Another Frankenbag Finished

I’ve been chipping away on a couple of new Frankenbags over the last few days. Tonight I finished one and got the panels quilted for another one.

Here’s the front view of tonight’s finish.

It’s made from all KFC fabric scraps, except for one black and white fabric on the back — the one that’s set on the diagonal in the big block.

And here’s the back.

I decided to use one of my FAVORITE KFC fabrics for the lining — Paisley Jungle Tangerine. It’s so fantastic!!!

Hey! And look! It’s on the top of that wonky block on the front of the bag!

I’ve also been working on a bag made from the fabrics left over from this quilt. I finished piecing the panels last night and got them both quilted tonight. These fabrics are all KFC in the contrast colorway, except the jumbles aren’t contrast. And the swirly white background is not KFC.

These panels have taken some time to make because I’m somewhat limited on the scraps I have. It was tricky to make the blocks out of the limited longer strips I had available. But I made some fun ones.

One of the large blocks is a simple star block.

One smaller one is a not very perfect log cabin with a fussy cut center.

This other small block is free form and wonky with a fussy cut center.

And the larger block on the other panel is a sort of log cabin kind of thing.

I have a few crumb pieces left but not enough to make another tote. I’ll have to think about what I can make from them.

It was another nice day here in Portland. We had nice sunshine most of the day. The boys were happy when I stepped away from work for a game of frisbee.

17 Replies to “Another Frankenbag Finished”

  1. I love your bag materials you’ve used and the vibrent colours. Your are so inspirational . I can’t wait to get started on one for my self. I hope it turns out as Colourful as yours. Thank you for your fabulous ideas. Thank you for sharing them with use. K GLEESON.

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    1. Wow Kathleen! Thanks for all your amazing praise! It’s so much fun that people like the things I make. I am definitely comfortable with a lot of color! When you make your bag be sure to send me a photo!


  2. Love love love it!! The Kaffe Paisley in tangerine is one of my favorites too!! I love the black and white jumble. Your use of black and whites really make these brights just POP!!

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  3. Absolutely love these! Your use of black and white really make these bright colors POP! The Kaffe Paisley tangerine is one of my favorites too!!

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  4. I’ve had a few new summer bags on my list and I think it’s time to dive into the Kaffe stash (sink or swim!) and make Frankenbags! I just LOVE that name. Thanks for the instructions.

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  5. Amazing bag! I love using scraps to make something useful and your bag will get lots of loving attention, I’m sure! Kaffe fabrics always look fabulous together and create quite the burst of color, and your design proves it’s worth it to save every scrap. Wonderful inspiration…thank you!

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    1. I follow a woman on Instagram who does a lot of crumb quilting and was sort the inspiration that got me to try it. She once said that the smaller the pieces in your crumb quilting, the more interesting it is. I’ve decided that I’m going to try to make crumb blocks as I make scraps, rather than waiting until I have a huge pile of small pieces. That way, after sometime, I’ll just be able to assemble the blocks into something fantastic!

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    1. Thanks! It is a lot of piecing, but I chain piece it all, so it goes faster. It’s sort of meditative for me… relaxing. I really like the process. Great sewing to do at the end of the evening when you want to sew but don’t want precision.


    1. I’m loving having some quick and easy finishes. I’ve made nearly 20 quilt tops in the last year and have not produced ONE finished quilt! So these have been fun.


  6. What a Happy, wonderful Frankenbag! I just found your site and am in love with your designs and colors. I always love meeting new friends and inspiring people like you! Thank you for sharing your creative adventures. I look forward to following along. Have a super great day!! —Tracy❤️

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    1. Hi Tracy! I’m glad you found my blog. There is a tutorial for this Franken bag that I posted last week. You can scroll to it or search for it and it will come up.


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