Some Not Surprising News, and More Squirrels

You might not be surprised to learn that I, in fact, did not sew together the two rows of my sunburst quarter log cabin quilt that I had as a goal today.

You probably will not be surprised to learn what I did instead.

Chasing the squirrel.

I worked a couple of three-hour shifts today with our winter radio fundraising drive. In between I took Rico to Battle Ground, WA, for his herding lesson. Then we hightailed it home so I could have some free time before my 2:00 shift.

I actually had about 40 minutes before I had to be back on the job so dug into my bins of scraps to find fabrics for more color wash blocks. I cut and pressed about 50 fabric scraps. Once my shift ended I hit the fabric bins again and kept cutting and pressing. I cut a total of around 105 unique pieces of fabric for blocks today. That’s 105 unique fabrics.

After dinner and a nice walk I headed back down the hall to start cutting these prepped fabrics for blocks. I managed to get 25 blocks cut and ready to sew. I sew them six blocks at a time and chain piece as I go. Somehow, I got an extra one in set in one of these stacks.

So I just pushed ahead and sewed all 25 blocks.

I Just threw these up on the wall in no particular order. I didn’t want to take all the blocks off the wall to redesign them all together.

So now I have a total of 94 blocks done and on the design wall in some fashion.

And I have the fabric cut for around 80 more. That makes a total of around 174 blocks. To Make a generous throw size quilt I’ll need around 357 blocks. Hmmm. That’s a lot more blocks. I guess I’ll be pulling out my batiks and Aboriginal fabrics to fill that out.

Here’s a few favorites:

Here’s the stack of fabric waiting to be cut for blocks. There are some really irregular pieces in there — left over from making hats.

I love sewing with scraps. Amazingly, all these blocks haven’t managed to make much of a dent in my stash.

Here’s Bender feeling sorry for himself as I was on the radio live. He did to understand why he had been exiled.

And as parting photo, I give you my muck boots after sheep herding. Thank god I had them in the car.

No work tomorrow. I’m going to play pickleball from 1:00 To 5:00. Maybe I’ll get those rows of blocks from my sunburst quilt finished up tomorrow.

24 Replies to “Some Not Surprising News, and More Squirrels”

  1. I am really wanting to chase the same squirrel! I really like those blocks. I might add them as another rainbow scrap challenge…or not…


  2. I totally get the ‘hey squirrel’ thing you’ve got going. I only have a few strips to sew together on my another 16 patch quilt, and did I get them done? Of course not, instead I started making crochet string bracelets. Follow that creative streak wherever it goes, is my motto! Curious why Bender couldn’t be in the room while you’re on the radio? Does he think you talking means it’s time to play, lol?

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    1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who does that! I always want to chase a new thing when I’m feeling inspired! What a great way to go through life!

      It’s bad to have any background noise going on when I’m live on the radio. Bender isn’t very good about just laying down and relaxing or sleeping when I’m in the room. He would probably be jumping on me and pawing at me. So both boys get barricaded into the living room when I have to be on the radio.




  3. Love the whole chasing squirrels, I’ve got a young Aussi ( Leo ) that is leash reactive and have just started working with a trainer . He’ s my quilting buddy and is perfect in every other way . I’m considering the sunburst log cabin for my next project , colors colors colors so happy


    1. Good for you for getting with a trainer. I had a reactive dog once and they’re not easy. So sad when so much of their life is affected by fear.

      You should do the sunburst log cabin. It’s another fun and freeform project!


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    1. Thanks!

      Pickleball is sort of cross between tennis, ping pong and badminton. It’s played on a course like a tennis court, but smaller. The ball is a hard plastic waffle balll (with the holes in it). You use a hard paddle instead of a racket with string. It’s the fastest growing sport in the US!



  4. Is it full moon time? I know we all get crazy then. 4 hrs. of pickleball! What are you – crazy? Where does all this energy come from? I’m really liking the newest scrap piecing. I’ve been piecing blocks with aboriginal fabrics, again, and wanting to start making mug rugs instead. It’s raining in VA today. Think I’ll turn on the bright lights and do some piecing – but wait – maybe I’ll do some cutting on the Accuquilt. J think I see squirrels again!


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