A Little Indigo Entertainment

I worked until about 6:30 today. Grabbed some dinner and headed out for a walk. I was dreading a night at home alone so I called a friend and walked 4.5 miles as we talked. It’s been a particularly stressful period at work, and the next two weeks promise to be equally busy.

I walked four miles last night too. I finished work much earlier last night and just couldn’t stand the thought of all those hours at home. It was a great walk and we all slept really well.

But tonight, after our walk I put on some music and spent about a half hour working on a jigsaw puzzle.

Then I decided to see if I could find some hand dyed indigo scraps my dyeing friend gave me a few years ago. I decided I wanted to preserve my larger pieces of indigo fabric, except for a few fussy cut pieces for the bag I’m thinking of.

I really had no idea where that little ziploc bag of indigo scraps was. I had to look in quite a few places to find it, but I was eventually successful. It was in a plastic bin of fabric scraps in the bottom of the pile of bins under my cutting table.

I selected a small pile of pieces and started making some crumb blocks. Here’s a bunch of these pieces lined up on my sewing table ready to rip!

And why do I fine these little piles of fabric trimmings so satisfying?

This next photo gives you an idea of what the indigo crumb blocks will look like with the indigo colored batik background fabric.

I got a I little stack of crumb blocks done tonight. I’m not quite sure how I’ll incorporate them into this bag.

Here’s the best thing about our 4.5 mile walk tonight.

15 Replies to “A Little Indigo Entertainment”

    1. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I’ll have enough of the indigo fabrics left over to make another one if I want to tweak anything.

      Ilove a dog who sleeps on their back! Total relaxation!



    1. Yes. That would be a great long weekend. I was going to go a few weeks ago but it was so wet and they have several unsecured gardens. It would have been a weekend of dealing with muddy dogs. So I decided to wait until the weather is a little better. But, I can always just drive my own ass to the beach too. And we’re due for that!\


    1. It’s always fun to see a new idea come together. For me, the magic moment is really when I see the first panel quilted. Quilting really transforms a piece into something special!

      And yes on the walking. Can’t imagine not having that as something to do each evening.



  1. Iโ€™ve been crumb piecing with an Indigo line from Debbie Maki for Moda. Making a lap quilt for a friend to show my appreciation for something she did for my family. Love to share a photo but not sure how to.

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  2. Anne, love the indigo fabric and looking forward to seeing how you work with your collection. . Also love the โ€œhome sweet homeโ€ message your puppy is sending.

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  3. and on a slightly related subject: I unearthed 3 tiny Pound Puppies and about a metre of cute dog fabric… no idea what I had in mind when they were bagged together! (open to suggestions!!) Upon discovering forguttn this treasure, I promptly forgot what I had been searcing for…

    Congratulations, it is rare to see such a happy and tuckered out dog.

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