GAH! A Sweet Little Jade Lotus Leaf Box

I didn’t get much sewing done over the weekend, but I did finish covering this little wooden box with fabric. I think this is my favorite one yet.

That gorgeous fabric is Kaffe’s Lotus Leaf in Jade. Lotus Leaf is one of my favorite Kaffe designs and this color way is so pretty. And I love the pale yellow paint I used for this too. It’s just so sweet.

This box is similar in shape and size to a cigar box. I have no idea what I’ll do with it or how I would use it. It will probably end up being a gift at some point in time.

Here are more photos just because it’s so pretty!

This will be the last box I cover for awhile because it’s the last one I have. I think these are pretty but I don’t have a lot of desire to make more.

I’m trying to decide what to make next. I’ve been thinking about a red quilt for some time and have fabrics put aside.

I just keep waffling on a pattern. I’ve bought three patterns that I thought I would use for these fabrics, and then I lose enthusiasm pretty quickly. I’m sort of leaning toward making something up.

And I have to say… that photo does NOT do those fabrics justice. They are so gorgeous. Not dull as in this photo.

I have a couple of Frankenbags I want to make next. The first is a blue bag with fabrics left over from my blue KFC 16 patch quilt. This time without the orange. Just all different values of blue.

Then I want to make one out of all paper weight like the one I just used for my zipper placket tutorial. I’m a little indecisive on what fabric to use for the background for the quilted panels. I keep bouncing between these three color ways:

I think I’m leaning toward the first one, but may end up going with the green. I need to decide so I can get moving.

I haven’t posted any photos of blog readers’ Frankenbags for a week, so here’s some new ones.

This first one is from Paulette Aldrich. I love the reds and pinks. And look! A zipper placket. This was made prior to my tutorial and it looks like Paulette took a very similar approach to mine. I really like the zipper placket!

This next one was made by Katherine Perry from blocks left over from her Wanderer’s Wife quilt. The colors are really fun and springy. And I love the string piecing on the back of the bag. What a great use of left over quilt blocks.

Next up is this bag from Katherine Wingate. I just love those dark and saturated colors in the first photo. Those reds and green are soo good together. And I do love fling geese! And that big and bold black and white block on the second photo is so good!

The next bright one is from Sonnen Bunt. I love the bold and bright fabrics and diamond patterns! And so many fish and sea shells! And a little bit of octopus on the pocket. And look how roomy it is!

The next one tonight is from Rose Crooks. It doesn’t have a lining or handles yet but Rose was excited to share her work. I love the romantic feel of this bag and the soft colors with the bold black. It’s quite different from other bags readers have sent me. I love that people are being so creative and using up pieces from other projects!

These next two bags are from Sharon, who didn’t give me her last name. Here’s what she said about making these bags:

“I had so much fun & was determined not to buy new fabric & only use old blocks or fabrics from my stash. My circle pieces are left over bits from a bullseye quilt. These bags allow you to be really creative & just “go with the flow”, rather that stick to a particular pattern.”

I just LOVE that! It’s so fun to see people having fun being creative! That makes me feel so good. I also love these bags. The pretty deep jewel tones are so nice, and the graphic black and white is fabulous!

Thanks to everyone for the photos!

11 Replies to “GAH! A Sweet Little Jade Lotus Leaf Box”

    1. It’s one of my favorites too. the bag will be pretty much like the one on the zipper placket tutorial I posted last night, except a different main color. So instead of the blue, I’ll use a different color. I’ve been using that paperweight bag and I love it!


  1. I am really anxious to see how you are going to use paper weight since it is one of those fabrics I am drawn to in every color.


  2. Good morning from the UK!
    Love your pretty little boxes and Frakenbags and thought today’s readers bags were really inspiring. Some stunners!
    I may just have to bite the bullet and make some too… heaven knows I’ve enough orphan blocks and stash to make a dozen.
    Kind regards, Lindy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lindy; You should at least TRY one! I’ve made around 25 so far and haven’t yet made all that I want to! I keep coming up with new ideas.

      Thanks for reading!



  3. It’s wonderful and inspiring to see all the Frankenbags you and other sewers make. It’s kind of you, Anne, to encourage us to share our photos and our own enthusiasm.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m getting a lot of inspiration and ideas from what other people are making! It’s really fun to see people taking my basic construction and making it their own!!!


  4. You didn’t mention the different handles on some of the Frankenbags! The last bag caught my eye, wow! And the boxes are just lovely. I love the lotus leaf pattern too, the pastel color way is the backing for a quilt I’m quilting for my granddaughter right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVE the pastel lotus leaf!!! I’m also going to use the umber color way for the backing for a quilt I’m making for my guest room. Definitely one of my favorite Kaffe designs.

      And you’re right… some interesting handles on those bags. I just love the way people are doing their own thing with these bags. That’s so inspiring to me!!!


  5. The best thing I ever did was sign up for your emails, Agilejack! Your gorgeous projects are so inspiring that after I absorb all of them…I grab my coffee, head upstairs, and hang around with my Kaffe Fassett fabric! To say you inspire me is an understatement! Thank you so much…and keep those projects coming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Thanks for these amazing comments! It’s so much fun to share my love of beautiful fabric and creating with others! Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to comment!


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