30 Mini Canvases in 30 Days

A friend of mine started a 30 Mini Canvases in 30 Days project for January. Members of the group are creating one piece of art every day during the month and share it with the group on Facebook.

Here’s my first entry on January 1. This one is water color.


The point is not to create perfect art. The point is to try new things… new ideas, new techniques, new mediums. And it’s been really fun. I’ve pushed myself a little and have been really happy with most of the results.

Because I’m usually finishing up my piece each day after midnight, I post my photos first thing in the morning. Here’s the piece I made tonight  that I’ll post tomorrow– and I just love it! It’s acrylic paint on a 3×3 canvas.


This piece is still unfinished. I have to do the detail and shading. But it’s pretty fun and I like where it’s going. Couldn’t get it done in one day!  This is acrylic on a 5×7 canvas. It’s Rico — that big old ear should give it away.


Here’s the rest. Click on each photo below to read the caption and get a bigger view.

This has been a really fun project and there have been some really amazing things created by members of the project. What a bunch of creative, artistic and brave friends I have!

I’m really looking forward to trying some ideas I’ve had rattling around my head.

8 Replies to “30 Mini Canvases in 30 Days”

    1. The three landscapepaintings at the top of the post were done with some inexpensive tube paints that I purchased a few months ago. Any other acrylic paintings in this post were done with craft paints. The craft paints are harder to work with for the little landscapes, but they work really well for the dots.


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