Another Succulent Batik Bag Finished

I didn’t have any plans today except to meet some friend for some dog agility training at 1:30. Rico had a wonderful time! You can tell by all the tongue spray all over his head!

But before that, After breakfast I took the dogs for a nice 4 mile walk. We had threats of rain all day but it didn’t materialize into much. It was actually a gorgeous day with a lot of this stuff going on.

When I got home from our agility training with friends, I got the boys leashed up again and off we went for a 2 mile walk while the sun was still lighting the sky and there wasn’t any rain going on.

When I got home I fed the dogs and myself, and then hit the sewing room. All I had to do on this bag was cut and fuse the interfacing to the lining, make a slip pocket and a zipper pocket, and construct the zipper plackets. I probably spent around two hours on finishing this up this evening.

That’s what I’m considering the front of the bag. And look! I sewed the tag on the correct side of the bag! This is the back of the bag.

Here’s the tag just because I love the though and finish it gives my bags.

And here’s some photos of the lining pockets and zipper placket. Click on each image for a larger picture.

I just love these rich batiks on this bag. I want to make more using batiks!

I now have six of the more involved bags finished. Three of these will be gifts. The rest… I don’t know what I’m going to do with them. Maybe just feel them and look at them every now and again.

A friend of mine asked me this evening how many bags I’ve made. I’m pretty sure this puts me over 37. It’s entirely possible that I’ve missed one or two! But that number should be close.

And I’m not the only one making these bags. I’ve received photos of some more Frankenbags this week. First up is this bag made by Gail Brady. She made this as a gift for her sister and said that it was fun and challenging to make. Well, I love this bag! I love the bright colors on the outer bag and her quilting looks fantastic! Very nicely made Gail!

The next bag tonight was made by Lorna Clark. And I just love the muted and mossy colors of this bag! And like the bag above, it looks really well made and the quilting is so nice! She made this for herself and said she will enjoy using it.

The last bag tonight was made by Tina Hadden. Tina is pretty new to making Frankenbags but I think she’s hooked. She’s made a number of them and I’m pretty sure she’s making more! I love this bag. First off, I like the handle on the side. I may do that on the menagerie animal panels bag I’m making for myself. And I LOVE that pop of color that the spiral shells fabric at the top brings to this bag. Tina also made a zipper placket but she made it narrower! I love it when people customize my design!! It also look as though Tina may have finished her inside seams with binding. That’s a lovely affect!

I’m thinking I may take the boys for a nice hike tomorrow. I need to look at the weather report in the morning, before I decide for sure.

I also have to contact the roofing company about replacing my roof. That will be fun little project!

23 Replies to “Another Succulent Batik Bag Finished”

  1. I love to see how your bags have evolved .
    It is so inspiring to see your work.
    Always enjoy seeing your colour choices and feel I am learning a lot about colour
    from your posts.


    1. I tried a bag with interfacing on the lining about ten bags ago and I like it much better. The lining fits the bag better and feels more substantial. I’m using a mid weight pellon fusible interfacing. I will interface all of my linings from here on out.


    1. It’s faux leather that I buy online. There is a link at the very bottom of my Frankenbag tutorial to where I buy it.

      You could just buy vinyl from your local fabric store. Just be sure that what you buy isn’t too thick because the handles have three layers.



    1. I’ve made them with an open top. But I’ve never used a snap. I have some magnetic snaps somewhere. I’ve just never been terribly excited about the snaps. I’ve had them for years and have never used them!


  2. This succulent bag is so striking! The various colors and the patterns of the batiks all play together so well. Bravo!! I also enjoyed seeing the 3 “guest” bags. Great colors and fun designs. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Agilejack, I LOVE your posts.  They are always so inspiring and your bags are stunning!!     Are your bag patterns available?   I would love to have them if you could send me the details.

    Have you heard of “Patchwork City”, a fantastic collection of 75 modern quilt blocks by Elizabeth Hartman?   I am just beginning to construct some of these and hope to use them in your bag patterns with Kaffe’s fabric, of course!   Since I am in Canada and we are still  getting snow, I am so envious to see the green grass and sunny skies in your neck of the woods!  Our day will come, but it’s going to be a while yet. I look forward to hearing from you. Wishing you all the best, Marg Hughes298 Carlisle RdCarlisle

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    1. I sewed them on by hand for over a year and recently started sewing them on with my machine. They look a lot nicer done on teh machine and it’s a lot faster. I don’t love hand work.

      the only challenge is the bobbin thread. I like black thread to sew the tag on, but the black thread in the bobbin doesn’t always look great on the lining fabric. And if I use a bobbin thread that matches the lining, the black from the front shows through. So I’m learning to live with the little pieces of black on the lining. . . until I come up with a better solution. I’ve been using grey thread to sew them on my recent bucket bags since I’m using the gray for the top stitching.



      1. Thank you for your response, those are great observation and suggestions to think about. I’m with you, much easier to machine stitch!! Have a fantastic weekend!!


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