So… What Lining Did I Decide On?

Thanks to everyone who commented on last night’s post about what lining I was loving for my indigo batik and KFC scraps bag.

And the reveal… I decided I should have a beer before I let you all know my decision… mmmmm. Delicious!

Many more people guessed that I would use the yellow jumble. And, interestingly, I originally bought all these indigo batiks with the intent of combining them in a quilt with yellow Kaffe Fassett Collective prints. So it’s a bit ironic that I didn’t select the yellow. Even the color wheel tells me that yellow was the choice to make.

The other jumble never had a chance.

So, why did I choose Brandon’s Bang? I have to say that I just had a reaction to it when I put it next to the bag panels. Take a look at this photo and then I’ll describe what I see…

First, I really like the exciting feel of the pattern of this fabric. The jumble fabrics felt more like solids to me.

Second, this fabric just made the blues in the indigo feel almost electric to me. The KFC fabrics already popped off the indigo, but I felt like this vibrant fabric made the indigo more of a star in this bag, rather than supporting cast.

Third, I love the way this fabric pulls the blues out of all the other KFC fabrics. The blues just feel electric and exciting… and I don’t normally get that feeling from blues. Not my favorite color.

All this came to me in one moment when I put this fabric next to the panels. It’s not logical. It doesn’t make sense. It just feels so right to me!

I managed to finish up this bag tonight. Here’s some photos of the finished product.

And here’s a view of that lining in the bag. I love it!

I really do love a fun and unexpected lining! It’s really not the place to scrimp!

I did go ahead and add a zipper pocket, a double slip pocket and a zipper placket.

And I sewed my little tag to the correct side of the bag!

I got a call from my regular vet this afternoon because the results from Bender’s blood test had come back. The last time I had his blood tested to check the level of Potassium Bromide (one of the epilepsy drugs Bender is on) was in June of 2020. At that time, it was at 2.8. This is in the range that is considered safe and effective. The test today came back at 1.7. this is still considered safe and effective, but it seems like a pretty significant drop to me.

Every epileptic dog is different in how they react to medications, in how much medication it takes to control seizures. For Bender, that 2.8 level was pretty magical.

The test results have been sent to Bender’s neurologist and we should receive a call from her in the next day or so. Bender is already on a pretty high dose of the drug, but I’m betting she’s going to want to increase his Potassium Bromide dose. And if she does, I’m hopeful that we’ll get back to a seizure free streak.

I also found out today that I have to have my roof replaced. I figured this was coming. And now I just want it to be done so I can stop worrying about it. Luckily, we have a pretty good streak of dry-ish weather coming up.

It was a pretty normal day today. Here’s the view I had during our afternoon walk…

There are no sidewalks in my neighborhood. So I’m very attentive to traffic and make sure all three of us don’t get hit. For our evening walks, the dogs wear lighted collars and I wear a reflective vest. A woman stopped her car the other night as she passed us and thanked me effusively for being so visible!!!

Now I have to decide what I’m going to make next. Thinking I might pull out those fun Timna Tarr animals panels and whip up a bag for myself. It might involve a sheep and a pig.

26 Replies to “So… What Lining Did I Decide On?”

    1. thanks! People compliment me all the time on my sense of color, and it’s hard to describe how color (and pattern) affects me, and how I relate to it. It’s all sort of just a reaction I have to things I put together. Bam! Love it!!!

      I’m also not afraid to try new things. There’s not much to lose if something doesn’t work. and maybe it will be fantastic!



  1. HI! Sorry this is not about the choice of fabric, which is nevertheless very interesting but my burning question is. . . . . . .where are all these bags? Do people send you photos of what they are making, or are you selling them somewhere. Feel like I missed the beginning of the story. Would you mind telling this reader how the bag saga began? I do love reading your column, and hope the best for Bender! Love the photos of dogs and your environment, so different from Florida!


    1. If you go to my blog at and look to last spring, I first made a bag from some scrap fabric and had so much fun with it, I made another. And so many people liked it and asked for the pattern that I made a tutorial for my Frankenbag. I called it that because i made it from left over parts from other projects. Dr. Frankenstein’s monster was made from left over parts.

      People all over the world started making them and shared their photos with me. And I share those photos on my blog. So not all the photos you see on my blog were made by me.

      I’ve probably made at least 30 bags on my pattern. Maybe more. The first bags were simple, with just one slip pocket and no zippers anywhere. Then I started adding features, like a zipper pocket, a divided slip pocket, a zipper placket at the top. And I added tutorials for how I make my panels, and for the zipper placket.

      I do sell some of the bags I make, but I don’t make them with the intention of selling them. I make them because I like trying new things, and I like a small project that lets me try something new without committing to a big project.

      If you get my posts on email, make sure you go to my blog and look around.

      Thanks for reading!


  2. I have never followed anyone’s blog before but I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to each of your post. I share your passion for fabric choices and colors. Also, for dog’s mine just happens to be a German Shepherd. Thank you so much for sharing your passions and quilting information!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome to the world of blogging Jan! I only follow a few blogs. I choose people who do things I really like and find inspiration in and that’s where I stay. I do follow more people on Instagram.

      And the dogs… how do people live without them?



    1. OMG! I wish everyone would walk on the correct side of the road! I cross back and forth 20 times in a two mile walk!!! I hate having cars come up behind me. I feel so much safer facing traffic!


      1. ‘right & moral choice’ haha! I wanted that one too, it really set off the indigos and blues in the prints for me too πŸ™‚ Meanwhile I’m always amazed that your quilting blends so well with your pieced panels – in the close ups it looked exactly the same colour as the bright yellows, pale turquoises and pinks! How do you do that? Do you use the same colour for all the bags, or have a selection – I’d love to know the colour(s) you use and I’m sure others would too, so please do a blog on it with photos! Rachel

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I almost always use a light gray thread for piecing and quilting. It completely disappears and blends in with most fabrics. And that’s usually what I’m looking for. You should try some and see what you think.

        Not sure that’s worthy of an entire blog post, but I’ll mention it.



  3. I chose the yellow jumble, but I love the fabric that you chose. It sings as happy! Good luck with your Bender appts., I’m hopeful that you can find a resolution.

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    1. thanks! I might have used yellow, but not the jumble. It needed a more exciting print. If I had enough of the Bang in yellow, I might have used that… or orange. Alas… I need to order more fabric!



  4. The lining you chose is the one that got my vote! I just think it works best out of the three choices with the bag. I’ve started a Frankenbag with some less precious fabrics just to test it out but it’s on hold for a little while due to intervening events! I love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not a bad idea to make your first bag out of fabrics you’re not completely i love with. Practice on so-so fabrics and save your gorgeous fabrics for when you are more ready.



  5. Shazam! You are gutsy!!! And it works and I love it!!! The queen of color!!! Hugs to Bender and Rico. The weekend has arrived and hope you have a beautiful 2 days of funπŸ’•

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