Five More Stars To Go

I’ve been working on more stars, but feel like I’ve been pretty relaxed about it. I haven’t been attacking them feverishly.

And yet, I have 15 of 20 done. And I’m really happy with them! I just love the variation in color and those big prints are so much fun when they’re cut down!

Five more stars to make, then I need to square them all up, and then I’ll start getting it all on the design wall. I can’t wait to see all those rectangles up with the stars. It’s really going to come alive.

I just love making these stars because each one is so individual. Each star point differs from the other star points on that block. And I love the combos of the blocks and points… really some gorgeous stuff going on here.

And, or course, that background fabric is pretty magical. So many people have asked me what it is and where they can get it. I wish I was more help. I do know that if I ever see it in a store again I will buy all of it!!! I have another three yards of it and will save it for something really special.

Holy cow! Look at all the color!

More eye candy.

I just love the pops of lighter blue, the oranges with contrasting blue, the pops of green in the Antwerp flowers…

I was a little ambivalent about the yellow geodes, but I think it’s brilliant in this quilt! It’s really a stand out. It gives a pop of yellow and big pops of green, yellow and purple. Love it!

Rico had his weekly sheep herding lesson yesterday and he was so amazing. We worked on turning the sheep around the post and then we did a lot of getting them into a pen. He was so good… so relaxed… so responsive! I just love watching a dog do what they’re bred to do!

After our lesson we went for a nice walk on the trails on the Washington State University campus. It’s been a few weeks since we did that. It was nice to be out in the trees and off the pavement.

Today, I’m hoping to go and visit a friend’s litter of seven week old border collie puppies. Sounds like a great Sunday activity!

Seeing Kaffe Stars

I’ve been waiting and waiting for one final piece of fabric to arrive so I could get started on my next quilt. Finally, it arrived yesterday and I started cutting. And tonight I sewed the beginnings of the first blocks together.

These stars will all be made from an eclectic mix of Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics and a spotted batik background that I bought several years ago and have been hoarding ever since. I just LOVE the way these first four stars are looking and I love all that riot of color with the simple but powerful background. I think this is going to be a really fun quilt.

The quilt will be made with 20 large blocks. I’m using ten different KFC fabrics for the stars. Here’s the star centers divided out with the points for each.

Each of the star blocks will be bordered by large rectangles of the same selection of KFC fabrics. It should have a somewhat scrappy and random feel when it’s all done.

As I had a few days to think about this quilt before the last needed fabric arrived I thought about doing each star entirely from the same fabric. After I tried out some different combos, I decided that a mixed approach was more visually interesting.

I was talking to a friend earlier tonight as I finished up all the fabric cutting and I told her how much I love the process of preparing fabrics for a quilt. I find the pressing, trimming and cutting all very relaxing and satisfying. it’s the first time I really have my hands all over the fabrics and see them in all their glory.

This is all the fabric for this quilt top cut and ready to start sewing.

As of now I have no fabric orders that I’m expecting to arrive in the mail. It feels a little odd.