Vacation Baby!

I’m officially on vacation. Two-and-a-half glorious weeks off coming up!

Work has been crazy this last week because of getting ready to head out of the office, and when that’s happening, more people need my time. So I’ve been working long hours and haven’t had much time to do much else. I’m really looking forward to vacation. A friend of mine who I haven’t seen since before the pandemic hit is flying in to stay for the entire time. We have catching up to do!

I finally got some time today to hit my sewing room and finish up this little shoulder bag.

It’s nearly identical to the one I made last week. The outer orange fabric is just a little lighter. But it still looks good with that lining.

This bag plus two others will be going to a friend in California.

I walked over to a friend’s place on Friday to pick up some of their tomatoes. They have an impressive crop!

compare that to my little gems.

Mine are really good but it’s hard to make a BLT out of dime-size tomatoes.

Look how incredible this plant is! The main stalk is at least an inch in diameter.

I’ve really been enjoying my Rose of Sharon. It had several blooms on it in last spring, and it’s blooming again.. but this time it’s really going to town!

It’s covered in these blooms already and there are a bunch starting to open.

And this thing is covered in buds that aren’t anywhere near opening yet.

There are clusters of buds like that all over this plant. It’s pretty amazing.

The boys have been pretty bored with my work schedule the last week. Bender fell asleep in this position with a toy in his mouth!

This was Rico right after I asked him if he wanted to go outside and play Frisbee.

I’m thinking the answer was yes!

Since it’s Sunday, it’s Frankenbag time. This first one was made by Elaine Samborski. I love the color and that huge cabbage bloom! The black and white is so good!

Thisnext one was made by Marion Wolf. She’s made other Frankenbags. This one is for her personal use. I just love the dark fabrics with the pop of color in the lining. The decorative stitching on the handle is a nice detail.

Next up is a whole bunch of bags made by Sandee Henricks. She’s really been busy! Great fabrics, very nicely made, and a riot of color! Nice work Sandee!

My friend and I are going to do some sewing related things while she’s here. First, she’s going to help me figure out where to put all the piles of fabric in my sewing room. Then we’ll make a trip to my long arm quilter to get some of her quilts started. She shipped three of them to me this week. I’ll take in one or two of my own quilts while we’re there.

One more day of getting my house ready for company and then adventure will begin.

32 Replies to “Vacation Baby!”

  1. Good morning Ann.
    Have a well deserved break and enjoy hanging out with your sewing buddy.
    Lovely bags from everyone, I’ve finally made a start on the crumb piecing for my first one- it’ll take me a while to complete C but I’m pleased to have started.
    Kind regards from the United Kingdom,

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  2. So happy for you, love your posts ! And I made my first Franken bag , won’t be my last ! Hope you and your friend have a wonderful time ! Keep the posts and pics coming

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  3. Hi Ann
    Enjoy your vacation with your friend
    Wednesday me and my husband are going to Alsace France 🇫🇷-quilt festival in a town named Saint-Marie Aux Mine
    Bye bye

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  4. I always enjoy your posts. I find them very encouraging and light. I am not a bag maker, I have made bags but don’t seem to enjoy the process, but your posts encourage me to just do it! I will gather the materials I need and make it my project when the cool fall weather arrives. Thank you and enjoy your vacation! Doreen Sherk

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  5. Ooh lala! I love your orange shoulder bag! More beautiful artistic Frankenbags from your readers as well 💕. Enjoy your vacation with your sewing friend- that is super special. Let us know if you make a pickle baller out of her 😄. Love your rose of Sharon- you certainly have a green thumb. Thanks for the pics of Bender and Rico – they will be so happy for your vacation too!

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  6. I loved the Rose of Sharon too when I first had it. My Rose of Sharon took over the whole side of the house, over 100 bushes by the time I had the front loader come in and dig them out. If you pull out all of the new sprouts as soon as they are about 10″ tall they pull out easily and if you are persistent you can keep ahead of them spreading. The funny part is that the first 3 or 4 years I didn’t see any spreading and then it was like an explosion of new bushes.
    Enjoy your vacation! We will need a photo of the newly straightened up studio,

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    1. Holy cow! Thanks for the info. I’ll have to stay on top of it so it doesn’t go too crazy. It’s gorgeous but I don’t want them all over the place!

      I will share photos when my studio is clean and neat! It probably won’t last long!



  7. Can you ask Sandee the name of the fabric line and where she found the large kind of abstract floral in the 3rd set of bags? I have tried looking for that fabric with no success. Thanks SEW much! Kathy whitmore

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  8. I love your other orange bag. Thank you for all your posts–I so enjoy them. Everyone’s bags are gorgeous. I finally got to do some sewing–I have made 5 of them, they are just lacking the closing snap, so I will send pictures soon. Enjoy your friend and your vacation. Looking forward to your next post. Toodleloo!

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