Up Next — Jewel Frames Quilt

A friend of mine gave me the kit for the Kaffe Fassett jewel frames quilt for my birthday several years ago, and today I started cutting the fabric. (This photo is from the Craftsy page promoting the quilt kit.)

You can get the free pattern here. 

jewel frames for blog

I did a lot of sewing over the holidays of smaller pieces, and I still have the quilt I’m making for my guest room in an unfinished state, but I decided that this quilt will be the next up. And it’s for MY bedroom! I like having more than one project to work on at any given time to avoid getting bored with a pattern or with the fabric. But I’m not sure how I could ever get bored with this amazing fabric!


The kit makes a quilt around 78 x 78 inches. So it’s not quite big enough for my queen bed. So I’ll make it bigger, and will have to decide what fabric to add from my Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics stash. I’m considering a fun floral border. I’ll have to see how it looks once the blocks are all made and assembled.

I got all the 8 inch blocks cut today, as well as some of the strips. I’ll cut more strips as I need them.



I bought yardage of the green KFC Uzbekistan fabric on sale a couple of years ago for the backing.


I’ve never looked very closely at this black paper weight fabric, but as I was pressing it I saw all these amazing bright colors! There really is no fabric like the KFC fabrics!


It’s always so much fun to start a new quilt!


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