One More Day… Then LAMBS!!!

One more day of work then two days off to hang out with lambs! I can not wait!!!

In anticipation of two days off, work is very hectic. I have a lot to get done before I take off and a full day of meetings tomorrow.

I was cold in the house all day today. It got up to 60 degrees but it was cloudy all day. The air outside is thick with the smell of trees blooming. I walked by something tonight that was so incredible I had to stop and enjoy it. I’m pretty sure it was a Daphne. Their smell is so wonderful.

After a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up on bananas, yogurt and chocolate, I hit my sewing room and finished quilting the second panel of the bag I started a few days ago. Then I went ahead and sewed the bag body together.

I have to say that this is not my favorite bag that I’ve made. It feels flat and bland to me. I think it’s because all the fabrics are too similar. It’s not terrible, it’s just not terribly good. But I’ll withhold my final judgement until it’s done.

I managed to get the linings, pockets and zipper plackets cut and I applied the fusible interfacing.

Tomorrow night I’ll be ready to start constructing the lining and associated attachments and fiddly features.

Here’s the bag with that ugly batik on the back of the quilt sandwich.

It’s a good thing that once the bag is all done you completely forget that this crap is in there!

Here’s the bag with the lining and pocket fabric.

And a closer view so you can see it’s not completely terrible. Seeing the colors in the lining fabric help it make more sense with this bag.

Time for a Bender update. It’s been four weeks now since we increased his potassium bromide dose and I’m very happy to say that he hasn’t had a seizure since then. So his last seizures, the two in one day, were 4.5 weeks ago. This makes me very happy and I’m hopeful that this streak will continue.

The downside is that he’s still pretty wobbly from the meds. He stepped off our front porch the other night as we were starting our walk and totally biffed it. It seems like he may be just a little better today. It’s likely that he will adjust to this dosage of meds and he will become steady again. I’m keeping notes on how he looks every couple of days. I need to get him scheduled for a blood test to check the level of these meds in his blood. With his wobbliness in mind, I’m guessing the level will have gone up significantly.

These boys are much happier hanging out while I work when the weather is nice. They will snooze in the sun for hours on a nice day!

And a closer view because it makes me laugh…

He’s just sitting there.

22 Replies to “One More Day… Then LAMBS!!!”

  1. I love the one ear up and one ear down and like to imagine how soft and silky those ears are! Noticed your Jack Russell garden ornament. Such a nice reminder of your Forrest. The bag may not be your most colorful but the designs in the different fabrics flow together nicely. The blue slip pocket will add the pop you are famous for 🤗

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    1. I love Rico’s ears! A lot of border collie people have a big problem with his ears, but I think they are spectacular!

      And that garden ornament was painted by a friend using photos of Forrest. So it IS Forrest. And I love it.



  2. Before I read that you didn’t love last night’s bag-make, I was thinking how cool all those circles were. Maybe it will grow on you – or someone in your life. ❤️


    1. I will probably like it better when it’s all done. It just feels a little muddy, and I think because the fabrics are just too similar, so you don’t see the piecing and strips. It’s just not terribly dynamic, but that’s probably ok too.



    1. Haha! Never! Occasionally I’ll see one standing on the dog walk, but they never go out and just go over jumps and through tunnels! Agility really is a partnership… that’s where the fun comes in!!!


      1. I’m so confused! Do you have THREE faux grand kids and one is a human, two canine? And the dog and human have won a certificate together.



  3. I too think that blue fabric will “make” this bag better in your (or someone’s) eyes. Good to hear about Bender’s lack of seizures. My dog has to have blood work done every now and then to check med levels. She too was a bit dopey at first but seemed to even out eventually and it certainly is better than seizures. They were very upsetting for her and I. Can’t wait to see you and the boys with the lambs so I can live vicariously through you.

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  4. So happy to hear that Bender is doing ok on his new dose of meds. Such a sweet dog. And I have to laugh at Rico just sitting there with his ear up waiting for a command from you. You’re a lucky lady to live where you do and have two such wonderful companions.

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  5. So glad to hear your “pup” is doing better!
    I finally started my first Frankenbag! I have so many UFOs and more want-to-do projects, but I was at a stall on another bag waiting for an interfacing order, I decided to pull out some fabrics and small orphan blocks and get started. Front and back are pieced. 🙂 Pictures to follow when it’s finished.

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  6. Isn’t it funny…..different tastes but I really like that ‘crap’ orange that will be hidden once the lining goes in. I think it lifts the other colours but I also think the blue will give it extra zing.
    I certainly bow to your experience having just discovered your blog site where I eagerly look forward to seeing what you and the dogs are up to. We are a country of sheepdogs and sheep, they outnumber the human population in big numbers. We often hear the whistle when in the countryside. Also I really enjoy your country walks and scenery but overall I think I envy your energy.
    Keep up the enthusiasm and encouragement, I hope to make a bag soon.

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    1. Thanks for reading July. I typically love orange with blue, but that ugly batik is more of a sad salmon color. But my next bag will likely combine blue and orange… one of my readers inspired me!!!

      I spent today with a friend and her lambs. Blog post all about lambs and sheep coming up!



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