Scrappy Blues and Thinking About Paper

I’m not being terribly productive as I fritter away my vacation in isolation. I did play ball with the dogs three times today. They thought that was exciting. Oh, and I planted my tomato plants. That took all of ten minutes.

And while I was at it I fertilized all the pots on my patio (there are a lot!) and removed some old twinkle lights from the fence. It’s all looking so good!

I did get my primary ballot filled out and dropped off this afternoon. So that’s something I accomplished.

I did pull off a little productivity today and sandwiched and quilted the bag panels I made yesterday. And I got the outer bag constructed.

I have to say that orange strip was a good decision!

And now I’m at a bit of a standstill. I can’t decide what to use for the lining. I tried some different options. Started off with some blues and greens.

There were a couple of these I liked but I didn’t LOVE any of them. So I switched to something that I think is much more exciting…

There are some really good options in there, but I know where I have to go with this…

It’s so perfect! The only problem is that I don’t have enough of it! So I will order some and wait until it arrives to finish this bag. it will be worth the wait. I had actually started a fabric order last week that included some of this and I never completed it. Now I’ll have to go back and wrap it up.

Here’s some eye candy!

I’ve been thinking about a new project and my mind keeps going to paper piecing. So I dug into my pile of templates this evening and found some that I was afraid I had lost.

One that I was especially happy to find in that pile is a nice little leaf that I made into a couple of different zipper pouches. I would love to incorporate one of these into a Frankenbag.

Another one I was really happy I still had was Scrappy Mountains that I made into a zipper pouch.

I’d have to do some design wizardry to figure out how to build that rectangular block into a Frankenbag. But it will be fun to try.

I’m thinking I might start off tomorrow morning by making the backing for this quilt top.

Now that I have my new bed I’m getting itchy to have one of my quilts finished and on display!

16 Replies to “Scrappy Blues and Thinking About Paper”

  1. Hi Anne. The lining you chose is definitely the right one. Not being too matchy-matchy it echoes the one vertical strip. I’ve not done much paper piecing and sure love the snowy mountains scene on the pouch you made. The sky fabric is so starry-perfect!

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    1. I just love those mountains! They remind me of the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City… and I really miss those mountains! So this is a nice little way to celebrate them!


  2. still stinging for your loss of anticipated vacation as you continue your isolation, but love reading about your altered time. Loving the selection for the interior bag, too. Vacilating between smaller scale to match outside, or going BIG scale for fun surprise every time I open the bag. hhhhmm.

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    1. Isn’t that fun! I’ve seen some really cool quilts made with that template. And the pattern has tons of variations and sizes. it was a good purchase!


  3. Paper piecing? How did that pop into your mind? I learned that technique from none other than Carol Doak. She’s a great teacher! I even had the honor of making a piece that is in one of her early books. It’s definitely a learnable technique. Can’t wait to see how you incorporate paper piecing into your Frankenbags.

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    1. I have a friend who is an accomplished paper piecer and she invited me up to her place several years ago and spent a Saturday teaching me how to paper piece. She gave me skills that have served me for years! It was so generous of her!


  4. Hi Anne! I love the orange. Lately I have been using orange a lot. I am getting ready to paint my front door flamingo orange. Thanks for sharing all your post

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  5. I LOVE the mountain bag, so pretty! I need to try some paper piecing, I follow a gal on Tik Tok that sells them. They are always so cute.

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