Quick Post on a Saturday Night

I took an earlier evening walk tonight before it got dark, so hit the sewing room a little early and got the panels to my second succulent Frankenbag quilted and got the bag body constructed.

I’m pretty happy with how this is turning out. I just love those fabrics! Those pops of yellow and orange are everything.

Here’s the other side of the bag.

I’m considering this the front of the bag. I really like that bigger and darker border on that succulent block.

Here’s more of a view with the fabric I’ll use for the lining.

I will probably try to get the lining done and finish the bag tomorrow. I’m meeting some friends for some dog training so my time will be limited.

Here’s a view of the quilted panel… just because I love it!

Someone asked me the other night what color thread I use for quilting. She wondered if I used colors that match the bags I’m making. I actually almost always use a light gray thread for my quilting. I find that it almost disappears once it’s on the fabric. Which I love! So for now, I’ll stick with the gray.

I took Rico to his herding lesson early this afternoon. he really did a good job. I’m working on training on my whistles. Initially, I’ll need a whistle for a lie down, walk up, Away to me, Come by. Away to me it to move in a counter clockwise direction. Come by is to move in a clockwise motion. So far, I’m only working on the down and the walk up. I have to learn the other whistles first… before I start trying to train the dog on each whistle.

The whistles are hard!

After our herding lesson, I stopped by a fabric store up in that area that has a good selection of KFC fabrics. I wanted a piece of the black Roman glass and figured they would have it. So I bought a yard of that, and a few other pieces.

It’s the one between the two greens. Three of those are out of print. So I usually invest in some I know may be hard to find in the future.

After the shopping spree, I took the dogs to the field with the creek I usually hit on Saturdays. They had a blast. I walked about 1.5 miles but they probably ran five miles or more!

I took some Advil PM about an hour ago in anticipation of a good night’s sleep. I am doing all I can to keep my eyes open.

Time to sign off the get a pill into Bender and then fall asleep on the sofa!

16 Replies to “Quick Post on a Saturday Night”

  1. Love that red succulent bag – totally my colours! Thanks for answering my question on the thread colour – I was genuinely surprised that it was grey! I thought if anything it was a light/medium biege! I don’t think I have any greys in my collection, so I think I’ll have to try some…
    Thanks for your continuing inspiration,


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    1. I do occasionally use off white. Just depends on the fabric I’m using. But the gray works really well with every color and pattern. It just sort of disappears and takes on the color of what ever it’s over. Give it a try!


  2. Another work of beautiful art! I love the fabric you picked up too… That must have been fun going into the store. You will get the whistling down – a woman of many talents! Grey thread is the standard for quilting – I try other colors because I am not normal šŸ˜„

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  3. I use light gray or beige for piecing, but never thought of light gray for quilting. I’ll give it a try. Your succulent bag is wonderful … another great combination of colors.

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    1. I think I’ve used light gray on every KFC quilt I’ve ever taken to my long armer, except for the blue sixteen patch, and on that I used a light blue that was very close to a light gray.



  4. Love all your bags, but this one really sings! Your color/pattern sense is so inspiring. Did not know about whistle commands for your pups so am reading more about sheep herding and the classes and trials. All very interesting. Iā€™m glad you include this part of your life in your blog posts. šŸ‘ Happy Sunday!

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    1. thanks! I’m having fun going through my batiks and finding fun fabrics. Enjoying sewing on them again too.

      Sheep herding is all very interesting. I’ve trained dogs for years and this is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.



  5. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to learn the whistles….yikes! How in the world do you get it all done girl….my goodness! AND journal it for us….love the peek into your life as it inspires me! Have a great week!!

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