And it all goes together really quickly because there are only three horizontal seams!

And I just love that feeling of the seams nesting… that soft little “click” is almost meditative to me.

Over the years I’ve developed some tricks that help me keep my blocks and rows in order as I assemble my quilt top. First is that I mark the left most block of each row with a number.

This helps keep the rows in the right order and the right orientation.

And as I get ready to sew each row of this quilt I make sure that the center seam allowance of each big block go in one direction in one row, and in the opposite direction in the next row so the seams on the rows will nest. If the seam allowance is going the wrong direction in this block, all you have to do is rotate the block so the bottom becomes the top… then your seam allowance will be going in the correct direction.

Here’s the finished top. I just love the look of a quilt top when it’s all sewn together and pressed. It just all melds into one cohesive thing.

Here’s a little eye candy.

I’m going to crack away and get the backing for this quilt done in the next couple of days so I can take this to my long arm quilter on Sunday. I’ll also pick up the backing for my scrappy trip quilt so I can make it the correct size for the quilt.

I was able to locate some of the white Aboriginal fabric I want for the background of my upcoming quilt in an online shop and have already ordered some. And, of course, I had to buy a few other pieces that caught my eye.

A hectic couple of weeks coming up at work as our fall radio fundraising drive starts tomorrow. Better get off to bed for an early day tomorrow.

28 Replies to “Fast Little Lap Quilt Top Is done”

    1. Thank you ! this all started as a way for me to keep track of my projects and how I made them. then people found me during the pandemic. It’s fun to get to share all this with so many people all over the world.



  1. I love this blue quilt. It seems quite easy so I may make one. I believe you shared how to make it on a previous listing so I will check some of your older posts. Thank you for your posts.

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  2. Love love love your new quilt top!! Thank you for the sizes of strips and to put it together. You’re so generous, Anne! First I must complete four Frankenbags for friend! Then I must do one for me!!!!
    Could you please review how to make the handles for the Franken totes? I’ve forgotten the width to cut of the faux leather!!

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      1. Thank you soooo very much for your kind and quick response to my question! Now my girlfriends (and I) will have straps on our Frankens!! Your generosity with sharing is beyond words – you inspire me, Anne!!!

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  3. Anne – I apologize for writing so often but my head is spinning with ideas and questions (maybe nerves from my husband’s upcoming surgery) so first of all, are all the fabrics in your blue lap quilt really KFC? I’d love to find some of those white ovals with the colorful outlines and one fabric that was medium blue with red (that’s probably not an adequate description) – you don’t happen to have a list of those fabrics do you? It looks stunning!! Here’s another couple of questions. Have you ever made a quilt using the Three Layer Cake pattern (I’ll send a picture) – I’d love to do it with KFC fabrics. And have you seen the Escher quilt pattern – my husband and son are both captivated by Escher and I know there is someone that makes up kits for these using KFC- I think they are more like wall hangings and they may be above my pay grade but I’m tempted so please let me know if you have ever tried one. Thank you! Carolyn >

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    1. I included a link in my most recent blog post. Did you see it?

      I’ve seen a good number of the Escher quilts made from KFC fabrics. There IS a store that sells the kits, but I don’t know the store. The quilts are beautiful, but they are not something that I would enjoy making! A friend of mine made one and it’s really cool!



      1. Anne – I did see the link – thank you. I also realized that I don’t need to obsess about finding the exact same fabrics – there are so many choices out there. But I do like your eye for color and placement and am learning a lot. What a great idea to make a list and take pictures of the fabrics when you have completed. I may not be quilting yet but am enjoying sort of marinating in all the gorgeous colors and designs! Hope your productive streak continues. I’m loving it! Do you ever sleep?



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  4. Love the fast little lap quilt, more interesting than the 2 by 4 I made ages ago, more scope for more fabrics – always good! The background for your batiks couldn’t be bettered I think, the fabrics show up so well.


    1. I’m wanting to make more of these quick little quilts. So many ways to combine fabrics… colors, designs. I’m already playing with a pile of fabrics and too many ideas!


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