A Fine Mess I’ve Gotten Myself Into

After our evening walk I hit my sewing room to finish up the sashing pieces on my Jumble Starburst quilt top and have run into some interesting challenges.

I think the challenges may be due to the fact that I added the sashing to the wrong sides of the blocks. But I’m not positive of it.

I had intended to add the sashing pieces to the two top edges of each block, like this.

But when I started adding the sashing pieces to the blocks, I mistakenly added the one to the lower left first and added it to all 26 blocks before I realized what I had done. So I just added the second sashing piece along side it, not anticipating the issues it may cause.

I’m not completely positive that this is what’s causing my issues, but I’m pretty sure it is.

So, here’s what’s happening. Basically, the sashing pieces aren’t lining up from block to block. The way they’re applied means that the blocks will essentially have to overlap.

It’s not an insurmountable problem. It just means that there’s really only one way to put the blocks together in rows. And it’s going to be an issue in all four corners. It just means that I can’t assemble the entire quilt top row by row.

It looks like I’m going to have to put it together in five quadrants. One for each corner, and then a large square in the middle. This picture shows how the two upper corners will be put together as a piece, with the main quilt body below them.

God only knows what’s going on in that lower right section. I still haven’t figured that out. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to remove the sashing pieces from some blocks and add them to the adjacent blocks to make it all work.

Hmmm. Maybe that lower right corner needs to be bigger than the other corners. Maybe that will solve the confusing issues down there.

My brain hurts from trying to figure this all out. I’m going to look at it tomorrow when I’m a little fresher.

And now I’m thinking the issue might be because my sashing method that works really well for square set blocks just might not work so well for blocks on point. I might actually draw some sketches to see if on point is the issue.

I do think it’s likely that I can start putting the quadrants together tomorrow night. As long as my brain has stopped hurting.

We had a nice variety of weather today. While I was in a meeting this afternoon a huge hail storm raged for about 10 minutes. The entire yard was turned white.

And five minutes after it ended, the sun came out.

I spent the rest of the meeting listening to Bender snore as he slept in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

I noticed my daffodils when I got home from our walk this evening. I think they’ve grown two inches since our snow storm last week!

When I accepted my current job and made the decision to move to Portland, I first looked at my house and made an offer around the end of February. The daffodils were in full bloom at that time. So they’re pretty late this year! They’d better get moving!

29 Replies to “A Fine Mess I’ve Gotten Myself Into”

    1. Wanda from Exuberant color said that on point blocks with sashing are more of a challenge. So now I an stop worrying about WHY this happened and start figuring out how to put this together.

      I am going to check Youtube and see if I can find some tutorials on this.



  1. I hate when that happens. You think you’ve got it and the pixies do something to spoil the fun. “A Little Mindless Sewing” may have been a jynx. For me, a no brainer, ends ups being a no brain–errrr. It happens to us all. You’ll figure it out and it will be a lightbulb moment.

    My daffodils are ~ 4″ with buds developing on them! My volunteer snowdrops are in bloom. The trees are just starting to bud and people have the maple sugar buckets up. Spring is coming, even if it snows…

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    1. yeah. I’m probably paying the price for being so bold about this going together quickly and easily!

      I saw a memory on Facebook today from last year and we’re waaaaay behind where we were a year ago. My forsythia was starting to bloom last year, daffs were just opening up. We’re weeks away from that!



  2. Looks right to me… what you’re thinking about the bottom right corner. That was apparent when I looked at it and more than likely will be even more so to you after a good night’s sleep 💤.
    I sew blocks on point in quadrants, as you have, because those sizes are easily to handle in the space I have for sewing. I just have to remember to identify the pieces well and not have those tags get lost!!!!

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  3. You’re good to go! You’ve just confused yourself cuz you’re tired.
    You’ve got all the right blocks, just slide them together as you have them! The sections will fit right together! You always have odd numbers of blocks in each row in an on point quilt.

    Leave everything as is and work from the bottom right up and you’ll see it clear as day. The only off looking bit is that 3 sided dashed block. It’s not wrong, but it might be easier to sash that edge if you remove it (the right sashing piece from that block). Up to you tho … More than one way to do things.I

    I just love your work.


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    1. It’s not the odd number of blocks, it’s the way the sashing pieces don’t all meet in the same place. So blocks overlap the blocks in the adjacent row.

      I’ll get it figured out. It will just take some time and thought.



  4. I also had a devil of a time making a king size quilt that I designed myself. It was on point and I had to lay it on the floor to see it. I finally figured out the sashing around each block but it took me a few minutes. I love looking at dogs sleeping in the sun, heck, I just love animals.

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    1. Yeah. I think the sashing on the on point blocks create specific challenges. I’ll get it figured out… eventually!

      I love dogs sleeping in the sun too!



  5. You did another quilt on point recently using the red lilies or some ing and remember how you had to add your setting triangles to each row! Then you can sew them in long diagonal rows, the lower right needs a sashing piece on that lower right side with a corner setting triangle.

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    1. the issue isn’t the triangles, it’s the sashing. the blocks basically aren’t all the same size because some have more sashing on them, depending on where they are in the quilt top. It’s a puzzle!

      It just means that I have to figure out how to break it down into sections that work, then sew those sections together.



    1. It’s more than just the missing sashing strips. The blocks go together oddly because of the sashing. It will take a little figuring out before I start sewing it all together.



  6. Hi Anne, I see that the sashing method kind of threw things out. There’s another way you can fix it, a little extra work, but they’ll work out.

    Instead of using Jack, use your rotary cutter to slice away the Jumble at the 1/4 inch seam on the left of the blocks, so that the raw edges of the strips show again. Then cut new Jumble strips to go on the right, as if you were adding the last two strips to the existing block. Square the new blocks to whatever they become, it doesn’t have to be an acceptable measurement as long as they’re all the same. They’re probably a half inch smaller.

    Been there, done that! Thea (Taya)

    Sent from my iPhone


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    1. I don’t think that will fix the issue. I think it will just move the issue to a different place on the quilt top!

      I’ve almost figured out how to put this together that means I can use my blocks as they are. It’s just going to take a little planning.



  7. Interesting to read about the glitchy stuff that happens when putting blocks together, especially on-point blocks! It was a quilt guild challenge and I have scads of left over Kaffe fabric, so I used it. I had to play around for more than an hour when it should only have taken seconds to organize…so easy to get things turned around (so annoyed when I have to unpick yeash!!. I do love the punch of colour of the black and white circle fabric …fabulous!!!

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    1. and here I was all cocky that this quilt top would go together quickly and easily. Hahaha! Teach me to open my yap!

      I LOVe that black and white with the bright KFC prints!!



  8. I’m having the same issue with my quilt top – the sashing pieces are not lining up from the bottom to the top. I’m not sure if it’s because I added them on the wrong sides of the blocks, but I’m not sure how to fix it.


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