You Know, I Actually Like This

I wasn’t thrilled with this bag after I got the panels done, but now that it’s all done, I really like it.

I will make another one out of these fabrics. I have some ideas on a few things I want to do to make this better.

Have I said how much I love these little tags? Well, I do!

And here’s a look at the lining and the pocket. I made the pocket a little bigger and sewed a dividing seam down the middle.

I’m still amazing by the photos of Frankenbags I’m receiving from blog readers. I got this one today that was made by Andrea Segura Smith. She made the bag from blocks left over from a quilt.

I really like this one! And interestingly, I was just thinking earlier today about combining blues and yellows into a bag. Aren’t those striped sashings fantastic!

Here’s the other side of this one.

I just love how comfy and squishy this feels. That’s what I had in mind when I made my first one. And look at those indigos with that pretty yellow.

Here’s the lining.

And then I got some photos from Birthe Aust. She has been very busy! I warned her that she’s on a slippery slope of obsession if she keeps this up!

Here’s the first bag she made from KFC fabrics.

I love that she left that big print intact and combined it with those thin strips of crease. I love the vertical lines on this.

Here’s the back.

Again, I love that big print! I also love the purple and the little pops of turquoise!

Here’s the second bag Birthe made from Aboriginal fabrics.

I love that there’s so much blue in it!

Here’s the other side of this one.

More blue, with really wonderful pops of yellow and green! Love it.

Here’s the third bag she made from black and white fabrics. I just love this one. That wonky flying geese unit makes me smile… and I want to make one of those. It will be fun to draw my own paper piecing template for that part.

It’s all black and white except for this fun pop of color.

This is a really fun little take on the Frankenbag!

Thanks to everyone for sending photos. I’m really enjoying seeing what you’re all coming up with!

10 Replies to “You Know, I Actually Like This”

  1. Congratulations to Birthe on making such stunning Frankenbags! Give someone a new idea and look what happens! Thank you, Annie, for all the inspiration you’ve given us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, she made some really fun bags! I’m having so much fun seeing how others are making this bag their own! Interesting to see the different approaches and fabrics. I’m so glad I asked people to send photos.


    1. I do sell my bags but don’t have any available right now. I haven’t made any for a while. If you see something you like when I make something new message me to see if it’s available.



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