More Snow and Some Finished Feathers

I woke up to another two inches of snow this morning. Then it didn’t snow again until this evening.

I took my boys for a walk this morning because my afternoon work schedule made a walk tough.

It was cold but beautiful. It didn’t get much above freezing today.

The snow started again around 7 pm. . . about the time I was heading out for a walk with my boys.

It’s so beautiful out there at night when it’s snowing. I can’t believe that other people don’t want to be out in it.

When I got home from our walk I putzed around the kitchen a little then decided to hit the sewing room and finish up the Ruffled Feathers blocks I started last night. I now have 9 blocks done. I need 20 for the quilt top. So nearly half way done.

I do love these fabrics together. I’m always surprised by how much purple is in there.

I call this my “secret purple” quilt.

I receved photos today of a Frankenbag that was made by someone I went to high school with! This bag was made by Linda Remund-Ivie. I just love her bright and vibrant colors. That fun cat panel is by Laurel Burch.I love the way it makes up the entire side of the bag. And that lining! It’s so pretty good!

It’s so funny to run across someone from high school and find out you share a love for KFC fabrics!

I have to be up early in the morning to do a little fundraising on the radio. Time to make the donuts!

10 Replies to “More Snow and Some Finished Feathers”

  1. I Jhabvala been following you fir a few weeks now and love your posts.
    Can you please tell me where to get the Frankenbag pattern? Also where can I get the pattern for the ruffled feathers quilt you are making?
    I have a lot of Kaffe fabrics that need to be used.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Good morning!!! I love all of your creations!! I have been collection all kinds of Kaffe material and I love it so much I find myself not wanting to cut it up!!! However, I do love the flying geese quilt you have pictured. Is this in your patterns to purchase?
    Thanks for all your inspiration!!
    Lorie Watson
    Erie, PA

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  3. I discovered your blog some time ago, and really look forward to reading it when you post. I also love your fabric choices, and the flying geese pattern you are making. I hope to make one of your Frankenbags in the holidays.
    Happy New Year from New Zealand!

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