Tired But Somewhat Productive

I didn’t get a ton of stuff done this weekend but I’m still totally wiped out tonight. Probably because I went and played pickleball this morning from 9 am to almost 12:30! And my body is feeling it tonight!

Yesterday I took Rico to his weekly sheep herding lesson and we worked on shedding again. We had a really good lesson. After our lesson I met my friend at the field with the creek to let the dogs run. Rico love’s my friend’s dog Jolene. He thinks she’s very cute and she tolerates his attention.

When I left in the morning I had seen a sign for an estate sale near my house. I just LOVE estate sales so made a point of stopping by this one on the way home and I’m really glad I did! I found a bunch of wool fabric and I think most of it is actually Pendleton wool. I got 13 yards for $39!!! This is such a steal! I’ve coveted Pendleton wool for some time but could never make myself pay the high per yard price. Here’s what I got.

It’s a big stack nearly 13 inches high! I’m not sure what I’m going to make out of this wool but I have wanted to make some wool bags. I’ll have to look at examples and see what I want to do.

When we got home I hurried and took the dogs for a more substantial walk, partly for MY exercise. We had to stop for a photo op.

And later on the same walk Bender thought better of messing with this cat.

After pickleball this morning I came home and gave Bender and Rico baths. They were both pretty disgusting and needed baths really badly. They both smell so good tonight.

After dinner I took the boys for our evening walk and then hit my sewing room and finished up this bright green bucket bag.

That lining is fun with this brighter green.

More frankenbags tonight. Let’s get moving!

These first two were made by Cheryl Sjoblad as part of a quilt guild challenge. I love all those bright colors with the black and white. And the rivets she added are really a fun touch.

Next up is this bag from MzzzMa on instragram. She said this bag turned out bright. Well, she’s got that right! I love those diagonal lines and the pops of yellow are tremendous!

This next bag was made by Karen Trude. I just love the black and white checkerboard fabric at the top — and lots of graphic black and white everywhere! And who doesn’t feel happier looking at polka dots? and I have to admit that I kind of have a thing for flying geese.

This next bag was made by Cindy Clark. She mad the bag smaller than my tutorial instructs. I love the dark Australian Aboriginal fabrics she used and a smaller version is a great idea! This is the 12th Frankenbag she’s made!

Next are these bags from Sandee Henricks. She’s really been busy. There’s Christmas everywhere! I love that great big poinsettia block and I love that she’s using up those orphan blocks.

Next up are this bag made by Andrea Cline. I love that big old NY Beauty lock and the bright colors on the other side of the bag are so good! And look.. black and white AND polka dogs for this lining!

Andrea also sent photos of the students from a summer camp she taught and their bags. They started with some crumb piecing and used a pattern called Mod Dog from Modern Quilt studio. Take a look at this bag made by a student. I just love it and had been thinking about incorporating this block at some point.

Here’s the class showing off their Frankenbags!

That class looks like a blast!

Another week of work and I’ll be on vacation. I really need some time off. A friend of mine is coming to visit for two weeks! I haven’t seen her since before the pandemic hit. I’m really looking forward to seeing her and to having some time off.

29 Replies to “Tired But Somewhat Productive”

  1. Lots of great photo’s – the bags, the kids, Rico & Bender sat on the logs – thanks for sharing them all 🙂 Oh, and I just remembered – the purple wool – so gorgeous!

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  2. Love the bags and tutorials!!
    Is your Bucket Bag the same pattern that you use on the Frankenbags?
    I see a single strap , is that the only difference?
    Thank you,
    Mari J

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    1. They are not the same bags. They are close in size and in size of gussets. The frankenbags have batting and are quilted. They have much more structure than these bags I’m making recently. They also have a couple of pockets and most now have a zipper placket at the top.



  3. I’m loving your Monday blog!

    Very fun to see what others make too. Had to comment on your love for Estate sales! ME Too!! You totally won on the wool!!

    The next town over has a Lutheran church who had been given a sizeable amount of quilting fabric and so they had a benefit sale. $2-3.00 a pound/ and fat qtrs for .50 each. SCORE. :)). I had fun.

    Here’s my new stash. The jelly roll is fabrics from 1934. $15 Same for the Christmas bundle of fat qtrs. Inspired me to revamp my fabric cupboard. Can’t wait to create!

    Nancy Port Ludlow, Wa

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    1. Hi Nancy,
      I just had to say hi – I noticed you live in Port Ludlow. One of my very favorite places as I grew up in Bellevue, WA. Every Memorial weekend we would take the boat to our Meydenbauer yacht club out station! I hope it’s still there! Enjoy the beauty of that fun town❤️. I am stuck in San Antonio for now 🙃


  4. Love your inspiration and blog. Just a word to the wise -when you buy wall at an estate sale the best thing to do is NOT bring it in the house right away. seal it up in a plastic bag and leave it out in the blazing hot sun for a few days to kill any moths or any eggs that might be hidden in it. It is the last thing you want to add to your sewing room
    Can’t wait to see what you create with it

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  5. Oh, I remember Miss Jolene! So sweet Rico has a crush, what about Bender? I’m guessing they are all fixed but just thinking how sweet their puppies would be 🤭! The bags are so cool and especially the girls class, I love that pattern and the cool cat one she sells. ❤️

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  6. Hello, I started following you yesterday after seeing your Crumbs quilt. I have never followed a blog before! I think you said that you have instructions on how to make a crumb square in you blog but I don’t know how to find that! Please may you let me know what I have to do? We had a border collie/ german shepherd mix who lived to 16 – Daisy – the most patient gentle dog I have ever known. You are very lucky. Kind regards Susan

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  7. I love all those pictures of Rico and Bender ❤️ and Rico posed for you 😄.
    As everyone said: Wow! That wool was a super find! More beautiful art bags from your readers💕. That was a lot of pickle ball in one morning. I guess that means you are hooked on it!
    Thanks for sharing all the fun 😊.

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  8. Let me echo everyone else’s comments on your great deal on the wool! Holy smokes, what a find!!! Love the Boys on the logs.
    Jolene looks so much like my Nessa! I mean, they could almost be twins. Same prick ears, same broad stance, almost the same white legs. And that cute crooked blaze down her face. Nessa’s comes down her face, and then veers off to the left side, leaving the whole right side of her nose black. Her 15th bday is September 8. We are going out for puppy cones at Dairy Queen to celebrate!
    Fantastic bags as always. I’m going to have to try a Frankenbag sometime soon.

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  9. How wonderful seeing those kiddos! And lovin’ on those pups! We are down to 1 from 4. We have fostered for our shelter, “Sammie’s Friends” here in Grass Valley. Hard to give them up and hard not to bring something home.

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  10. Well Hello from Virginia! I’m new to your blog but I ran into some of your beautiful bags! I decided to fall in love with making some bags to use up some of the scraps I had left over from a first time KF quilt I made. I have made 2 bags and it blows my mind how fast I perceive you making these. It takes me 3-4 days to make one! Anyway, I’m attaching pictures of the one I just made my sister for her birthday. I could get addicted and then I would feel better about having so much fabric!!!thank you for sharing such an inspirational pattern!

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