Firing on All Cylinders

Another stressful week. Why are there so many these days. So it feels ready good to have the weekend here.

I had so much making the little blue lap quilt that I did pull apart that KFC jelly roll I found in a drawer when my friend was helping me clean out my sewing room. I took a short break from work this afternoon and opened it up and paired up all the strips into sets of two. I have to say, it’s jot a combo of fabrics I would put together.

Yet… they look really cool together. Get a load of this.

There are some fun combos in there. and, by the way, they look better in person than in photos. It will be fun to get the blocks done and see how they look together.

I’m sewing these all production line style. First, before dinner I sat down and sewed all 20 strip pairs together.

Then after our walk I finger pressed all these sets and pressed them with the iron. I used my metal ruler to make sure my strip sets were nice and straight before I pressed them.

To facilitate the quicker assembly line sewing, I hung the 40 pressed strip sets on the back of my sewing chair to keep them organized. then I carefully moved that pile to my lap and just grabbed one after another and got them all chain pieced.

I got to the point where I have all 40 blocks ready to sew the two final pieces into a strip set of 8 strips. Then I’ll press and cut into the two sections for the finished block.

It’s important with these blocks to identify which strip id the light and shich is the dark. Sometimes it can be hard tog tell. So I will take a photo and adjust it to black an white. Then it’s often obvious which is the dark and which is the light fabric.

Sometimes they’re so similar I just have to pick one.

It’s very likely that I’ll finish up these blocks tomorrow. That will be one fast damned make!

Other things that need to get done tomorrow: Make the baking for my NY beauty wall hanging. I had hoped to use this fabric but discovered that I don’t have enough of it.

I’ll have to dig into my stash and see what else I have that will work. Might have to piece it from batiks.

I also need to make the backing for the blue lap quilt. I’m planning on taking both of these to my long arm quilter on Sunday.

The Aboriginal fabric I ordered for the background of the cross crossing quilt arrived today. I bought a couple of other pieces while I was at it.

Our fundraiser had to suspended until Monday. So I have tomorrow free. I’m planning on playing Pickleball first thin in the morning, then I’ll hunker down at home and get some sewing done.

19 Replies to “Firing on All Cylinders”

  1. Wow. just Wow. yo are amazing. Thank you for sharing!
    I was tired reading it after so many steps….THEN you went to play pickle ball! I learned so many things Thanks for Sharing!

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  2. Can’t wait to see the top when it’s done! I agree, not a combo I’d make, but I’m sure the finished product will be gorgeous as all your works have been! You’ve got the knack!
    Someday, when you have time – could you speak a bit about how you combine aboriginals? I want to dip my toe in, but can’t seem to grasp how to mix all those dots and patterns into a cohesive top. I feel like a little insight into your methodology would give me a chance at creating something I actually like.

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  3. I sure like your new sets of combos! Some wonderful surprise matches that make all the colors really pop.
    Where did you order the B&W aboriginal fabric? I’ve searched the web and can’t seem to find it. I love the way the dots flow.

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  4. Thanks so much for sharing your techniques. I’m a self-taught quilter who has taught herself some bad habits so I really appreciate your willingness to teach what do obviously works so well!

    Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. I’m mostly self taught as well. I learned a lot from watching video tutorials. Donna Jordan at Jordan fabrics taught me a lot about handling fabrics… sewing, pressing, all of it. It’s take years to build up my knowledge and skill!



  5. What??? no pics of the boyz??? I love those floppy ears and the big goofy smiles. Yes, I love the fabrics and tend to be very envious of your stash, but I live for the new pics of the dogs. Thanks for sharing and as always I’m amazed at all you accomplish in a week.

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      1. see what happens when you become a quilter/bag-maker/doggy-wrangler/piclkle-ball athlete and all around celebrity? Your fans become demanding. Never fear I can find your boyz pics on your FB page to hold me over until ………

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      2. Well, it HAS been a while since I’ve posted photos of the boys. I actually took one a few days ago with the intention o sharing it and over looked it somehow.

        Pickleball athlete? Hmmm. Maybe not, but I’m sure having fun with it!



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