Well, That Was Fast: Jewel Frames Ready to Sew

Last night I shuffled all the blocks for my jewel frames quilt so the fabrics were evenly distributed in a stack. Tonight I tossed them all up on the design wall and it went really quickly. I consider it designed and ready to sew.

And just so you know, my design wall is still not big enough!!! But this worked fine for this quilt. But this quilt is big. It measures around 100 inches square before sewing. It will be very generous on a queen size bed.

I have stacked up and numbered all the rows and they are ready to start assembling.

I’ll have to make some sashing pieces with cornerstones before I start sewing. I need one for the right end of each row, and then I need them for the bottom of each block on the bottom row of blocks. This blog post for my first Aboriginal quilt shows how these rows of blocks with sashing go together.

I have almost enough blocks left over to use as a strip on the back of the quilt. I’ll have to make a couple more to have enough, but I have some fabric left over.

I’ll probably start sewing on this Friday night. Maybe I can squeeze in a row or two tomorrow.

12 Replies to “Well, That Was Fast: Jewel Frames Ready to Sew”

  1. I recently made this quilt in a king size with some Moda layer cakes that have been in my stash for several years (before I fell in love with KFC fabrics). It goes together very quickly and was fun to make. I made way too many blocks and have enough left to do a couple charity lap quilts, I plan to do another one from the beautiful KFC fabrics. Yours is beautiful!

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    1. This was actually a kit, so I didn’t choose the fabrics. I altered the pattern to include the contrasting cornerstone. The pattern has ou make cornerstones out of the same fabric… which seems like a lot of work for no effect. But I do love this quilt!!! I’ve seen a lot of this quilt made by various people over the years. The sashing really makes it.


  2. You put the cornerstone and the sashing on as you make the block? Does it go together well that way? I just did my first quilt with cornerstone sewn to the sashing in a long strip and then put the blocks on that. Not my favorite. Yours are beautiful.

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  3. Thank you so much for your detailed progression of making this quilt! I purchased this same quilt kit a number of years ago and am now ready to sew it up! Your input is much appreciated!

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