Scrappy Hexagon Quilt Top is Done!

I promised myself that I would finish this quilt top today and I did it! And I’ve never been so happy to finish a quilt top as I am to finish this one!


I’m still struggling to get decent photos. This is NOT what it looks like in person. This next photo is more what it looks like, but it’s still too dark.


That shows the top edge of triangles after they’ve been trimmed off square. I then added a 2 inch border to the top and bottom of the quilt, and four inch borders to the sides. The quilt was a little long and narrow so I wanted to add a little width. The size feels really good now.


I don’t know why this quilt was so difficult for me to put together. I really struggled with wonky blocks and found some areas really difficult to keep a consistent 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Another thing about this quilt that made it difficult is that there are so many seams coming together at the joints of those triangles that I pressed the longer seams open to avoid too much bulk. It’s really frustrating to press 1/4 inch seam allowances open. It takes so much time! I’m just not a fussy quilter and all that time is frustrating to me.


I’ve already moved onto my crumb quilt. It was on the design wall as soon as this one was done and I’ve already started sewing rows together. It will go together really quickly. I’m loving how it’s looking, and the sashing I chose is so perfect. More on that to come soon.

In the mean time… take a look at these amazing fabrics!


12 Replies to “Scrappy Hexagon Quilt Top is Done!”

  1. What a lot of seam matching! I can see why you struggled with this one as after a while, the struggle takes over the excitement and you begin to lose interest. I’m anxious to see the crumb quilt up on the wall. On to the next finish. B. J.

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    1. This quilt will NOT be entered in a quilt show, that’s for sure. But most people won’t notice that my points don’t match perfectly or are cut off. I got the crumb quilt top half assembled yesterday!!! And I really love it. The choice for the sashing was really perfect. CAn’t wait for you to see it. Probably another day or two before I get it done.


      1. OK, I’ll wait! I’ll just have to give you time to finish construction. I think the sashing you chose will make those crumb blocks just pop. Faster girl, faster!


      2. It’s almost done! The top four rows are done and sewn together. The lower for rows are all sewn into rows and ready to be assembled. Maybe Tuesday night will be the night! I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out.


  2. This turned out beautifully. Will add a sparkle to whatever room it resides. I also love the way you finished the top and bottom with the diamond shapes instead of just lopping off the blocks.

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