More Quilt Back Mania and Some R&R

We wrapped up our radio drive today. I’m exhausted. I’m looking forward to a few days off to get some sleep and do something fun.

I worked from 7-10 this morning, then I hightailed it down to Molalla for Rico’s weekly sheep herding lesson. It was the most gorgeous day. It did my soul good to be outside and breathe some fresh air and move my body.

I mean… just look at that! That, to me, is NW Oregon in the spring. I kept literally gasping every time I turned around and saw this view. I just had to get some photos of it.

And… it’s made even better because Rico was a complete ROCK STAR in his lesson today. Look at him on that cross drive! I’m so proud of him!

What a good boy.

After our lesson I hightailed it home and worked again from 2-5.

After a walk and dinner I hit my sewing room and decided to whip up the final two quilt backings that I wanted to finish this weekend.

The first was the backing for this red and yellow Algorithm quilt made from all KFC fabrics. Oh man… I forgot how much I love this quilt top.

When I unfolded the quilt I found a piece of fabric that I had purchased years ago on a pretty deep sale. I believe it’s no longer in print. It’s called Roller Coaster and I’m pretty sure it’s a Brandon Mably design.

It’s actually in the quilt top. You can see a piece of it under my hand in the lower right.

I was thinking there wasn’t enough to make a backing, but there was plenty. Plus, the quilt is small enough that two pieces sewn horizontally was plenty tall — and I still have a yard left over. So this one was easy to put together. I didn’t even try to match that pattern, and I don’t think it matters.

This picture shows the finished back on my ironing board. I think it’s pretty hard to see the seam. So this is a win for me.

It’s such a fun and light hearted fabric. I love it.

The next quilt I wanted to make a backing for is my red KFC Fractured quilt that my friend helped me make last year when she was visiting.

The fabric I purchased for the backing has a large leaf design running the length of the fabric instead of the width. I felt like I wanted to the leaves running up and down the height of the quilt, rather than from side to side. So I pieced two vertical pieces together, while two horizontal pieces would have been enough for the height of the quilt.

I did have to trim around 8 inches off of one of the vertical pieces. I didn’t even try to match the pattern on this one, but I did cut it so the pattern on each piece of fabric lines up. Meaning that from side to side the repeat is the same, but the pattern doesn’t match perfectly in the middle.

I think it’s difficult to see the seam on this one as well. Here’s the entire backing hanging on my small design wall. Can you see the vertical seam?

Here’s a close look.

And an even closer look…

I am 100% ok with the fact that the two pieces of fabric don’t match at that center line. I think the seam is well-camouflaged.

No boring backings in my house!

Once I had these two backings done I packaged up each of the seven quilts and backings that are ready to head off to the long armer … ready except that I need to make the binding for each of them. Each package also contains the binding fabric.

Six of these will be quilted in trade for quilt tops I’ve made. It’s such a great deal. The other quilt, the sunburst log cabin quilt for my brother and his wife, will go to my regular long arm quilter.

I’m going to have a huge stack of quilts when all this is done. I have no idea what I’m going to do with any of them except for the one for my brother. I’ll have to finish the bindings on the one that are being quilted for trade. The long armer will sew the binding on to the quilt while it’s still on the frame. The rest will be up to me.

In making all these backings I had to trim off the selvedges. I had initially tossed them in my garbage can, then pulled them out thinking I could make something fun from them.

Yay. More scraps!

On our walk before dinner we saw that the dogwood trees are just starting to bloom. They are one of my favorite things about spring.

The azaleas are also almost in their full glory right now.

Look at this thing close up…

Most azaleas are well groomed around here. I prefer a more natural look. But they are little bundles of color.

Here’s another variety of azaleas. I love this more wild look.

The Rhododendrons are glorious right now. Mine has not started blooming yet but it’s always the latest one to show it’s glory.

I’m going to sleep in tomorrow then head out for a couple hours of pickleball! Then Monday and Tuesday I’ll be off work.

I’ll leave you tonight with this image of this good boy bringing me some sheep.

I just love that view!

37 Replies to “More Quilt Back Mania and Some R&R”

  1. It must be such a relief … 1. to be finished with the most recent radio drive and 2. to have finished all your quilt backs. Several great accomplishments, I’d say. I hope you enjoy your well deserved time off. I’ll look forward to seeing what projects you create with the selvedges you rescued from your trash bin. There are all sorts of things you can do with them. For inspiration, just search Pinterest! Yeah for scraps!

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  2. You are a dynamo, I so enjoy your dogs and sheep works, but most of all the colorful floral beauties. I was there once in May and fell in love with its beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is really a spectacular time of year here. I moved here in 2010 at the end of March and was amazed to see how everything just exploded with color!



  3. That last pic is my favorite. Just perfect Rico, sheep, sky. Wow to all those finished quilt tops! I can’t believe you’ve had so many finished tops just sitting there. Do you have more???? Cute Rollercoaster fabric. I’ve never seen that before. And those flowering everything by you are gasp worthy!
    One last thing.. my heart about sank when you first said you threw out the selvages. Thanks for pulling them out of the garbage! There is so much potential in those little scraps. I’ve made journal covers, small purses, mug rugs, tablet covers and even added a few to my Frankenbags!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do have more quilt tops. But after quilting these and trading four or five to the long armer, I won’t have very many. Maybe just two or three. One will be donated to a local quilt guild for charity. Not sure what I’ll do with the others.

      I looked at some ideas for selvedges on Pinterest last night. So many possibilities!



    1. Agree. the pop of a fine backing makes the quilt for me. It’s like mayo vs a really spicy mustard on a sandwich. I’ll take the spicy mustard any day!



      1. Thank you Anne- I’m putting it on my to-do list.. (ahem…) Now – how do you find the time to do all of this???

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  4. Our dogwood are just about gone. Your flowering bushes are outstanding in your community. I looked carefully at your backs and they look great! I’m a long time garment sewer and I cringe when I see items off kilter. But your backs look fantastic. Rico is indeed a beautiful boy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for noticing the details! I like things that are well made. But not enough to match all that fabric!!! My need for perfections has a limit!



  5. Pink Dogwood – my favorite! Your neighborhood is amazing with all those spring blooms. I just love your Algorithm quilt. I bought the Stripology book but still waiting on the black and white middle diagonal fabric. It is great that you have completed all the backing for your quilts. Eagerly looking forward to your next. I am working on my 4th Frankenbag! Have a wonderful weekend with Bender and Rico!

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  6. I think that more than half of the Kaffe collective fabrics don’t need to have matched seams on the back. I like interesting backs too, no solid color backings for me. The trimmed Azaleas look pretty funny to me; natural is so much nice. Spring is our beautiful treat for making it through another winter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree that a quilt needs a lovely backing! I can’t imagine putting white or beige on a quilt back.

      I agree with you on the trimmed azaleas. I prefer the more natural ones.

      Spring is really an amazing time of year. It’s so dark and dreary for so many months here… all that color and occasional sun it really welcome by the time it shows up.



    1. I’m trading finished quilt tops that I’ve made for quilting on the ones I Want to keep. So the long armer gets quilt tops I’ve made, and she will quilt some quilts for me. it’s a great deal!!!



  7. Love your backing choices! I think think the PJ caladium leaves face the other way (two lobes on top, point on the bottom). Happy quilting!

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  8. WOW , 6 ready to go how wonderful . I’ve actually started FMQ my pieces now , quite the adventure . I feel that life is about color and your quilts are so full of color and life . Go Rico go congratulations. My Leo is doing so much better with his training it’s so nice to see him succeeding all about baby steps . Enjoy your down time

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  9. My daughter and I were at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival yesterday. The working dog demos are always a highlight of the weekend. Those dogs were soooo happy to be working! Right after showing off their skills, each one made a beeline for the water tub and then they couldn’t wait to go again. The 3 sheep looked both bored and tolerant, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes! The dogs absolutely love working sheep! I think Rico loves it more than anything. It’s what he was made to do!!! It’s so fun to see him doing what the was bred to do.

      They do get hot when they’re out there working and love to have a cool off, but want to get right back to work!



  10. Wow huge accomplishment with all those quilt tops, backings and bindings. My least favorite part of the process is piecing the backings; I’m ok doing the binding. Funny how we all have our differences in the finish process. The flowering shrubs in your neighborhood are beautiful.


    1. I usually pay my long arm quilter to make and finish my bindings. But since I’m trading some quilt tops for quilting, this other long armer does’t do bindings. She’ll sew them on while the quilt is on the frame. But the rest is up to me.



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