On One of My Jags

I’ve gotten forty blocks done since I started on Friday night. Thinking I’ll need a total of 64 to make a generous throw size quilt. So just 24 more blocks to go. I’m liking the look of this quilt.


It’s pretty common for me to go on sewing jags like this. I get an idea in my head, think about it a little to make sure I have a good idea of how it will work, and then I just go. And I can be pretty obsessive about it.

And when I start something like this, even thought I’ve already got two more quilts I’m pretty much ready to start, I’m going to have to finish these blocks or it will nag at me. Plus I know that if I don’t finish the blocks this could sit unfinished for years.

I did add a twist to this quilt today by inserting some pieced wedges. I think they’re interesting and add a little interruption to a pretty repetitive quilt.

I simply sewed some of the strips trimmed from these blocks to each other in a row, and then trimmed them to have straight sides.


I made a bunch at one time, which appeals to my need for order and efficiency.


And them trimmed them into wedge shapes so they were ready to sew into a block.


I might make three or four more of these pieced wedges. I don’t want too many of them in the quilt. I just want to see one every now and again.

Now I have to finish this so I can start my green and pink Kaffe quilt!

My vacation week starts tomorrow. I’m planning on taking the dogs fora nice hike and swim in the river in the morning, and then more sewing in the afternoon.

11 Replies to “On One of My Jags”

  1. Coming along great! The pieced wedges do add a nice POP to everything 🙂 I have done that as well in my string piecing and I love the added interest ,the unexpected. I don’t know how to add a picture to here, how to send you a photo. It’s great to have a mindless sewing project , not having to worry about 1/4 inch seams, lol. Enjoy your first day of vacay!


  2. I really like the addition of several pieced wedges, it adds just the right amount of pizazz to give the overall quilt top some sparkle! Faster, faster, can’t wait to see all those blocks up on the design wall! Enjoy your vacation week to the fullest!

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    1. I think I have 26 more blocks to make. I can probably have them done today. Then it will sew together quickly. Might take a little time on the design wall. Then I can start my green/pink Kaffe quilt!


  3. So did you trim those wedge pieces down further into thinner pieces…the wedge pieces look larger than those in the quilt…maybe my perception?

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