Chasing a Squirrel on a Gorgeous Spring Day

Spring seems to have arrived in Portland over the last two days. And these boys are pretty fine with that. Me too!

We call it the February Fake-out. We get a couple days of gorgeous weather and sun which fools us into thinking spring is here. Then we’re plunged back into winter.

But I prefer to think spring is actually here. Here’s some proof.

Looks like spring to me.

Since it’s clearly and officially spring now, I decided to chase a fabric squirrel and play around a little tonight with a project that I’ve been wanting to do for some time. It’s just the kind of thing I love… digging into my scrap pile and making some blocks in a free form way. And here’s what I did tonight.

I’ve been seeing some people on Instagram that are making this type of quilt. And I watched a tutorial a few weeks ago on making these fun little blocks.

There is actually a series of three tutorials by Terry Rowland. Here’s the first of the three. It shows how to make the blocks. The second video shows how to arrange the blocks. And the third shows how she sews the blocks together with the web method. I might have to get really brave and try that on a quilt.

She squares her blocks up at 3.5 inches. I’m making mine 4.5 inches because 3.5 is just too small for me. Here’s the components you need for a block.

Each block is unique. The measurements for the pieces are just sort of a guideline. There’s no rules on the fabric in the center except that it should contrast with the fabric around the outside. It’s fun to build variety into the blocks with different shapes and colors in the center square/rectangle.

The blocks are really fun to make and it’s really fun to select and combine the fabrics. Have I told you I have a lot of scraps?

That’s a very small portion of my scraps.

I’m making four or five blocks at a time and chain piecing as I go. I have the pieces for the blocks arranged in a stack and then I pull each set off the pile ad spread them out on my sewing machine extension table so they’re close at hand.

It speeds things up, but you really have to pay attention so you sew the right pieces together and don’t accidentally mix things up.

I made 24 of these blocks tonight. They sew up really quickly. It takes more time to select and prep the fabric.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do with these or how many of them I’ll make. Eventually, I hope to have enough blocks and enough variety to arrange them into a sort of color wash.

I don’t have enough blocks to give you more than an idea of what that might look like. But I think it has potential. I see a couple blocks that are bothering me. Might have to yank them out of there. Or they might be less bothersome as more blocks are added.

I also think I’ll might bring more than Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics into this eventually. I might pull out my batik and Aboriginal fabric scraps. That would give me more color variation and I’m sure it would be fun to do some mixing and matching.

But these blocks are almost all KFC fabrics, except for a few of the centers. Here’s some closer looks.

I did make a couple blocks that were too small for me to square up at 4.5 inches. They have gone back into the scrap basket that sits next to my cutting table.

That scrap basket is just a little bit frightening. I’m not quite sure how to tackle it.

You might be thinking that I’m avoiding finishing sewing together my sunburst quarter log cabin quilt. And you would be right! This is much more fun!

32 Replies to “Chasing a Squirrel on a Gorgeous Spring Day”

  1. You always have the best projects going. I’m looking forward to seeing what you end up making with the new squirrel. About that… sometimes you just need the squirrels to inspire you to complete other projects.

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    1. I’m thinking this might be made into a wall hanging for the wall above my bed. I want a quilt to hang there and with all these multiple colors, it’s might work well when I change out my quilts.

      I love getting into a new project like this! And all this free form piecing is really where I love to play!



  2. Oh the squirrels are running wild! LOL…Now mine are getting loose and I will never get back to making a few clothes. Sigh. Need to buckle down and do at least 2 more pieces for myself then onto the squirrel circus for me. Loved the You Tube and saved all 3 for future viewing when I can unleash the squirrels again. I have always wanted to do a color wash quilt so thank you for this nut for my squirrel brain. 😊

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    1. Definitely give it a try. I’m having such a blast!!!

      I should try making a top. It’s been so long since I made a piece of clothing. I used to make baggy elastic waist pants for myself. They would be so fun out of Kaffe fabrics~



      1. I made some baggy pants with t a lovely large print Liberty cotton from a Folkwear pattern, Fisherman Pants 161. Love them! No zipper, no elastic, no buttons, very comfy! A friend owns a fabulous fabric store in Minnesota, Ginny’s Fine Fabrics. I got some knit fabrics to make T shirts and McCalls has an easy pattern that to a “learn-to-sew”,
        M8112. Makes up real nice and quick. The color wash quilt is now added to the list of “must do” quilts. Can’t wait to uncage the squirrels!

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  3. Oh I’m so jealous of your weather! Gorgeous. And wow on the new blocks. I’m laughing at your squirrels and mine! It’s so nice to know I’m not alone. With such nice weather I didn’t hear… pickleball?!

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  4. I know what you mean by the spring fake out 😆. Here in San Antonio, we watch the mesquite trees. When the buds start showing, we know we can plant our spring gardens. The color wash quilt looks like fun! I like the idea of adding batiks too. Have a happy Valentines 💝.

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  5. I enjoyed watching the first video. I like the idea of making these, however I have soooo many quilts planned, I doubt I ever will. I only cut up my scraps about once a year and they are usually cut into certain sizes with my Accuquilt. Just thinking of cutting and cutting makes me shudder. Also I quilt with mostly non Kaffe fabric so it sure wouldn’t be bright like yours. Well, it could be bright, but not like yours. Please finish your sunburst quilt,I’m ready to see it.

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    1. I don’t mind the cutting for these blocks. If I was cutting a small piece of fabric out of the fabrics in my stash, that would be terrible. All I’m doing is sorting through scraps. So it’s perfect for me!



    1. It was really generous of Terry to share her tutorial at no cost. She actually emailed me because someone told her I had mentioned her on my blog. It was nice of her to take the time.



  6. As to that scary scrap basket – I’ve been considering a scrap vortex quilt using my KF scraps. With your stash and love of crumbs/scraps, you could make one that is incredible! (Crazy Mom / Amanda Jean Nyberg is the originator of the scrap vortex – she held a QAL and the posts are still on her blog even though she’s using IG now).


  7. I am very glad to know that someone else is a squirrel when it comes to finishing projects. However. This is *clearly* a virtuous detour that promises to be a powerful scrap organizer, so you see, you aren’t procrastinating AT ALL. Instead, you are organizing, utilizing, and sorting your scraps all at once. Brilliant.


  8. “Feb Fake-out”, love it!! We are getting it in northern BC too, we call it Mother Nature on crack😂.
    The colourwash by T Rowland was fun to do, mine are 5″ finished, 3.5 was too small for me too. Loving your bag making, off to a retreat and plan to make one w Thai fabrics.
    Happy “early” spring!!


  9. I again have lots of scraps. Last time they built up I started making my own fabric with them. I took a piece about 4 or 5” and cut 5 sides on it and started sewing pieces to the sides, I made an abstract looking wedding ring quilt out of them using some of my larger solid scraps to anchor it. Wish I new how to send you a picture.
    You’re blog is quite inspiring, thank you for taking the time producing it.


  10. Yep, I’d call it spring too! I bought some herb plants and blooming hyacinths this week, just tempting fate. We just were consistently 34 degrees last week and on the border of the Texas ice storm. I saved the color wash tutorial too, love the colorful quilt she made. I think I would have to do 4 1/2” or 5. I was thinking of pairing scraps with some solids 😻. Sweet picture of the boys-sending them big hugs 🤗


  11. I agree. It is more fun to start something new when a new block or pattern catches your eye. I am guilty if that more times than I care to mention. I do like the new block you are playing with and am going to have at it as well.


  12. Love that colour wash quilt design, looking good. And how delightful is the emerging Spring?
    I am very pleased to report I’ve made a Frankenbag, great tutorial many thanks. My friend was delighted with it.
    Still can’t see how to attach a photo here so I’ll email you separately.
    Kind regards, Lindy


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