Flying Geese Circle Pouch

I’ve had this flying geese circle template set for awhile now and wanted to put it in a pouch. The original pattern finished up at 12 inches, which is way too big for a pouch. So I shrunk the templates down to make an 8×8 block.


And it’s still to big for the pouch! I have a smaller version that will finish up as a 6 inch block, which will have much better proportions in a pouch. I’ll work on that some time later this week.


I wasn’t as careful with the quilting as I wish I’d been. Amazing how you can put a lot of work into something and decrease it’s beauty because of a little impatience toward the end. Most people probably wouldn’t see it, but it stands out like a sore thumb to me!


I used Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics for the goose points, and a white on white that I’ve had for a couple years for the background. I like the texture the white on white gives this. And of course, I just LOVE the blue chambray that I used for the body of the bag.


Rather than doing a pieced panel for both sides of the bag, I put a zipper pocket on the back. it should be a really functional little pouch.

I just love how the details on the pouches come out in the chambray. It feels so tailored and structured. I just love it!



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