Ruffled Feathers Top is Done!

After doing absolutely no sewing yesterday, today I dug in and finished the last four blocks then sewed the whole thing together. And I was right. It did go together really quickly and easily.

I’ll try to take some photos outside tomorrow night and hopefully they’ll show this quilt top better. The photo above doesn’t really do it justice.

This more close up photo gives you a better feel for what the quilt looks like. It’s definitely busy, but I think I like it. This might be one that has to be completely done, quilted and bound before I have a good idea of how I feel about it.

I think I may make another one of these some day out of different Kaffe fabrics with a more calm background… white or off white. And I’d like some really saturated Kaffe fabrics with lots of color variation. It’s formulating in my head.

So what’s next? I’m going to finish the second Aboriginal quilt with blocks left over from this one. All I have to do is put the sashing and cornerstones on the blocks, toss it up on the design wall, and then sew it together.

A friend of mine loved the scrappy batik wedge quilt I made recently and decided to make her own. The blocks looked pretty much exactly like mine, but she laid them all out differently… and I love it! I’m wishing I had done something like this with mine. This is her quilt…

I dug into one of the drawers in my sewing room earlier today and ran across these two Hoffman Dots batik fat quarter bundles that I bought several years ago when they were first out on the market. I had completely forgotten that I had them. So now I am thinking about fat quarter patterns. The fabrics aren’t very exciting since the patterns are just small dots, but the colors are really pretty. I’ll have to be careful in the pattern I select.

Hmmm. Maybe another Ruffled Feathers Quilt…

Several days ago I ordered some new Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics from one of my local quilt stores. So I went and picked them up yesterday. They’re so incredible! A few of these will probably end up in the black KFC quilt I’m thinking about. I don’t have plans yet for the others.

And that’s the last of the fabric that I’ve ordered. Now it’s time to dig in and get busy. Well, busier!

13 Replies to “Ruffled Feathers Top is Done!”

  1. Your quilts are a true work of art. I am new to the industry and love to create. I have a bunch of Kaffee material and have to figure out what pattern to use. The prints are so large and gorgeous and I want to showcase them to the fullest. I love all your latest creations.

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  2. The latest collection of Kaffe fabrics are wonderful (as always). I also like the earth toned Hoffman bundle of dots. You have a great eye for fabric. I have mixed emotions about the Ruffled Feathers quilt. The fabrics you chose are wonderful, but my impression of the finished top is – it’s kind of mushy! That’s not bad, but I think a single background fabric might have showcased that fabric mix better. I’d be happy to take it off your hands if you don’t like it! I bought the pattern when you started your quilt and I think it’s beautiful, and now I have a better idea about how I’d like mine to be. I’m learning so much from you and I’ve been making quilts since the early 70’s. I’m never too old to learn!


    1. The Ruffled Feathers quilt is much prettier in person, but it is busy and chaotic. It would be somewhat calmer if I had used a white or off white for the geese backgrounds. I will probably make another one out of more colorful and saturated Kaffe fabrics with a calmer background.
      And you could take it off my hands but I sold it tonight to a friend who is a long armer and wants it for herself. So she’s taking the top and the backing fabric and will quilt it jherself. And I can visit it any time I like.


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