A Thursday Night Productive Jag

Boy, I got a lot done today and tonight.

I worked the early shift today and have to work the early and late shift tomorrow, so I took a couple hours off this afternoon to step away from my desk.

I decided to take advantage of this time and whip out another quilt backing. So I grabbed a quilt top and some yardage and started measuring the cutting. I decided to make a backing for this quilt… the one that I have a love/hate relationship with.

I’ve had a piece of fabric in my stash just waiting for this quilt. So I measured it, cut it up and put it Bach together with another strip of fabric that appears in this top.

That strip of Kaffe’s Lake Blossoms will connect the two large backing pieces. Both of these fabrics are in the quilt top.

And look at this fabric. I mean COME ON!!! Definitely one of my favorite Philip Jacobs designs with Kaffe’s gorgeous color way.

This went together quickly. It feels good to have it done.

This strip of fabric looked so pretty on my black wooden sewing chair.

Once that project was done I decided to pull out my Ice Storm quilt as I thought I needed to fix the backing I made previously.

When I made my KFC trip quilt I messed up the backing. I had to go get it from my long arm quilter and add a strip of fabric down the center. I thought I had to do the same for this quilt. It’s the same pattern and size.

But after measuring the quilt top and backing several times, it seemed like the backing was, indeed, the correct size. It took me a minute to figure out why this one didn’t need to be fixed.

When I made the backing for the KFC red trip quilt I sewed the backing into two horizontal strips. For the Ice Storm quilt I sewed the backing into two vertical strips. Here’s an illustration of how the two quilt backs were pieced.

I finally convinced myself that the backing of the Ice Storm quilt was correct by laying the top and backing out on my guest room bed.

So that’s another project that’s almost ready to get quilted.

After our evening walk I dug in and finished putting the borders on my starburst quarter log cabin quilt. And I was reminded every inch of the way why I don’t make larger quilts. I really hate wrestling with all that bulk.

I had previously put the borders pm top sides of this queen quilt. So the remaining two borders went on quickly tonight. And it’s done.

This is going to be a really lovely quilt when it’s all done.

And the really good news about this one is that I don’t have to piece a backing since I’m using a wide backing.

I still need to wash and dry that wide backing. I don’t typically prewash my quilting fabrics, but someone recommended washing the wide backs because of potential shrinkage.

So, that makes five quilts that are ready for the long arm quilter. I still need to make binding for all of them.

I’ll pick out one more from my done pile to have quilted. I have a couple ideas but need to look at what’s there.

More blooming happening in my yard. My lilacs blooms are finally starting to open.

My snow ball tree is also starting to bloom.

It rained all day today but our walk this evening was cool and dry.

Rico was a bit of an emotional mess last night. After his trauma with the thunder on our walk and the fly stuck in the house, we had some storms roll through early in the morning and he was very attentive and concerned about far off and mostly imperceptible thunder. He started waking me up at around 4:00. I had to finally kick him out of the room so he’d let me sleep. And then he JUMPED the doggy gate to get to me!

I felt bad for him. And Bender was unphased by it all. He seems fine this evening. We’re all looking forward to a god night sleep.

27 Replies to “A Thursday Night Productive Jag”

  1. Well done on all that productivity, the quilts will look terrific with those gorgeous backings.
    Poor Rico! And poor you getting woken at such a time! Hope you got to have some proper rest.
    Have a super weekend.
    Lindy x

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  2. Hi, you should get Rico a thunder shirt. I understand you don’t get thunderstorms often there but when you do, a thunder shirt should help your sweet baby. He’s reacting to the change in the atmosphere and from what I understand, it actually causes a pain in a dog’s head. He’s not scared of the thunder, he’s probably terrified of the pain he’s experiencing.

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  3. Well that’s a whole lot of happy fabric. The ice storm quilt is one of my faves. Love the quietness of those batiks. Something about it had always made me smile. But then the sunburst on the chair with the Wensleydale in the background. Ooohhh. That’s also I whole bunch of binding in your future. Do you hand sew bindings?
    I feel bad for Ricco. Poor guy. I’m guessing Benders meds for his seizures may have something to do with why he isn’t phased.

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    1. I usually pay my long arm quilter to do my bindings. I really don’t like doing them and she does a nice job and is inexpensive. the woman who is trading quilting for some of my quilt tops is not me regular long armer and she doesn’t do bindings. She will sew them on while the quilt is on the frame, but I have to finish them. I’ll probably hands sew a couple of them, but will machine finish others. Haven’t decided het.

      I think Bender isn’t phased because that’s just him. He’s hard headed. NOTHING phases him. He’s never upset. He’s never made. I think it’s just who he is.



  4. Love your color/design choices – you make so many quilts and hats – I’d be interested to know if there was some place where you sell them? I’d even buy some scraps! – along with some of your endless energy.

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    1. I never did sell hats, even though a lot of people wanted them. It’s just impossible to know how one will fit. So I didn’t want to sell them.

      I have only ever sold two quilts. I would be willing to sell some if I have some available.

      I can’t imagine selling my scraps. I LOVE working with scraps. But there are some places that do sell scraps.



      1. You must have a LOT of quilts, hats and scraps. With all you seem to get done in a day I cant even think that you have a job too. Wish I was still traveling, I’d love to meet you in person. I just love all the colors you put together. I am now addicted to crumb piecing – and now have to figure out what to make with it. I dont do sane quilts but, Ive already made three little purses. thank you again for sharing your days, pictures and wonderful talents.

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  5. What a nice reminder of your Ice Storm quilt! I started one (inspired by yours) and still have a few blocks and LOTS of strips in a clear plastic box, but other “have to do” projects intervened and I haven’t worked on it since. I love that octopus fabric for the border – perfect. My hand incisions have healed and I’m back to sewing again. I have lots of Kaffe projects waiting for me. Can I come and sleep in your guestroom under that beautiful quilt?

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    1. I’m really looking forward to seeing that Ice Storm quilt done. It’s such a departure for me but I love it!

      I’m glad your hands are doing well and that you’re back to sewing.

      If you sleep in my guest room you will likely be under two dogs as well!



    1. I buy some locally but there is’t a lot available here. I do buy a good deal online. there are a lot of stores who sell it. it can be difficult to find it locally for a lot of people.



  6. I love that swirling seashells looking backing! So cool. And I love the next flowery one- great backings 🤗. Poor Rico, do they have dog feliways like for cats, supposed to calm them? Big hugs to the boys 🥰 love your lilacs, I think it gets too hot here for them in Texas 😥

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    1. I love that shell fabric! It’s so gorgeous! I’ve had that backing fabric for a couple years. It’s really what made me decide to have that quilt finished rather than cutting it up to make bags. That backing needed to come into existence!

      I’d be very sad if I didn’t have lilacs in my yard. I just love them!



  7. Busy lady and so productive! FIVE to go to the LAQ! Amazing! Your colors and dead on, as always 😊!

    What a way to be awakened! But poor Rico just needed mom who makes everything better. My husband’s dog was also upset by thunderstorms and had doggy downers. Bentley would go sit near where the meds were when a storm was coming. My cat hides when we have storms. I don’t know how she does it but she squeezes under the couch which is only about 3″ off the floor.

    You will have a totally relaxing, long weekend! Enjoy! You’ve more than earned it.

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    1. We had a thunder and lightning storm come through this afternoon. I wasn’t home when it started. By the time I got home Rico was pretty upset. I sat on the sofa with a blanket wrapped around him for over an hour. It finally stopped ad he’s feeling much better. I’m so glad that thunder is a rare thing here.



    1. Not sure. It probably depends on the size of the quilt. This quilt is big enough that two widths work well vertically with not much waste beyond what the long armer wants.

      I’m making the backing for a smaller quilt now where the two widths sewn horizontally will be perfect with no waste.



  8. Anne, you never cease to amaze me. I’ve been catching up with your blog. The rains have given me a change of plan from outdoor chores to reading. Melting snow run off has given higher rise of shore line than last 2 springs. I love being back to Mt life. I don’t have near the time I expected for cutting, piecing, placing, sewing. I’ve made only one complete King top. Since catching up reading & viewing your tops, backings, outings w/ Rico & Bender, and all you accomplish, I’ve changed my mind on my big King tops. They will become toppers! I too dislike wrestling thru the machine space. Washing & drying will be simpler than wrestling all that bulk in front loaders & still having another wrestle/drape over furniture for day getting areas dry! I’m planning cutting down Top One, incorporating cuts w/ more of same fabrics with ‘practice’ improv patches. 2nd King top will become topper. No longer 13wX1O length of finished 8”squares. Nothing lost, I had good time playing with inserting 1 to 5 strips randomly in ea square, & using 23 diff Batiks. I have desire to get on with my personal crash course…soon to be 70 🙂 … so many totes full of fun fabrics & so little time. You are so inspiring, thank you! BTW your Love/Hate quilt, I adore…& your Wellesley quilt peaking out from behind, looking forward to your finish of that indigo batik/ Kaffe combo spectacular!
    …& reading outings of Anne, Bender & Rico. BTW two: Adore your Tennis Ball tree & floral photos,
    ardine ;))


    1. I’ve never made a king size quilt and I don’t think Ever will. I sounds awful!!! I really prefer throw sizes, with the occasional queen. But only for someone really special!

      Have fun cutting yours down and making something fun from the leftovers!



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