Batik Blocks Half Done

(Special Note: Amazon delivered a THIRD 10.5 inch square ruler today! I wonder how many more I’m going to get!!!)

After work today I grabbed a quick dinner and then finished cutting the four remaining sets of batiks for my new quilt.

Then I sewed the larger section of these green blocks before I headed out for a walk with the dogs and a phone conversation with a friend as we walked.

I finished these four green blocks when we got home, and sewed up the orange set as well. I now have half the planned blocks for this quilt done.

I’m loving these colors!

Some friends of mine brought by a huge bouquet of flowers this morning for my birthday, which is on Wednesday.

They smell soooo amazing!It has some fresh eucalyptus and it’s filled the house. I keep moving the flowers around the house so I can enjoy them. I had them in my office today as I worked. Tonight they’re on the coffee table.

One more day of work and then I’m off for five days. I’m planning a couple of hikes, a trip to the coast if the weather allows, and another trip up to the Olympia, WA, area to do a little sheep herding on Saturday. I’m guessing there will be some quilting and sewing in those five days too.

4 Replies to “Batik Blocks Half Done”

  1. Have a very Happy Birthday tomorrow! And many more! Enjoy your days off. Your new batik blocks are coming along nicely and I’m looking forward to seeing all up on the design wall. And, by the way, Happy Thanksgiving also!

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    1. Thanks BJ. I’m looking forward to seeing these blocks with the indigo sashing. It will really change their look. I still have to finish that blasted batik monstrosity. A friend of mine suggested just sewing one block of it a night, and then soon it will be done. I told her that was a fantastic idea. I might try to force myself to do that tonight!

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe!


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