Welcome 2021 — Some Small Productivity

I had a pretty low key New Years celebration last night. My boss delivered some amazing tamales from a famous local food cart and a six pack of some Modelo Negra beer. It was so amazingly good and it was so nice to have a warm meal that someone else prepared!

I had one of the left overs for dinner tonight. I have three in my freezer and one more in the fridge. I will enjoy every one of them.

I woke up this morning and got the dogs out for a nice 5.5 mile walk before the rain started in this afternoon. We lucked out and stayed dry and had a really nice walk.

There were a lot more people out walking today than we usually see. it’s been a pretty rainy week and we’ve got a forecast for rain as far out as the forecasts go, so people really like to take advantage of a few dry hours.

Once I got home I decided to dive into a little project that I’ve wanted to sew up for a few weeks. I’ve been needing a little basket to hang on the closet door next to my desk for used tissues and old Post It notes. So I dug into Pinterest to find a pattern or tutorial that I liked that wasn’t too complicated.

Here’s the tutorial I followed. I used some of the leftover indigo batik from the quilt top I just finished and a very small quantity of my KFC scraps. I had to improvise the loop that would hang this on the closet door, but that was easy enough to do. And I actually hand sewed the inside of the binding on the top of this little bucket.

After dinner we had another little break in the rain so I took the boys and myself out for a quick two-mile walk. It was really nice out… warm and moist but we didn’t get rained on.

When we got home I hunkered down in the sewing room and assembled the first three rows of my scrappy 16 patch.

We’re going to have a very rainy sheep herding lesson tomorrow morning and then I’ll probably spend a good part of the rest of the day on the assembly of this quilt top.

I think I’ve decided on the final set of fabrics I’m going to use for my KFC blue 16-patch. So I’ll probably start cutting and pairing up some of these fabrics this weekend.

Here’s a black and white version of that photo to show the values better.

And… knowing myself… I’ll probably make a few of the blue blocks this weekend too because I’m getting anxious to see how these fabrics will play together. I’m getting a little excited to see how those little bits of color in the blue fabrics will pop!

I’m hoping for a much better year in 2021 than we just had… for all of us!

6 Replies to “Welcome 2021 — Some Small Productivity”

  1. Your boss delivered food? What a nice thing to do! My sewing plans for the week were changed as my neighbor in the apt. next to mine became ill (she’s 91) and I had to call 911 for her! Since then I’ve been bird-sitting and fielding questions from her friends in the bldg. where we live. It upset me enough that I couldn’t concentrate on sewing, but I did get some UFO blocks up on the design wall and I’ll attempt to get the blocks sewn together today. She’s coming home from the hospital today, so I’m calmed down now. Whew! Life goes on! Can’t wait to see the 16 patch from that wonderful collection of blue Kaffe’s!

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  2. Your blues look great! You have me inspired to make a blue quilt this month. Also on my list I need to start pairing up my next 16 patch group for my TV watching sewing. Mine will be warm colors and I’ll start with strips already cut and then start adding in new ones from the stash yardage.

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    1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with Wanda! And I’m happy to be able to inspire you after all the years of inspiration you’ve given me.

      I would love to do a more monochromatic batik version of a 16 patch but I’m pretty sure I don’t have the light tones I need. I love green… it’s my favorite color… and think I could easily pull it off if it wasn’t for my lack of light green batiks. I’ll have to dig into my stash and see if I’m right.

      I also have a big stack of 2.5 inch Aboriginal strips that a friend gave me that would be fun to look at for a 16 patch. I’m really not sure if there is enough value change in that stack, but I could certainly supplement with fabric from my stash.

      So many things I want to try. Maybe after this blue one I should do one of the scrappy trip quilts that I want to make…


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