OMG, I’m So Tired!

It’s finally Friday night. I’m completely exhausted after a really busy week. So, here’s a really quick post tonight.

I didn’t get as much done on this bag as I had wanted, but I was just too tired to do more.

I got the lining cut and fused and made the slip and zipper pockets. I also got the zipper placket made. I am not going to forget to add the zipper plackets to the lining before I sew it together! I’m NOT!

I also got the handles made and the bag body sewn together.

And the other side…

I have a sheep herding lesson with Rico tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day, and then we get rain on Sunday. I’ll probably take the boys for a nice run in a large park with a creek while we’re up in Vancouver tomorrow.

On Sunday I’m going to visit friend and see her baby chicks. I’ll pick up some of eggs, and we’ll get some take out for dinner.

that’s it for tonight. Here’s to a restful and interesting weekend!

8 Replies to “OMG, I’m So Tired!”

  1. Very inspiring! I soooo want to make one if your bags , just as soon as I’ve reduced the number of UFOs in my attic studio. Thank you.


  2. Post chick picx, please. What do the boys think of the chicks? Forget that carry-out. Nothing tastes better than fresh eggs in a great omlet!


  3. Don’t burn your candle at both ends Annie! The older you get, you’ll find you can’t cram as many activities into free time as you used to. My brain wants me to do lots of things every day, but my body just doesn’t have the energy to do all that. Let your body and your brain rest every so often. My to-do list just keeps getting longer.


  4. You know the old saying ”take a break., have a kitkat” have a real good rest …feet up, cuppa, watch old movies, fall asleep while watching….I do. Most afternoons, but I’m retired……❀️

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