About Time for This UFO

I’m glad today is Friday. I’m glad I have a four day weekend coming up. I’m glad the weather is lovely. I wish my knee didn’t hurt. So do my boys. Another day with no walk to let it recover a little.

I had a wonderful lunch with a former co-worker today. We talked for three hours! It was really fun to catch up. I had a couple quick meetings when I got back, then chunked through some email, then I was done for the day and the weekend.

After dinner tonight I had a nice phone conversation with a friend as I sat on the patio on a gorgeous evening. Then I decided to dig into the closet in my sewing room and pull out a quilt that’s been sitting unfinished for way too long. It’s a Japanese X and + quilt that I’m making for my guest room. I’m pretty sure I started this at least five years ago and I’m pretty sure I haven’t touched it during the pandemic.

This is made from all Kaffe Fassett Collective Fabrics. I was thinking I still needed to make four or five blocks, but in counting the blocks I found that I have 42 done. The blocks will finish at around 12.5 inches. I think that’s going to be plenty big for the double bed in my guest room. I was planning on adding substantial borders to get it up to size. I have lots of fabric for borders, backing and eventually pillow cases.

So now I’m motivated to finish sewing the Wensleydale blocks together so I can get that off my design wall and get this one up and decide if I have enough blocks.

Here’s the pattern I’ve used for the Japanese X & + quilt.

I did manage to sew two rows of the Wensleydale top together tonight. Since there’s only six blocks in each row It will go pretty quickly.

I’m taking the time to pin carefully so my points line up nicely from block to block. I don’t want to do all that work and have this last step look messy.

It’s worth the time.

I also decided to press the seams between blocks open because there’s bit of bulk where the points come together. I do not enjoy pressing seams open.

I stopped at two rows sewn together and decided to sit down and do some hand sewing on the binding for my NY Beauty wall hanging while I watched some TV and wound down for the evening.

I actually sat down first and watched a couple videos on how to hand sew bindings and they were really helpful. I got nearly three sides of this little quilt done and it was easy and pretty quick.

Of course, the KFC fabrics are really silky and soft so the needle goes through them nicely.

I’m supposed to go play pickleball tomorrow morning but I’ll play it by ear and see how my knee feels.

Sunday I’m heading up to Olympia, WA, for a sheep herding trial with Rico. The start time is 7:00 am, which means I’m going to have to be on the road at 4:30 am!!! I can’t believe I just typed that!

One of my boys is very farty tonight. I’m not sure which one but there’s a definite prolonged pungent pong around here.

22 Replies to “About Time for This UFO”

  1. I did LOL at the wonderfully alliterative pungent pong , hope whoever is the culprit has stopped farting.
    Absolutely none of my business but playing pickleball with a painful knee? Not a good plan, Ann. Our older bones and muscles need time to recover…
    Good luck to Rico – and you getting up that early 🥱
    I have my grandkids coming this weekend so lots of cuddling the newborn, Joni, and I’m introducing Mari , who’s 3, to the delights of planting vegetables and sowing seeds.
    Off to the garden centre to get the plug plants.

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  2. I do love that Japanese X and + quilt. Thank you for the link. Wensleydale is looking sharp, too.
    I am strolling thru mine…too many distractions to keep up.

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  3. Hi Anne. I agree with comment about letting your knee rest awhile longer!!! As the owner of two 77 year old “bad” knees, take care of those joints!! Maybe a little less pickle ball?
    Love your quilts of course….. that’s a given. You’ve taught me so much about color and technique!
    Many thanks for the link to the Japanese x/+ quilt block. Christine’s web site is a delight! So much inspiration!!
    🦋 Susan

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  4. 🤣the boys are probably being farty on their walks so not so much indoors. I know sore knees are a hindrance. I hope your weekend lasts a long time 🥰

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  5. The orange binding is spectacular! I am so bad at hand sewing. I guess I should look at a few videos- it might help.
    My sweet girl who is 14 has had lots of gas this year. I put her on probiotics and enzymes, it has helped. Enjoy your long weekend and Rico’s sheep herding 🥰

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    1. I don’t love hand work, but I really appreciate nice hand work. This is coming together ok. the videos do help.

      My dogs aren’t often gassy. But when they are, look out!!! makes your eyes water!



  6. another beautiful quilt. i love all the fallish colors, you have such a good color sense. can i come be your neighbor and sewing buddy, lol…

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  7. Love your x and + quilt! Such rich browns! It will be so nice when finished.
    Enjoy your long weekend and rest your knees!
    Good luck to Rico with his trials.

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  8. If you cant walk Rico surely you cant play pickle ball?? Love your work. Also love your emails. Hope your early morning start provided a great day of shepherding for Rico. Brown not my favourite colour but no idea Kaffe had a whole range of browns. I’m a brights lover . Your Wensleydale ROCKS.


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