Twelve Kits and a Mess of Paper

My budget has been submitted! It was due on Friday, but a last minute critical thing we had to handle took up my entire day on Thursday so I got an extension on getting this wrapped up. It feels good to have it done and I’m looking forward to working on something else.

I stepped away from work today right at 5;00, hurried and grabbed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and headed out to play pickleball. I played from 6:00 – 9:00… and there were few enough people there that I played the entire three hours. I’m really happy to say that I’m getting better and better! It was really a fun night.

By the time I got home it was around 9:30 and I was tired and it was raining. Big surprise there. So my boys didn’t get an evening walk. But they settled in nicely and have been snoozing since then.

I hit my sewing room for a few minutes to cut some KFC fabric strips for the centers of my next twelve Wensleydale quilt blocks.

Oh, yum!

I cut enough for twelve more blocks and combined two fabrics for each block.

Then I pulled out the indigo batiks I cut the other night and put together a dozen kits for the next set of blocks.

After three hours of pickleball, that’s all I had energy for. So I headed for the sofa. And sitting on my coffee table were the 18 blocks that still needed the paper removed. So I sat down in front of the TV, pulled up a pickleball tournament on YouTube and cracked away.

I got the paper removed from ten of these blocks and iced my foot at the same time.

This felt like a good accomplish this evening. I don’t have much to give after all my physical activity.

I just love looking at the back of the blocks.

I have a little more spring to report. The flowering pear trees in my back yard are in full bloom and they are beautiful.

I have these trees all over my yard.

More blooming things are showing up around the neighborhood. The magnolias are looking good!

Those blooms are as big as my hand!

My lawn is finally greening up. I don’t think my front lawn has ever looked this good.

Bender met a new friend on our afternoon walk today.

This never happens.

Oh my god… I’m so tired! G’night!

11 Replies to “Twelve Kits and a Mess of Paper”

  1. That’s a really full good day. Love seeing the back of your blocks. That’s why we like paper piecing. It give you such precise points it’s incredible. Thanks for keeping us posted. It’s really looking great

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  2. Ouch, icing your foot? Hope it helps. Budgets are a pain but necessary. I was always told to make sure you spend it all, which never seemed to be a problem.

    What a great way, with playing pickleball, to get out all the stress/mind fatigue after doing the budget!

    Love the new centers for your blocks, so bright and cheery. They are now set to go when you have more time. Then time to chill with ripping paper off your blocks. And some Rico love on top of it. Awww.

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  3. You always have so much energy and are so productive! I truly enjoy reading your blog! Did you happen to share how you came up with the measurements you use for the Wensleydale blocks? I have purchased the paper but have yet to make a block. I consider you a pro and would welcome any help. Thank you❤️

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    1. I just made a few blocks and experimented with how to cut the fabric. It’s sort of half-assed and I have some pretty wasteful pieces. But I like having some leeway in placing fabrics.

      Someone suggested tracing your template onto freezer paper, cutting out the pieces then pressing the pieces onto four layers of fabric, then cutting them out with a full half inch of extra fabric all the way around. That sounds like a good plan.

      Good luck


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