I Started a New Quilt. Of Course I Did

I couldn’t stand it. I just had to add the jumble sashing to the left over sunburst blocks. So I dug in after our dinner and walk this evening. I cut the sashing pieces to 3 inches, so they’ll finish at 2.5 inches. Then I sat down at the machine and started chain piecing… blocks on one leg, sashing pieces on the other.

It didn’t take very long to get all these blocks sashed and pressed and then I tossed them up on my design wall. And I like what I see!

I’m going to have to make six more sunburst blocks to complete this. But it might be the quickest quilt I’ve ever made! With left overs from a quilt that has taken more than two years to complete!

Here’s a little eye candy of these blocks with that fun black and white jumble.

What is it about that jumble that’s so magic?

My design wall has two roll up pieces of heavy, plastic backed flannel. The other sunburst quilt is on the second flannel behind this one. It’s a pretty handy feature.

I actually did work on the other sunburst quilt today. I got all the setting triangles and corner triangles cut and laid out on the design wall. It’s sort of a mess because the wall just isn’t big enough. So stuff is hanging off the edges and dragging on the floor. A number of pieces are actually pinned on.

That’s the section on my portable design wall. I didn’t get a photo of the rest of it.

I started assembling with the upper left corner and I got three rows all sewn together. I’m toying with the idea of putting this together in large blocks. Four large triangles like this one (one for each corner) and then three or four smaller blocks down the center. I really hate all those long lines of blocks.

I made a couple errors when cutting the setting triangles. There were four triangles that weren’t square. I’m guessing that I cut one side of the square shorter… meaning that I cut a rectangle.

It was pretty easy to identify them as I was laying it all out. I’ll have to cut some more tomorrow. I didn’t want to do it after out walk this evening because I felt a little tired and thought that would be an invitation to even more un-square triangles.

And I discovered another error as I put these three rows together. I cut the corner triangle too small. I think I cut it 1/2 inch to small.

Rather than trim the entire quilt top to match that corner, I’ll pick this out tomorrow and cut some new triangles.

The wide backing I ordered arrived today. That’s pretty damned good service! It’s really amazing! The scale of the print is BIG and I think it’s going to be fun with this quilt.

Those blocks are 8.5 inches square, so that print is huuuuge!!! And I love it!

We didn’t have our sheep herding lesson today so we slept in a little. It was raining this morning and I didn’t get the boys out for a nice long walk until early afternoon. We walked about 4.5 miles and then came home and after a short nap, these boys were ready to go again.

But instead, we jumped in the car and took a quick trip to Costco. It’s been a few months since I went to Costco so I had a ton of stuff to unload and put away when I got home.

When we were getting ready for our shorter walk this evening, I made sure I left the light in my sewing room on so I could see my sunburst quilt when I came home.

That’s where all the magic happens!

Rico has a sheep herding lesson tomorrow afternoon with a trainer who is not our regular teacher. Then I need to do some tidying up around the house to start getting ready for my company that’s coming in a couple weeks.

Our winter radio fundraising drive starts this Thursday and goes through Saturday, Feb 19. My friend will arrive a week from Friday. I’m really looking forward to her visit! We’re trying to decide what quilt we’re going to work on when she’s here. I think we might make a 16 patch!

49 Replies to “I Started a New Quilt. Of Course I Did”

  1. I’m really liking the jumble and sunburst blocks. Adds a completely different feel. It’s calm and alive at the same time. But I do love black and white so once that’s added I’m really happy with any quilt. Wish KFC had more B&W.

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  2. Bender just loves the camera!
    I usually cut my setting triangles about half an inch larger and then trim down once they’re all in place. Keeps me from making those small miscalculations that are so irritating!

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  3. I’m making these blocks right now and I’m also loving the jumble sashing you used with them. I too can’t resist starting new quilts before the last one is finished. Yours are so beautiful.

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  4. Anne, you are clearly an extraordinary person and an inspiration to me! I look so forward to
    leaning what you are up to and cannot believe how much you take on! You are phenomenal and so creative! At times I think of doing something similar and I especially want to write my story. I retire on April 3 and cannot wait! But I am in awe that you can work and do so much in your free time! I love your quilt ideas and when I make a quilt I often see other possibilities such as yourself. It makes me feel full and happy. Again, thanks for all you do! Take care and may many more blessings be bestowed upon you!


    1. I’m envious of your retirement. I still have a few more years to work but look forward to the time when I can do more of the things that really make me happy.

      And funny, but I started this blog as a way to keep track of stuff I made… notes about how I made things, what fabrics I used, etc… it’s been fun having so may people reading!

      thanks for reading!!!



  5. The black and white smashing is great. How wide are your log cabin strips around the center block? I have some of the flower fabric and would like to make a quilt like yours. Thank you for the idea

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  6. Love how the background….Jumble… changes the total effect of the sunbursts.

    Did you make your ‘design wall’? How did you make it a ‘roll up’ design wall? Please tell us more !

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  7. Hi Anne,
    When I make the side triangles and the corner triangles, I cut a square bigger than the blocks, then cut them in half and trim to fit after I sew them on. For example, for 9 inch blocks, I’d cut at least a 10 inch square and then cut diagonally. It’s a lot easier than noodling over what exact size to cut.

    For the corner squares, I’d probably cut a 9 inch block and then cut diagonally. It would probably also need to be trimmed but should be plenty big since the diagonal is longer than a side.

    Love the quilt and also the new jumble version. It’s fun to get an instant quilt from leftovers!

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    1. I’ve used the instructions from my quilting reference book and they’ve work great if I haven’t messed something up. The problem was that I didn’t follow the line across the grid in the book. I cut the size for a smaller block. If I had cut it correctly, it would have worked. Also, the book instructions have you cut blocks so the bias edges aren’t on the outside edge of the quilt. If you’re cutting squares in half for the setting triangles, your outside edge will be on the bias. I would make mess of that!

      Once I cut the corner block correctly tonight, it fit perfectly! No need for trimming!



  8. Your quilting is absolutely amazing! The boxes, the Frankenbags, not to mention the fabulous quilts! You are encouraging g me to spend more time in my sewing studio! Thanks so much!
    Sew Happy!
    Joanne Ortiz

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  9. Hi Anne
    Love both your sunburst quilts! And love that Jumble fabric! I have been playing with lots of different color Jumble combinations with other KFC fabrics to make a 16 patch quilt. Some of those combinations really gladden my heart!
    Looking forward to seeing both these quilts finished. Inspiring!

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    1. I have jumble in a lot of different color ways. I feel like there should be some really great way to combine them. I was thinking of putting them together with various low value white and black fabrics. Still haven’t decided.



    1. I agree that cutting up the starburst is the best way to use that fabric. I used some of the blue color way to line a bag and it was a pain to deal with… it’s so wonky! I just had to get it as straight as I could and settle for “that’s good enough!”


      1. Anne, how many yards of the jumble do you think you are using in the sashing, etc. I may copy your beautiful quilt. If that’s ok! Thanks!

        Linda Puckett


  10. It is so hard to ignore the eye-candy quilt projects. I finished sewing a couple of pieces of clothing and decided that the quilting stash needed to be reorganized(and measured). OMG I keep finding stash everywhere! So now I am distracted by those lovely finds. I really need some new clothes….Focus is so important and when I am feeling pressured (internal) I mis-measure, mis-cut, blah, blah, blah….so it is time to give into a distraction and then return renewed by a success.


    1. I’m already thinking five quilts down the road! I have to force myself to focus on what I’m working on and have to resist starting fifty projects! Starting projects is my favorite part!

      And I tend to make mistakes when I’m tired and not on my best game. Luckily, most mistakes can be fixed. they just waste fabric.



  11. OHMYGOSH, Anne, I just LOVE your quilt with the black and white jumble squares!! Your red is
    awesome too, but the jumble is exceptional. You
    pack more into a day than I do in three! Have fun

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