Winding Down and Being Productive on a Friday Night

Another stressful week, accentuated with the stress of needing a new roof and a good dog with health issues, and THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!!

A friend of mine messaged me earlier today and asked if she could join us for our evening walk. She owns Ernie the border terrier, who I just LOVE!

I almost always talk to someone on the phone during our evening walks. It was fun to have someone along for company and for live conversation. And Ernie and my boys thought it was incredibly fun to be out there walking together. Ernie definitely thinks he’s one of the big boys! He’s so freaking cute and totally a boy!

I’ve been thinking I wanted to make a bag using some of those Timna Tarr animal panels, so last night I cut a couple of them out and started playing with some fabrics to go with them.

I decided I’m going to make this bag for myself with two animals I love. The sheep are obvious. But for years, I collected pigs. There were a good number of years where I didn’t get a gift that wasn’t some kind of pig item. I really loved realistic pigs, but I got a lot of cutesy, cartoonish pigs. I had to put a stop to the insanity and stopped collecting. when I moved to Portland I saved only my most favorite pigs. You can still find a few of them around my house. There are several on my mantel.

I haven’t quite gotten the fabrics I want and need to make this bag, so I’m going to ruminate on this for a few days. I also might drop by a fabric store tomorrow to pick up a few pieces I know I don’t have but want for this. There is a store near where I take Rico for sheep herding that carries a lot of Kaffe fabrics.

So, with that project on the back burner, I decided that I would start working on the panels for another bag featuring a succulent panel. I selected one of the succulents and dug into my batik fabrics and here’s my initial fabric pull.

Gah! I just love those batiks!!! The colors and variation are so good!

Here’s the two featured blocks for each side of the bag.

… and a few pieces on the design wall as stuff starts to come together.

And two finished panels! I really was productive! It only took me about two hours to get these made.

I’m guessing I’ll get these quilted tomorrow and get the bag body put together. And then start working on the lining if I feel up to it. I will include a double slip pocket, a zipper pocket and a zipper placket. I wonder if I’ll ever make another Frankenbag without a zipper placket.

It was another beautiful day today. Bender was sleeping on a raised bed on the patio when Rico climbed onto the bed and curled up next to him. They were definitely enjoying the warmth of the sun.

We have Rico’s regular sheep herding lesson tomorrow, then we’ll have a nice field run. Sunday we’ll meet some friends for some dog agility training. And the best news… Monday is Presidents Day so I get an extra long weekend! Yay!!! I’m thinking of a forest hike on Monday. Will have to keep an eye on the weather. It’s supposed to rain Monday, but it doesn’t look too bad.


16 Replies to “Winding Down and Being Productive on a Friday Night”

  1. It makes my day reading what have been up to, both with you dogs and you Franken bags.
    Thank you for so generously sharing some of youdaily life with all your followers ❤️
    Arohanui from Jan
    New Zealand

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  2. Sorry to hear about your roof here in the UK we have been experiencing very high winds of over 100 mph and it has seriously damaged our greenhouse. I collect succulants so have been inspired to send for the panel and make a bag myself. Really love your bags

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    1. I was watching some live video today of planes landing at Heathrow Airport. It was so crazy! I’m sorry your greenhouse was damaged.

      I just love succulents. I only have a few in a pot, no collection.



  3. Really love the Succulents panel and the gorgeous colours you’ve used. You have a brilliant eye for colour and detail. Just love your blogs. So full of life, inspiration and…. dogs. Fabrics, patchwork, quilting and dogs, all of my favourites in one place ♥ x Alison

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  4. Awww, Ernie is too cute! Do you find Border Terriers awesome like Border Collies? Wondering for a friend…. I LOVE the new animals bag and batiks would be great with it too! Oh, the succulent panels-so,so beautiful! You do have a knack for colors. Good to see Bender looking happy with Rico 😻 I hope your long weekend feels long ☺️

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    1. I love border terriers. I will probably have one of my own some day. They are definitely terriers, but not as difficult as Jack Russells.

      And yes… batiks would be really good with the animal panels and I will do that eventually. But for this one I wanted KFC fabrics. Just have to give it some time to think.




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