Indigo Bag Progress and Not Much Else

Another average day here at the old ranch in Portland. I worked. We walked. I worked some more. And we walked again.

And after that, something completely different… I HIT MY SEWING ROOM!!!

I managed to make the quilt sandwiches for my indigo batik and KFC panels and got them quilted, cut some faux leather and made the handles, and constructed the bag body. Here’s what I’m considering the front of the bag.

Oh man! I just love this!!! This is my favorite part of making a bag… when I finally see it in its three-dimensional form. If the quilting makes a panel look like an actual thing, getting the pieces into bag form transforms the whole thing to an amazing place! Love it!

Here’s what I’m considering the back of the bag.

The two sides of the bag are almost exactly the same. I just like the color combos a little better on the one I’m calling the front. Now we’ll have to see if I can manage to sew my tag on the correct side.

Here’s some lovely close ups of the quilting because I love it so much.

And one more…

I took a quick break from work this afternoon to try out some fabrics for the lining of this bag. I was originally thinking I’d use some indigo batik for the lining, but decided I wanted to go with a bright KFC print instead. And I felt like I wanted one of Brandon Mably’s graphic designs, rather than a floral.

So here’s three that I liked as options.

One of those is definitely a stand out for me. I’m not going to tell you which one I decided on, but I’m curious if you agree with my choice. Which one do you like, or which one do you think I like?

As I was looking at these fabrics for the lining I gave a little thought to how I choose a piece of fabric like this. And it really comes down to selecting a fabric that gives me the best reaction. One of these pieces made me feel a little spark in my brain. It was clear to me which one was right the minute I put it up on the design wall. I didn’t think about it for more than a second, didn’t go back and forth on my decision. It just felt right… immediately.

And I love a lining that makes me feel like that every time I open the bag!

I took Bender in to his vet today so they could do a blood draw to check the levels of his potassium bromide medication. Potassium bromide works as it builds up in the dog’s blood. It can take several months for the levels to build up when you add the medication or increase the dose. It should take a couple days to come back, and then we’ll have another consult with his neurologist. It will be interesting to see if the levels have changed since his last blood test in 2020.

66 Replies to “Indigo Bag Progress and Not Much Else”

  1. Hi! This bag is just fantastic! You are so right about the KFCs and indigos. The KFCs are just electric! I’d pick the yellow as I always want the insides of my bags to be light enough that I can see what’s inside! I’m so sorry that Bender is having this problem. It has to be very frightening for you, even if it isn’t for him. I so hope the vet can diagnose the problem and come up with a solution for you. Our fur babies are so precious. Border collies in particular…but then I am kind of prejudiced towards them.
    What’s next?
    Margaret J

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