Boredom Finally Spurs a New Project

I’m happy to report that my friend had another negative Covid test this morning. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that we’re getting a little stir crazy just hanging around in my back yard. We did go for a walk this morning after breakfast. Then I had a call I needed to sit in on. After that we hightailed it to a local fabric store to shop for some binding for one of the many (five, I think) quilts and quilt backs she brought with her to drop off with my long arm quilter. She just needed to figure out a binding for this Australian Aboriginal fabric quilt. She had brought that pale yellow fabric on the left, but I thought it was really blah. The fabric on the right is the backing.

So we played with some brighter yellow, red and orange Aboriginal fabrics and none of them worked. The woman at the quilt store pulled out Brandon Mably’s Crease in black and white and it’s perfect!

And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that piece of Crease is the ONLY piece of fabric that the two of us purchased today! That’s NEVER happened before!

Oh, and I used this bucket bag I made a few weeks ago to carry my friend’s quilt pieces to the store and it was absolutely perfect!!!

After we got home I was telling my friend about a packet of red KFC fabrics that I’ve had in my sewing room for at least a couple of years… just sitting there as I waffle back and forth about what quilt to make with them. I had kept a couple different patterns in mind… everything using a lovely solid purple as an accent fabric. But I could just never pull the trigger and get started. One was called Bold Proposition (I even purchased this book) and the other is called Cranberry Chutney.

But a month or so ago I saw this pattern and fell in love with it and thought it would be perfect for my red KFC fabrics with the purple solid.

The pattern is Fractured by Exclusively Annie’s. You can find the pattern for sale here.

My friend thought it was a great idea so we pulled my ironing board and iron out onto the patio and I brought out my cutting board, rotary cutter and rulers. But before we got started we had to pare down the red KFC fabrics I had selected. I had nearly 20 different half yards set aside for a red quilt, and we pared it down to 10 fabrics. I calculated that I would need 40 blocks for the size quilt I want, and that meant that ten half yards was nearly perfect. There was just a little waste in each piece. Good thing I have some ideas on what to do with scraps.

Then we dug in. My friend pressed and applied Best Press to each piece of fabric, and I did the cutting.

The pieces of fabric for the blocks are huge! Then you sub cut each piece and sew in the solid color strips.

Here’s all ten fabrics cut into their big blocks and stacked up. There are four big blocks out of each fabric.

Good lord, that’s a lot of gorgeous color!

And here they are with the solid purple that will be used for the strips… well, maybe.

I purchased that purple fabric some time ago as part of my plan for these red fabrics. Unfortunately, the two yards that I thought would be enough, won’t be enough for this project. So I’m going to have to go to plan B. So, tomorrow my friend and I will visit a local quilt store that has a good selection of shot cottons. I’m hoping they have the perfect color of purple for this!

And here’s some photos just because these fabrics are so freaking gorgeous!

I’m a bit disappointed that I don’t have enough of that purple fabric. I’m really ready to dig in and get sewing. And with my friend here to do all the pressing, we could whip through these blocks really fast. Maybe we’ll be lucky and find the perfect shot cotton tomorrow.

My dogs are loving having my friend and I out in the back yard with them all day. Bender was entertaining us after dinner tonight by flipping his torn up frisbee in the air.

They’re both exhausted tonight. It’s nice to see them so completely worn out at the end of the day.

30 Replies to “Boredom Finally Spurs a New Project”

  1. Here’s to hoping your friend continues to have negative Covid tests. Your red quilt is going to be gorgeous just like the other quilts you’ve made. You have a wonderful eye for color and design. Good luck on your hunt for purple fabric!

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  2. I am LOVING everything about this post. The friend time, the negative test, the outside work space set up, the teamwork, the new project, the FABRIC!!!!!!!!!, awesome sauce!!

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  3. I’m impressed with your control at the quilt shop. Especially since the new Kaffee is starting to show up! Love the new quilt colors. I just finished a similar color pallet quilt and used a dark purple aboriginal dot as my purple. Also I have to thank you for getting me hooked on crumb piecing. It’s very addicting and soothing. It’s like I want to make more stuff so I can generate scraps!!!

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  4. I love getting these posts in my email! You are the MOST inspiring sewer I have ever seen. I’ve used your ideas in so many sewing projects of my own.
    Thank you!

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  5. Oh, wow 😮 those are beautiful reds! So since you are using half of them you guys could do all of them and each have a quilt made together from her visit, a nice remembrance. That purple is so right, hopefully you find more. Hugs to the boys, you are so lucky to have them ❤️

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  6. Sending positive vibes for more negative tests! How long does she have to test negative before you can celebrate? You are an inspiration! Making the best out of the situation! Kudos to you both ❤️. I love all those KF reds and the purple – so eye appealing. Maybe if you can’t find exact purple – could you alternate different stripe colors or would that be way too wonky? I am guessing that purple keeps the reds grounded and gives the eye a place to rest? I hope some day I can find a sewing friend willing to hang out and spritz and press 😄. You have a fabulous friend ❤️. Hugs to Bener and Rico 🤗🤗🤗

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    1. She has her hotel reserved to check out on Sunday. So that’s our plan. If she tests negative tomorrow and Sunday, we’re in the clear. I think it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a positive test now. But it’s good to be safe.

      I think you’re right about the purple strips. They do give the eye something to rest on. So it will be a little less chaotic than if it was done without the strips.


  7. Looks like you’ve got some great teamwork going on your patio. Nice that you can work outside. Can’t wait to see what this new project looks like – big pieces for a change. I’m on the verge of starting a big piece project also – a design from Lea Louise that I found on YouTube. J have some newfound energy for sewing and I want to take advantage of it while it lasts. Have a wonderful time with your friend!

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  8. Your quilt fabric is wonderful….but the suspense of a finished quilt…I hope your shopping is a success…having a friend to help is priceless….what a great vacation!

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  9. Wow, I missed so many of your posts. I have lots of catching up to do. Brandon Malby’s Crease is Perfect for the binding! I love it. I hope your friend tests Negative for Covid so that you both can have loads of fun together during your vacation. I really needed some eye candy this morning. Your fabrics are always feast for the eyes. I love the KFC bright colors, Reds and Oranges. Missed seeing Bender and Rico. Starting my third FrankenBag today!

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