Getting it Done on a Saturday

I had a very productive sewing session this evening!

I sewed two more rows of blocks on my KFC blue 16-patch quilt and sewed together the bottom four rows. So this quilt is 40% done. I should be able to get this completely assembled tomorrow.

Gah! I can’t get enough of these blue fabrics!

Here’s one full row on the ironing board.

I also finished up 38 of the scrappy batik 16-patch blocks and put them up on the design wall. I just wanted to see how they look together. This needs more blocks and some thought to how it’s laid out.

The duplicate of all these blocks are also sewn and ready to go up on the design wall once the rest of the 34 remaining blocks have been sewn.

This is going to be a fun quilt!

My sewing room has been overtaken by 16-patch quilts!

2 Replies to “Getting it Done on a Saturday”

  1. The 16-patch “blues” is just wonderful. Beyond words! A joy to behold! Do you think I like it? I’m going to look in my Kaffe stash and see if I have enough blues. Probably not – but what a good excuse to buy more!

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    1. I really had NO KFC blues to speak of. Blue is just not a color I’m drawn to. So I ordered quite a bit of KFC blues on line and now I have a bunch of it!!! Wondering what blue quilt to make next!


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