Sweet Animal Zipper Pouches

Earlier this fall I got some special orders for some of my zipper pouches with the Mia Charro animal panels. I had made one of the hippo pouches and some dog pouches earlier in the summer, and everyone just loved them. These panels are so adorable and have so much personality and color!

Each of these pouches has a zipper pocket on the back, and they are lined with batik that matches the frame around the panel. The hippo has blue chambray framing the panel, and has Kaffe’s lavender Mille Fiore for the lining.

I just love picking out the batiks to go with each of the panels. it’s really a great way to make the panels really sing. Of course, I just love batiks! So any time I get to make something from them, I’m happy.

I saw some of these adorable cat and bird panels at Center Diamond quilt store in Cannon Beach, OR, and picked up a strip of each. Maybe some day I’ll actually get around to making something from them!

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