Officially On Vacation!!!

I left my house at about 5:15 last night to head to the airport to pick up my friend at around 7:00. I was a little early so I parked at a cell phone waiting lot at the end of one of the runways. About 15 minutes later a man approached my car to see if I had any change. I apologized that I don’t carry any cash. He was very nice and not threatening. But I decided that I should drive to a different lot that has better lighting and more people in it for safety.

It was at that time I realized my car battery was D-E-A-D. Not even a click. Dead as a doornail. And my friend was to be arriving within minutes. So I got on the phone with AAA and had them all set up to come and help within a few minutes.

My brother gave me a charge pack for Christmas a year ago. It’s in the car and charged up, so I thought I’d give it a try to see if I could jump the car myself. The guy at AAA called me at that time to see what I needed help with, and he ended up FaceTiming with me to help me jump my car with the charge pack.

Long story short, we couldn’t get it to work. But the good news is that the AAA service guy arrived about 15 minutes later. So I just had him put in a new battery. I figured it was better than spending a half day during my vacation getting a new battery installed.

Luckily, sort of, when my friend’s plane arrived they couldn’t get the door open, so she sat at the gate for nearly a half hour waiting for them to open the blasted door. She was afraid that they were going to have to use the slide to get off the aircraft.

I finally picked up my friend and we were on our way back to my house right at 8 pm.

After a good night sleep, I was on the air this morning from 7-10. Then we hightailed it down to Molalla, OR, for a sheep herding lesson with Rico. He was so amazing!!! For being in a place he’s not accustomed to, he did an amazing job. He needed a good cool of when we were done.

When our lesson ended we hopped back in the car and hightailed it for home. Then I worked as producer for the final three hours of our drive, from 2-5 pm.

So now… the drive is over and I’m officially on vacation!!! And I’m exhausted.

We ordered some shrimp tacos for dinner, hopped in the car and picked them up, headed home and then actually sat down at the dining room table like civilized people. It was a really good dinner and it was fun to enjoy some conversation while we ate.

After dinner I took the boys for a 2 mile walk. When I got home my friend and I hit my sewing room and put together two more rows of my sunburst quarter log cabin quilt. But first I had to cut some additional setting triangles.

I managed to get the two longest diagonal rows in the quilt sewn together. My friend pressed as I sewed.

I thought maybe we’d actually sew these two rows together and get them pressed tonight, but I was just too tired to tackle that long seam. So we’ll do that tomorrow. Maybe we’ll get the rest of the top done tomorrow.

That’s one long row folded over itself. Below, both rows all sewn together, resting peacefully on my cutting table.

The good news with the remainder of this quilt top is that each upcoming row is shorter than the last. So It should go together pretty quickly.

Tomorrow we’re going to get a good sleep in. Then we’ll hit a lovely local quilt shop to pick up some Aboriginal fabrics for the quilt we’ll make for my friend while she’s here.

32 Replies to “Officially On Vacation!!!”

  1. Sorry to hear about your car troubles. Seems they happen at the most inopportune time. Smart move to replace the battery! Rico is so cute! He clearly loves the sheep herding lessons and his cool down. You will be so relieved to have the sunburst log cabin done. It is a fabulous quilt! Aboriginal fabric will be so fun. I am looking forward to purchasing some for my collection. Have a wonderful time with your friend shopping, quilting, etc… 😊

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    1. My friend declared this morning that we’re going to finish that sunburst quilt today! but first, we have to go shopping!

      Rico definitely loves his sheep herding. And he is looking really good. Will be fun to see how he does in the trial next weekend.



  2. I look at your brothers sun burst quilt like spring… each day gets more and more sun light and the quilt gets more and more finished. Hope your vacation week is productive and memorable.

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  3. Since I’m in an aboriginal mode right now, can’t wait to see what you get up to! Having a quilting buddy with you for a week, you’ll get so much accomplished. Have a wonderful time together.

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      1. It’s a quilt I’ve made twice before but done with an interesting arrangement of the colors to get a totally different effect. It will be really fun in Aboriginal fabrics!



  4. So glad you got a new battery and kept safe! Scary! Yay, Rico!!! I bet the boys are enjoying having your friend stay again, wishing I was there too 🥰🥰🥰

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    1. the boys were with me when I had my battery adventure. They were so happy to finally get back to my house so they could say hello to my friend. She owned Bender’s father, his older brother, and his litter brother. And she has a half brother to Rico. So we have more than quilting in common!



  5. I love your posts and how you share your creative process. Thank you! Sorry about the battery. As back up for the future, most airports have someone who will help you in their parking lots with dead batteries, flat tires, etc. Here is the info for PDX (Go to the parking tab under FAQ)

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  6. I’m actually in Oregon now and was able to go to Sisters to shop for K. Fasset (sp) fabrics and a couple patterns.. staying in Beaverton at the moment and flying home to Los Angeles tomorrow… Oregon is a beautiful state BUT too cold for my tastes… Sounds like you and your friend are gonna have a fabulous vacay together!!!!!!

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    1. I’m really close to Beaverton. And it’s funny, but the weather feels pretty warm to me! the dampness can make it feel really cold.

      We’re heading off to my favorite Portland quilt shop soon.



  7. I so enjoy your blog! Sorry your vacation got off to a rocky start, but how funny that your friend’s plane delay matched your battery delay! Have fun and I will look forward to seeing what you two get up to!

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    1. I feel much better having AAA. I drive all over the place and out in the country a lot. It’s nice to know I can get help when I need it! I think this battery has a five year warrantee. So I can relax for a while!



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