Two More Tiny Canvasses to Go

I’ve managed to post something I’ve made every day for the first 28 days of our 30 day project. And now, there are just two days left and two canvasses left. I’ve really enjoyed this project, but it’s been a bit difficult to do on some days.

Here’s today’s and yesterday’s canvasses. I’m calling this my “floral acrylic stage.”

I just love the way these have turned out. The colors make me very happy. And I like that you can tell they’re flowers, but they are somewhat abstract. I have a lot of variations of these that I want to make.

Before the floral stage, I had a very serious dotting phase. These little pieces make me so happy! and they are so much fun to make.

Not all of my dotting attempts have been successful. This first one below did not turn out anything like what was in my head. I consider it a complete fail. In fact, I didn’t even post it on the Facebook for the 30 day project. The second one… well… it started out as a dotting piece, and went so spectacularly bad that I blended all the wet paint on the canvas together and made this dark monstrosity.

The week of January 24 I had to go to Austin, TX, for work. In anticipation of that trip and wanting to keep up with the project, I bought some cheap colored pencils to take along.

So before that trip, I made a zipper pouch for my colored pencils as the day’s project. It’s really nice to be able to make a custom pouch when you need one for a specific purpose.


One thing I learned in my colored pencil phase is that I don’t so much enjoy working with colored pencils. But I plugged along, posting one piece every day while I was in Austin.

On the flight back from Austin I started a new knitted wool cap and that was the project I posted for that day. It’s a great cap and will be a workhorse for whoever receives it. I’d like to keep it for myself, but it’s rarely cold enough here for me to need a knitted cap.


And a couple random projects that defy categorization… a mandala stone, and a cheerful little sunflower.

I think I’m going to be a little sad when the 30-day project is done.

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