A Sudden Burst of Drive… Surprised Myself

I was at work early this morning so cut out a little early at the end of the day. I decided to hit my sewing room before dinner and I can’t believe what I actually picked up.

I decided to dive in and make the backing for my starburst jumble quilt. This turn of events and sudden burst of enthusiasm surprised me. It was unexpected.

It didn’t take very long to get this made. Including measuring and getting the fabric cut, I was done with this in about an hour.

I really like that pink and orange jumble with the rainbow fabric. I inserted that strip of fabric between two lengths of the rainbow fabric to make the quilt back long enough. The stripes go across the width of the quilt.

I’m thinking I’ll use that jumble for the binding.

After dinner and our evening walk I had to run by the post office to drop off a sheep herding trial entry for the end of this month and then stopped at the grocery store for a few things.

It was after 9 pm when I got home and I hit my sewing room AGAIN and surprised myself… again! I decided to whip up the backing for this quilt.

It was another quick project and I was back out on the sofa at around 10:30.

I actually cut my pieces of fabric carefully so the rows of flowers would line up on the two sides of the backing. I think the problem is that the fabric isn’t printed square. It bothers me a little but there’s nothing I can do about it now. I’m guessing no one would ever notice it.

I do like the combo of these fabrics. Both fabrics appear in the quilt top.

I feel pretty damned good about getting those two backings made tonight. I don’t know if you remember, but I really hate making quilt backs. So this is a big deal!

On our walk tonight it started to rain. Lightly at first.

But the sky was pretty black in the southwest and we could her thunder in the distance. It’s interesting, but it rains here nine months out of the year and we rarely hear thunder and see lightning. In the thirteen years I’ve lived in Portland, I bet I haven’t heard thunder more than six or seven times.

So we headed for home. Poor Rico was worried about the thunder. He’s sensitive and just doesn’t like it. And I was worried about the lightning I saw to the south.

By the time we got home we were all a little wet.

So that makes two nights in a row that featured a little excitement during our walk.

Here’s what happened last night.

Yup. That’s a coyote. I first noticed it strolling across the opening to a cul-de-sac… about 40 feet away from us. He was very nonchalant and unconcerned. He kept walking as I took his picture. And as I was shooting the video he stopped and looked… making sure we weren’t following.

The homes in the video back onto a golf course and I hear coyotes on the golf course pretty regularly at night. It’s not terribly uncommon to see them out and about during the day.

It always startles me when I see one… and I get that burst of adrenaline. It’s just so odd to see a wild animal so up close.

Poor Rico is being driven crazy by a big fat fly that made its way into the house today. It sounds like a small airplane flying around the room and he is not happy about this development. He can’t find a place to get away from it.

I’m pretty annoyed by it too.

He just found a place to settle down behind the sofa. I hope he can sleep there.

Oops. Now he’s up and moving again. Fly must have found him.

34 Replies to “A Sudden Burst of Drive… Surprised Myself”

  1. I’m impressed! I remember very clearly how you’ve expressed numerous times the degree to which you loathe making quilt backs, so completing 2 backs in one night is quite the accomplishment!!! I bet it’s a relief to get those two off your “to do” list. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing them quilted.

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  2. Hi Anne,

    Absolutely love those two quilt backings so well done for jumping out of your comfort zone and getting them both done.

    My second Frankenbag was very well received I’m pleased to say. I made it really big but my friend was thrilled with it and is already using it a lot.

    This last week I’ve finished off a quilt I’d initially started as a wedding gift for my husband’s niece, only to discover she wanted one to go right down to the floor on all sides of her King size bed, so I made another one for her. I’m pretty pleased with this one, just need to finish off the binding. No idea who I’ll gift this one to – maybe the food bank?

    My main focus has been prepping everything for the exhibition of my City & Guilds work – I’ve done a lot! So today , putting the final touches to the collation and then packing it all up for the trip to Scotland – 500 miles from us!

    Hope you got rid of that bothersome fly.

    Have a great weekend,

    Lindy x

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  3. Would the coyotes ever try to attack the dogs, or vice versa? My sister, who lives in the high desert in California, always makes sure her dogs are inside at night because of coyotes. She’s never seen them, but hears them a lot at night.

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    1. I’ve heard of coyotes attacking small dogs and cats, but never a large dog with a person. When I’ve seen them, they just want to make sure we’re not following them. then go on their way.



  4. I am very pleased to hear that you completed 2 quilt backs! Like you, I loathe making them. I mainly make lap quilts for childrens’ charities and and one or two for small relatives each year but it drives me crazy to piece a back. Well done, and so beautiful! I am so enjoying your posts!

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    1. We’re not alone. Seems like an awful lot of quilters dislike making backings. It’s a chore for me. I always have to force myself to get them done!



  5. I was surprised by the large print of the rainbow fabric, huge! It made a beautiful backing and I love the purple one too! Not my favorite part of quilting either. I do enjoy a good thunderstorm as long as there’s no damage. I can feel a charge in the air. Really fun to watch a scary movie then😳! I hate getting a fly in the house, such nasty things. Poor Rico 😥

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    1. I like thunder storms too, but it’s a different story when you have a dog who is made so sad by them. He’s the first dog I’ve had who has such a difficult time with storms. Luckily we don’t get much thunder up here.



  6. That first backing is awesome. Love the energy. Interesting problem with the Damask flowers not lining up. Who would have thought!? I’m surprised the bots don’t try to eat the fly. As a cat owner the kitties wouldn’t rest until they took care of it even if they destroyed the house in the process! Usually I’ll get involved to save cleaning up the ensuing disaster. How many more quilt backs do you need to get caught up? Great job getting 2 finished in one evening.

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    1. I needed to make five quilt backs for the trade quilting. I still need to make one for my jewel frames quilt which will be a second quilt for my bed. There’s no hurry on that tone. It will go to my regular long arm quilter. I have two other quilts to take to her so I need to get it done.



    1. My knees are good. My hips are another story! I feel good while I’m walking or when I’m playing pickleball. But when I stop and have a chance to stiffen up, that’s a different story.



    1. We get those flies every now and again when I leave the slider open so the dogs can come in and out when I’m busy. I’ve never seen rico bothered with them like he was with this one. Such a funny dog.



  7. I also hate making backs! Apparently the coyote population is increasing as we have many in our urban area also. My dogs are afraid of some thunder but curl up in our laps and finally go asleep. My dogs love to catch flies, their jaws make this snapping sound that is hilarious. I get my flyswatter and go get them pesky little things.

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  8. A big Pat on the back for completing those backings!! And I love them both. I have a Kaffe backing to do also, and you’ve inspired me to put it on my list to do today! I dread doing those, but am so happy when they’re done! Happy Star Wars day…may the fourth be with you!

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  9. We have bears in our neighborhood in NJ. It is always a surprise to see them. My first thought is usually “ wow that’s a big dog. Oh. It’s not a dog”. It’s really shocking to see them in a tree. Almost like you look up and there’s a German Shepard in a tree Bears are remarkably fast climbers. Normally they are just looking to get into people’s garbage. Secure the garbage and you don’t see bears

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  10. Like a marathon runner, you got a rally before the end of the race. LOL. Great job on the backs! I know, piecing backs can be such a bear. Man handling all that fabric to get it stitched together. Rest up and stay well!

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  11. I really enjoy reading your blog. Love the pictures of your pups and beautiful projects too. I’m pondering starting a Wensleydale and loved your use of Batiks and KFC scraps. I am inspired to use a similar palette and hopefully that will be ok w you?

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