Still Feverishly Chasing Squirrels

I stepped away from work a little early today since I have to work six hours tomorrow. And I started cracking away at more of these fun little color wash blocks. I got thirty more blocks made tonight.

Each fabric only appears in the outer fabric in a block once. So that will mean a lot of variety when the blocks are all done.

But for now, there’s enough blocks, 71 in total, to start to get a feel for what the color wash might look like.

I had to pull some of the blocks for my sunburst quarter log cabin quilt off the design wall to accommodate all of these new blocks.

I stacked and labeled them carefully. I have a small goal to sew these two rows together tomorrow after my second shift of work. We’ll see how I feel. I might be completely wiped out.

I dug through a nice size bin of scraps to make these new blocks. And I have another bin that I’ll dig through once I get those two sunburst rows sewn together. I promised myself I’d do the work before I get to play.

I see another bin down at the side of my cutting table that appears to have some yellow KFC fabrics inside. I need more yellows in this quilt.

I had put some blocks blocks the were too small in my scrap bucket last night. Tonight I pulled them out and added more fabric to them to bring them up to size.

Might as well not make more scraps and get these up to size.

I’ve been using my 5 inch square ruler to square up these blocks to 4.5 inches. I put some take on the ruler to make it easier. But I ordered a 4.5 inch square ruler that arrived this evening.

It’s smooch easier and faster with this ruler that’s the exact size I need!

Today started out rainy but he sun came out in the afternoon. Rico found a nice patch of sun for his nap.

I stepped outside this afternoon to check on the daffodils in my front yard. They were up late this year. They are around four inches tall right now.

My Advil PM is kicking in. I have to be working at 7 am. Gotta go get some sleep!

21 Replies to “Still Feverishly Chasing Squirrels”

  1. I see you feverishly beginning yet another Quilt.. excited for you. It’s going to be beautiful. Do enjoy your Happy Place. I myself find a cup of homemade broth gets me to sleep..😴😴

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  2. I always loved seeing my crocus come up first, often in snow. Then daffodils. One time we came home later in the spring and my garden was filled with huge white iris. Down here in the Rio Grande Valley, the only spring flowers are in pots. Last year I had beautiful hyacinths. We won’t be home till the end of April and I’m hoping my garden will be blooming. I do like your 4.5” blocks, very colorful.

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    1. the spring here in Portland is so gorgeous. So many blooming flowers and trees. I just love it!

      I’m glad I went with the 4.5 inch blocks. it would have taken so many of the smaller ones!]



  3. Squirrels. Always a battle with squirrels to see how many new bulbs they have dug out this fall/winter. Usually I place a layer of chicken wire and tiny pebbles over the new bulbs I plant but those pesky varmits found them this year…
    Love the color wash. Much better design using 4.5” blocks than the old 2.5” ones!
    We finished the week long live fund raiser yesterday. SCETVPublic radio is celebrating their 50th anniversary so lots of Star Sustainers we’re highlighted!

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  4. Look out for this color wash quilt! I got sucked in during November but of course I went for the 3 1/2 inch blocks. Got 550 blocks done and discovered I need 44 more so the quilt won’t look like a square. This is VERY addicting. Got it sewn together and didn’t like the dark blocks( black and brown) and spent a week unsewing and putting in lighter blocks. Still some dark blocks but at least the quilt doesn’t appear to have a dark cloud in it. Still have those 44 more blocks but stopped to do some quilting for friends. Talk about squirrel !! I got it bad.


    1. 550 blocks! I;m soooooo glad I went with the 4.5 inch blocks! But 44 more isn’t very many!

      It will be interesting to see how this comes together. There are some blocks that I have a hard time picturing in the quilt. I guess we’ll see when I get further along.



  5. Love those and your color wash. Thanks for sharing the information. I have been considering an extension table for my bernina. The old one is cracked and hard to get on and off. Do you find yours helpful

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  6. I like having square rulers in the size I want to trim too. I have a whole series of them now after adding a couple each year for several years. I ended up with two 8.5″ ones and that gives me one for upstairs and one for the basement.

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    1. I ordered a 10.5 inch square ruler a couple years ago from Amazon. They delivered one, then the next day they delivered another one. A third one came the next day! I was thinking they were just going o keep coming. But three was it. I kept one for me and gave the others away to friends who are quilters.



  7. I so enjoy your posts and how you share your creativity. Your starburst quilts are wonderful—are they in one of Kaffe’s books? If so, which one? What color way did you use in the flowers? Sorry for all the questions— I know you are a very busy artist. Thanks. Kay


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    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the starburst blocks in a Kaffe quilt book. There are lots of free tutorials for making the blocs on YouTube.

      The sunburst I used in these current blocks is the “bright” color way.



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