Put Down the Bright Sparkly Thing and Get to Work

After breakfast and a nice morning walk with Rico and Bender, I got ready to head out for Rico’s sheep herding lesson.

He did a great job at his lesson, but the rain poured the entire time we were out in the field. Luckily, I keep my muck boots and a full set of rain gear in my car so we weathered it pretty well. I was wet by the time we were done and Rico was soaked to the skin with rain and mud mixed with sheep poop. So he got a quick shower in the hose before we got in the car to head home. He didn’t seem to mind.

The rain almost stopped by the time we were pulling away from the sheep farm so I decided to stop at the big field at Washington State University to let the boys have a nice run.

They love getting out in open spaces where they can really run full out. And it’s nice that they always come back and check in often.

You can always tell how much fun Rico is having by the amount of slobber on his head.

And, of course, we had to get a nice pose while we were there.

Once we got home I cleaned up my kitchen and then tossed a chicken with potatoes, carrots and onions in the oven. While it cooked I sat down and watched some pickleball. The house filled with the smell of roasted chicken and in about an hour I was enjoying a nice hot dinner.

Once I was well fed I hit my sewing room and pulled the left over blocks sashed in jumble off my design wall and packaged them up.

I knew that if I didn’t put these sparkly new blocks away I’d be distracted by them and work on that instead of working on the first starburst quilt top.

The first thing I did was cut some new corner triangles. Then I picked out that seam to remove the one that was too small and sewed on the new piece.

This time I cut these triangles perfectly! Phew!

Next I started working on piecing the next two rows of blocks. I had planned to get two rows pieced and sewn together. And it all went according to plan.

Since it was still relatively early I decided to go ahead and sew these two sections together and get them pressed.

Then I huffed and puffed and got it all up on my portable design wall.

That’s five rows of 13 that are done. I’ll just keep chunking away at this throughout this week. Maybe I’ll finish it up next weekend. Maybe I’ll finish it up before then.

Here’s a closer look at how those setting triangles overlap.

It leaves a border an inch wide.

Before I wrapped it up in my sewing room I wound five bobbins to have on hand and ready to load.

And when I left my sewing room I found Bender wound asleep, mostly in the hall but with head I the room. I usually kick him out because he’s always under foot and when I’m up and down, at the machine, at the ironing board, at the design wall, I tend to step on him.

He was almost completely obeying the rules.

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Thanks for reading!

31 Replies to “Put Down the Bright Sparkly Thing and Get to Work”

    1. I didn’t go into much detail. I just referenced my quilters reference manual. Basically, you need to cut the corners by cutting a square, and then cutting that in half. That makes the two outside edges on the straight of grain. Then, for the side triangles, you cut a larger square and cut it in half, diagonally, twice. That way the bias edges are sewn to the blocks and the straight of grain edge is on the outside of the quilt.

      there are places on the web that give you the calculation for how big to cut them. Also, Robert Kauffman has an app that includes that info.

      Good luck!



  1. Sounds like a great, all be it wet, day. The boys sure had fun and looks like you got down to work after a yummy dinner. I love the Wine Lotus Leaf! It is magical. Love the sparkly things…they enliven us and renew our creative energy. Bobbins….always needed, always hate running out. PS -I could smell the chicken and veggies roasting.

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    1. Nothing more comforting that the smell of yummy food coming from the oven!

      I’m pretty happy with the lotus leaf setting triangles. The colors are pretty amazing. And the sparkly things… I love it!



  2. I love reading your blogs. I don’t know if I asked you, but do you give workshops?



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  3. Love your pups my old girl is a problem in my sewing room as well. What color thread will you quilt the lotus leaf one. I am making a jewel box one for my daughter and am stumped as to what to choose with a multitude of bright colors.

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    1. On multi colored quilts like this (which I make often) I tend to go with a light gray for the quilting thread. I find that the light grey sort of takes on the color that it’s on and disappears. I’ve used light gray on most of my quilts.

      I might use the light gray on my jewel frames quilt, but I might also ask my long armer what she thinks. She’s given great recommendations in the past.



  4. I make quite a few on point quilts and I particularly like your setting triangles. I like how they float and need to figure out how to do it. Your quilt is spectacular. I don’t make quilts like yours, I think I’m just not artistic enough and that’s OK. I like/love what I do make. Lately I’ve been making smaller quilts for boys and babies, quilts for the little children here in the Rio Grande Valley where we are wintering. I brought 20 something quilts from home and passed them along to the United Fund in November and so far have made about 6 for charity and a few for me. My quilts lately are simple but very cute. Your dogs are precious and I’d love to give them a hug and kiss.

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    1. All you have to do to make setting triangles overlap like mine is to cut them too big. I cut them like if my blocks were 9.5 inches, but my blocks are only 8.5 inches. That give me that extra inch.

      It’s so wonderful of you to donate quilts! Imagine the love people fell in them, and the warmth! Wonderful!!



  5. Im just LOVING your blogs! Last year I finally retired at 65 and after years of doing “art” and spending a ton of money in materials, I finally decided I’d had enough. So a friend of mine does quilting so thought I would give it a try. Thank goodness I already have a sewing machine so all I had to buy was fabric and all the notions that go with it (which is nothing compared to painting and mixed media. Anyway, I LOVE your work, especially with the K. Fasset fabric. It’s the BEST! Also your pups are so cute…Im an animal lover myself so I can appreciate you getting them out and exercising as they seem to enjoy it so much (being Border Collies, I would imagine they need TONS of exercise)…so anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I love your writing AND any lessons you can impart along the way…


    1. Thanks Susan! I’m very envious of your retirement. I still have a few more years before I can step away and spend more time doing the things I really love. I’m glad I have lots of things to keep me busy when that day comes. And I buy a lot of fabric. It’s hard to imagine this is an inexpensive hobby! But if I only bought fabric for a specific project it would be cheaper! the color and patterns keep me going!!! I just love them.

      And yes… my dogs do require a good amount of exercise. Our five miles walking very day don’t give them the physical exercise the would love, but it’s great mental stimulation. We are all happier when they’ve had their exercise. . . mental and physical!

      thanks for reading!



  6. Loving your brother’s new quilt and the black and white extra one! The boys’ pictures are cute, so photogenic 🥰. Sweet Bender with his head in your sewing room, wants to watch and be near his Mama❤️❤️❤️❤️

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