Lucky 13 — Just 13 More Wensleydale Blocks to Go!

What a crazy weather day. The sun was shining when I got up this morning. The rest of the day included downpours, ice balls, rain, rain and more rain, moments of sunshine, and a high of about 45 degrees. I had to check the calendar to confirm that it really is April 20 as I type after midnight. I wore a parka and gloves for our evening walk!

But even with all that, we had this too.

That’s sort of magical.

The good news is that the forecast tells me we will have a day of 80 degrees with sun in about a week. I can hardly believe it’s true!

After our evening walk I headed down the hall to my sewing room to dig in and make a few more Wensleydale blocks. I was having so much fun seeing these new fabrics come together that I made four blocks!

I keep saying it, but one of my favorite things about this quilt is that every block is completely different! It also makes It more fun to make… I don’t thrive on making the same block over and over.

Here’s all four blocks.

This means that I’ve made a total of 47 blocks! It’s hard to believe I’ve made so many of these. I timed myself the other night and it takes about a half hour to sew a block. By the time I finish the final 13 blocks, I’ll have 30 hours of sewing time in these blocks. That doesn’t really seem that bad.

I’ve been noticing the last few days that I’m getting little flaps of fabric folded over when I sew my lines on the paper templates. I’ve also been seeing pins getting stuck on the edge of the sewing machine bed as I sew. I finally realized tonight that the legs on my extension table had adjusted themselves and my table was too low. The bed of the sewing machine was sitting up above the top of the extension table about a quarter inch.

So as I was sliding my paper template with the fabric on the back under the needle, it was catching on the edge of the machine and getting folded over.

My extension table has little legs that are easily adjusted by turning the little feet. I’m guessing they’ve lowered over time from all the vibrations.

I took a few minutes and adjusted this before the last block I sewed tonight.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. I’ve never had issues with the fabric folding over when I’ve paper pieced in the past. That last block went together so smoothly!

Oh, and that extension table? It’s an amazing thing. They are custom made to fit your machine. Really a fantastic thing if you don’t have a sewing table that your machine sits down into.

I’ve had mine for years and I just love it. One of the best purchases I’ve made. This is where I got it. They even make them for Singer Featherweights!

Something I noticed in a drawer of my sewing table tonight was this block of styrofoam I have where I put all my broken needle and pins. I’ve been sticking sharp stuff into this for quite a few years. It’s a great way to keep all those sharp items away from fingers.

I even use this to store different needles that are still good for use. I just write on the block what the needle is and then stick the needle in.

Now I’m gonna sit back and remove some more paper from blocks as I watch some late night TV.

23 Replies to “Lucky 13 — Just 13 More Wensleydale Blocks to Go!”

  1. These blocks are absolutely beautiful!! So glad you are sharing as I have been contemplating making this one myself. Very inspiring. thanks.

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    1. That works too. I just hate putting those things in the garbage without containing them some how. Especially with dogs in the house! We had a dog when I was a kid that got a sewing needed jammed into the roof of his mouth. Luckily the thread was still attached so we could pull it out.



  2. I love your blocks, all the different fabrics are so pretty. The contrast between the fabrics make each block just zing. I use little jars for my old needles, pins and rotary blades. I pitch them into my recycling every so often.

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    1. Jars are a great idea. I’ve thought of using old pill bottles but have never gotten around to it. So the styrofoam will continue to be my go to.

      and I agree… the contrast that these newest blocks add are really needed for this quilt top!



  3. Good morning from New Jersey….I ordered the Foundation papers and I’m looking forward to start sewing the blocks… Im also curious did you order her book with this pattern in it? Was it helpful?

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    1. I didn’t order the book. I’ve done enough paper piecing that the templates were enough for me. I Also already had an idea for fabrics, so I just dove in.



  4. Hi Anne, I already had the Quilt Recipes book but your emails inspired me to get busy on my own Wensleydale. I ordered the acrylic templates for all the quilts in the book and found this website as a helpful guide. My first try yesterday, using the paper, came out wonky so I’m using my seam ripper today. I think it was the last additions that didn’t work so maybe it’s a quick fix. I always have a lot of projects going on simultaneously but I hope I can finish the 60 blocks sometime this year. Thanks for your emails and inspirations. Jan


    What we do can alter the course of history,

    especially the small histories we all inhabit as our everyday lives.

    We are able, if we are willing, to be partners in creation.

    Steven Charleston

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    1. Thanks for the info. For me, those pieces of fabric would be way too small. I would spend way too much time making sure everything is lined up I like a little more fabric so it doesn’t all have to be perfect! But this is a great reference for people who want to me more efficient with their fabric.



  5. If you are interested, I saw this on fb this morning and thought of you….  Fabrilish is your Australian Fabric Headquarters in the US                                                    TGIF,   Enjoy your weekend!

    “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”  Wayne W. Dyer            Gale  

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  6. Whoo hoo! You are almost done with all the piecing 🤗. They are all unique and spectacular! Spring and all the dandelions have arrived here in San Antonio. I am letting the bees and butterflies enjoy them. I prefer not to use chemicals and I have no patience to hand pull them out 😆.

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    1. I feel like these blocks have gone pretty quickly. But I’ve been working on this for a few weeks. That’s not bad productivity for just an hour or so every evening.



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