Crumb Block Borders Happening!

Once again I’m taking advantage of my renewed interest in sewing and have started getting all these fun spotty borders put on my 63 crumb blocks. There will be nine different color ways of spots once I’m done.


I cut out all my border strips as I was live streaming my nephew’s wedding Friday afternoon. It was a Catholic mass so there was plenty of time for pressing and cutting! they were married in Wisconsin with about a dozen people in the church… just immediate family, with hundreds watching on the internet.


(This is the couple who received my recent blue and green batik quilt as a gift. they opened it while we were on a Zoom call this morning and the bride loved it! She said the colors are her colors and she LOVED the fish quilting! I told them that the biggest compliment they could give me was to USE it! They promised they would.)

These crumb blocks are squared up to eight inches. The spot borders are cut to 1.5 inches wide. Each block gets two cut to 8 inches and two cut to 10 inches.

I’m chain piecing these borders onto the blocks in sets of seven — all with the same color border so that I don’t accidentally mix the border colors on any given block. That sounds like something I might do!


I sew the eight inch pieces onto opposite sides of each block. then press those pieces and add the ten inch pieces to the two other sides. I can whip through a set of these pretty quickly. It’s amazing how each color of spots makes the blocks look completely different. Amazing how this plays with our brains!

I have been using Best Press prior to cutting my strips. This helps me keep the blocks more square and it’s a little harder for me to press wonkiness into the strips once they’re sewn on.

I had done a lot of debating previously about what to do for the sashing for these blocks. After a lot of debate and auditioning a lot of different options, I decided that I would use black and white Jumble with black spots for cornerstones. See a blog post about all this deliberation here.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve decided NOT to use the graphic black and white option! I almost always go to the graphic black and white option. But I’ve been thinking about it and I just don’t think the jumble is making the blocks sing.

So I dug into my stash to try some other options and had a friend on the phone while I texted her photos of options. I’m not going to tell you which one I decided on, but I HAVE made a decision and I’m ordering the fabric as we speak! But we were both in total agreement on the one I chose!

I should have a pretty good start on getting the borders on all 63 blocks done this weekend. Then I’m going to finish up my scrappy hexagon quilt top so I can get it off my design wall.


12 Replies to “Crumb Block Borders Happening!”

  1. I think the sashing you’ve chosen is photo #5. Don’t remember what that design is called. I LOVE those crumb blocks! I don’t think I’d have enough patience to make 63 however. I also liked the idea of watching the wedding on video. Can’t wait to see your crumb quilt in its final form. B. J.

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    1. You are a very good guesser! but you should try the crumb blocks. They went really fast for me. I did a lot of chain piecing. At first the pieces seem small, but they get big fast! They’re really fun to make.


      1. O.K. I’m easy. You talked me into it! I’ve been cutting in to Kaffe fq’s lately and have more scraps. I’ll start with those and try some of those blocks. I love how they look, especially with the dog surround.

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      2. That last sentence was supposed to be “dot” surround! But since you are “agilejack”, maybe “dog” surround is appropriate.

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    1. I love that zig zag. It’s actually going to be the back of the quilt, and appears here and there in the crumb blocks. But, alas, that won’t be the one I use.


    1. You’ll have to wait to see! I have all the borders sewn except for two sets of 7 blocks. So I should have these blocks on the design wall by the end of the week!


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