So Bored, But A Little Productivity

I’m already bored. I took another COVID test last night and I’m still positive. So my isolation continues. I’ll take another test tomorrow but I’m guessing it will be positive as well.

I feel like I’m almost back to normal. I’m at that thick mucus stage. I won’t go into detail.

When I went to bed last night I decided to not set an alarm. I wanted to let my body decide what time to get up. Well, my body said it needed some sleep. I didn’t get up until 10:30. It was so late that instead of having breakfast, I had left over spaghetti! And I liked it!

I didn’t do much all day. I had wanted to start on another Frankenbag that will be for a gift and was going to make another indigo batik and KFC scrap combo.

I just love this bag! I had originally purchased those indigo batiks intending to combine them with yellow KFC prints for a quilt and just never got around to it. They are so fabulous combined with these left over strip tube pieces from my KFC trip quilt.

When I was thinking about it, it hit me that it might be interesting to combine these bright scraps with some blue aboriginal fabrics, so I pulled out my strip sets and started cutting.

I got the pieces of scraps put together and tossed them up on my design wall and started trying things out.

I liked the initial look of it so I decided to go ahead and do it and see how it worked.

Once I got the elements of the panel made I decided to try some contrasting color to see how I liked it. First I tried some yellow Aboriginal fabric. I liked it but I didn’t love it. It just felt a little too stark. Too much contrast.

So I checked the pile of recently used fabrics on my cutting table and had a eureka moment! This color way of Brandon Mably’s pods did the trick for me!

So, why do I like this one better than the yellow Aboriginal fabric? First, I think because it’s darker so it doesn’t stand out as much. Plus, the orange just feels better with the blues than the yellow does. I also like the variation in the design. The yellow almost reads like a solid. This fabric has more color and movement. And last, I love the pops of blue in this — it helps it make more sense and play along better with the blue Aboriginal design.

So I went about executing this combo in the first bag panel, and I love it!

I had enough time to finish up the second panel as well.

I plan on getting this all quilted and getting the bag body constructed tomorrow.

I had a few minutes earlier in the day and decided to make some zipper pulls so I would have them on hand when I finished some upcoming bags. So I dug out some brown faux leather strips that matches my tags and got to cutting, tying and pulling.

I’m not sure but it looks like I made around 20 of them. So that will be enough for ten bags. I put the finished pulls in the little drawstring bag that my first order of tags came in.

My big priority for tomorrow is voting. Oregon is all vote by mail and I’ve had my ballot for a week or so, plus all my official voter information booklets. So I will probably get that done as I eat my breakfast. It’s a great way to vote! I can do research on candidates and issues as I fill out my ballot. It’s so civilized! I’m in a new Congressional district that Oregon gained with the 2020 Census, and there are a LOT of candidates running for that seat. I’ve been getting an insane amount of political candidate mail every day for the last month or so. I have a lot of research to do.

Bender and Rico were very good dogs today. They spent nearly the entire day outside and just hung out like pros. I did go out and toss the ball for them a few times. That was really their only form of entertainment and exercise today.

They did lose a little patience with me after I finished sewing this evening. Rico had had it by that time!

And then, because he’s such a good boy, everything was fine.

A friend of mine went to the coast today and I’m really envious. Before I got sick we had planned to go together with our many combined dogs. I still have some hope that I may be able to go later this week. I haven’t given up yet,

23 Replies to “So Bored, But A Little Productivity”

  1. Hi Agile Jack- Love all your posts and sewing projects and “critter” family. Very sorry you still have COVID – try Vit D3 pill and an iron pill a day and see if that helps. Many prayers for a speedier recovery from Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  2. I came down with covid recently too and was happy to learn that current guidance does not advocate retesting prior to resuming normal life. Counting from onset of symptoms, Five days of isolation plus five days of mask wearing is considered sufficient. (The rule used to be ten days isolation after first symptoms.) I guess they got tired of everybody staying away from work for ten days! Maybe you can go have fun sooner than you think😎. I gather that people can test positive long after they are contagious, especially with PCR.

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    1. Yup. A very qualified friend of mine provided some good info today. the tests also read dead virus, so I’ll continue to test positive for some time. I’m going to be careful and stay pretty isolated this week, except I think i’ll be ok to make a trip to the coast at the end of the week.


  3. I had to laugh when I read the boys “stages of covid” tolerance. I realized I raised a bunch of couch potatoes. My cats and dog, other than demanding their feeding and toileting schedules be adhered to, were perfectly content to snuggle up and “be sick” with me as much as possible. To the point I swore they were going to have bedsores! Lol.
    I had mine early on, before vaccines and drugs, so I can’t speak on current guidance. My gut advice is to not rush it. Take it easy until you genuinely feel your endurance level is back to normal.

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    1. Yeah. I’m thinking the ten or 11 day mark is a good one to go for. but I think I’ll be ok to head to the beach at the end of the week as I can stay completely away from people there. I can pop on a mask on the trail or in the parking lot.


  4. When I had the visitor earlier this year my doc told me after 5 days you are no longer spreading. I tested positive for a couple months after the onset. You should be fine going to the coast. Don’t waist your money on more tests!

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    1. A friend of mine who is an epidemiologist told me today that you will continue to test positive for some time as the tests also read the dead virus. So there is no need to keep testing. Good to know!



  5. Is it just me? Or is this sounding like young girls talking about getting their periods? Covid really is a curse! Just an observation.
    I don’t have the kind of property you have, but I do have space between mine and my neighbors homes. Even at its worst I was able to go outside and sit in the driveway. Just to see houses and cars, feel the sun and wind. When it was airborne, that option wasn’t available of course. But thank God it was when it was! Saved me from going stark raving mad!

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    1. Yes! I’m really happy to have a large yard to get to be outside. I have worn my mask to go to the mail box every day… just in case I run into someone walking by. I’m being really careful.

      there is something freeing about having Covid… now I don’t have the stress of maintaining my status of being Covid-free. It’s kind of nice to have that monkey off my back!



    1. Yeah, a friend of mine who is an epidemiologist said that the tests just look for virus… not whether it’s alive or dead. So dead virus will produce a positive test…. probably for a little more time. So no need to test. Maybe I’ll test again in a month out of curiosity.

      Thanks for reading!



  6. Rico is a very photogenic camera ham!
    Love your new creation. I had to buy a new cell phone today – 4 yrs is about all I could get out of the old one. Now a learning curve. New bells and whistles. The beach sounds like a nice getaway! Oh crap – where are my emojies

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    1. I wondered why my blog thought it didn’t know you. I had to approve your comment and that only happens with people who are commenting for the first time. I’m glad you made your way back!


  7. Hi Anne.
    I’m interested in your comment about contracting covid being somehow freeing. I’m 76 and still have the fear of getting it even though I’m vaxxed and boosted once. I keep to myself mostly still but would like to be free of wondering…….will I get covid.
    I’m so glad you feel well enough to post on your blog. It’s a lifeline for me while my injured hand heals.
    Take care of yourself! Sending healing vibes 💐

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    1. Interesting how I no longer have to worry about getting Covid because I’ve had it. It’s a really interesting psychological thing going on here. I want to talk to others who have had it recently and see if they have the same sense.

      Sending positive vibes for fast and complete healing for your hand!



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