It’s Done! Jumble Starburst Flimsy is a Wrap

My one goal for today was to finish this thing. I’m looking forward to not working on this tomorrow.

It measures 63 x 80 inches. That’s a good throw size and a little bigger than I thought it would be.

I’ve decided I’m going to try to figure out how this all went so wrong. I know it’s because of how I put on the sashing. But I really want to know what the solution is. I really want to know that there is an easier way to put it together… in case I can ever convince myself to make another one.

So, here’s how I made this quilt top… for posterity.

The blocks are quarter log cabin blocks. You can find lots of tutorials for them on YouTube. I started with a center block of Kaffe Fassett’s Sunburst fabric. It’s out of print and nearly impossible to find. I cut the squares to approximately 3.5 inches square. They were not precise from block to block. The strips vary in width… anywhere from about an inch wide to a little over 2 inches wide. I added strips until the block was big enough that I could square it up to 8.5 inches. You can make them any size you want. Then I set them on point and added 3 inch wide sashing. That’s it!

And now my final disclaimer: If you make a quilt like this, I recommend that you don’t sew your sashing to your blocks. Lay out your blocks and sashing on your design wall, then sew the rows together from there. I think it would all go together much more smoothly with that approach. 

Here’s the finished flimsy.

And some eye candy…

I love looking at all these fabrics as I do the final pressing.

Next up will probably be adding the borders to my first sunburst log cabin quilt top.

Then I want to get the backing done for my jewel frames quilt and then get these two quilts off to my long armer.

I took Rico for his herding lesson this morning down at our trainers place in Molalla. He was so amazing! He did things that I’ve never seen him do before — in a good way. I really wish we had gotten him on video. Alas, it will have to live forever in my memory.

After our lesson we drove a few miles down the road for a nice hike on some logging company land. We had the entire place to ourselves. And it felt really good to get out.

Look at that sky!

That photo was taken right after Rico rolled in something nasty. (He got a good spray off with the hose when we got home.)

It was so nice. it felt like a spring day but everything is really behind this year. It’s not nearly as green as it usually is in March.

It was really nice to get to walk in some sun. I could feel the warmth on my back as we walked.

We walked until we couldn’t walk any further. I decided this was a good place to turn around.

A lot of trees and boughs were down because of our wind storms this winter.

Here’s where we were when we turned around.

We walked a total of a little more than three miles. And with some good elevation gain.

I had to stop at the top of this hill before we did the final quarter mile to get to the car. I love walks that end with a nice uphill climb!

I had to take this final picture tonight since our “sparkly winter tree” will come down tomorrow.

I always leave that tree up until the time changes in the spring. I love its light when it’s dark so early.

Have I mentioned that the day the clocks change in the spring is my favorite day of the year? WELL IT IS!!!

45 Replies to “It’s Done! Jumble Starburst Flimsy is a Wrap”

  1. YEA! It looks great! No more angst about how it is going together. I bet it will be a awhile before you make another quilt like the Starburst jumble log cabin jumble again. But next time it will be easier. Right? Because now you have it figured it out.

    The Starburst Log Cabin looks beautiful! The Wine Lotus Leaf is much better than the Millefiore. The border will just the right amount of icing on this beauty.

    There is something about being outside when spring is awakening and breathing in all that fresh green air. Love that! Of course Rico had to add that special aroma to the perfumed air. Dogs! Gotta love em! 😂😊

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    1. I sort of want to make one again because I want to prove to myself that I can make it go together easily. I’d have to think of what blocks to use since I don’t want to make a bunch of these blocks again right now.

      I love springtime. Stinky dog does not make it better! Luckily he’s a little water proof!



      1. Stinky dog never makes it better but not being there to smell him, I have to laugh. That’s only because I know my grand-dog(Jasper) loves doing that so my daughter is super vigilante when they go hiking. When Jasper does elude her and indulges himself, he goes immediately to the bathtub when they get home without being told 😂.

        I can understand doing it again to prove you got it right. Fussy cut big flowers on point would be cool, and relatively simple. It just leaves you with lots of scraps. Oh dear, what to do with scraps! LOL It will be an adventure in creativity . 😊


  2. I love the jumble starburst quilt! Sometimes, it feels like quilts want to contradict us; I guess that’s what happened to you. The end result is well worth it. I also love the other starbust quilt.

    I get up early so I find the time change hard. It will be dark at 5 AM tomorrow when I get up. But I guess the light in the evening makes it worth it. We have a 4-feet high fence around our pool and there is still a good 3 feet of snow on the ground here in Quebec City. It has started to melt but there’s a long way to go. There is snow in the forecast for this week too. 🙂

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    1. I’m definitely ready for spring. We’re way behind last year in blooming things. But we have a few days in the 50s coming up later this week so I’m guessing stuff will start going crazy!

      I do love the extra light in the evenings!



  3. YAY! Hip hip hooray. (Banners and flags waving, people shouting accolades). Congrats it’s gorgeous! It really is. I’ve got some of that Starburst fabric but maybe I’m not going to jump right in… not just yet.
    I tell you though Anne your “stick to itness” is impressive. Glad you’re keeping this one. How big did it end up?

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    1. the nice thing about how the starburst fabric is used here is that it doesn’t take more than 1/4 yard for a quilt like this. So if you have a few years of it, go for it and still have some in your stash!



  4. The quilt is gorgeous! After all the trouble you had putting this one together, the song you chose to accompany you YouTube video is perfect! I can’t wait to see what you make next.

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  5. I love this quilt just so clever. I like your idea of making the log cabin block out of differnt size strips of fabric. I am wondering what your fabric that you use for the background I love your dogs I have a French Bulldogs and they are my treasures.

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    1. It’s all very scrappy and is a great way to use up left over strips of all sizes. Plus, if it’s a little wonky and varied, I don’t feel the pressure to make it precise… which makes me happy! I love more free form approaches.

      The background fabric is a Kaffe Fassett Collective fabric. It’s Jumble designed by Brandon Mably. it comes in all sorts of color ways.



  6. Love the finished tops, and your perseverance in figuring out and completing that problem corner. You’re the reason I went out and bought 3 yards of that white and black jumble!

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  7. What a lovely post, all around. I enjoy seeing photos of your dogs as much as I love looking at your quilts LOL! I also love it when we turn the clocks ahead. Even though I know about the detrimental effects on our bodies. I just love the sun in the evening!

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  8. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt finish, it’s always so satisfying when a really challenging one comes together ❤️ I would like to know what brand and model your watch is please. I m recovering from a major heart attack and need to get back to walking.

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    1. It’s an Apple Watch. it’s the basic model. I actually got it from points I earned on my credit card. It’s pretty easy to use and syncs well with my other Apple devices.

      I started walking a little over three years ago and walk 5 miles nearly every day. it’s been good for all of us!



  9. I am happy for you that you finished that quilt top. My most recent finish was not a brain teaser like yours, but I did not like the fabric or the pattern which made working on it very difficult. It was a gift and I was SO happy to take it to the longarmer. Sometimes making a quilt feels like childbirth and yours was a doozy!

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    1. I really dislike making quilts I feel obligated to make but don’t love. it’s one of the many reasons I don’t do commissions. I’m glad you were able to get it done and find seething more fun to make.



  10. WOW! The Jumble Starburst is breathtakingly gorgeous! I know you took pains with this one, and we appreciate all the lessons it taught us along the way. Thanks for sharing the lessons of each step along the way, as well as the finished product. Inspiring, perspiring, and I hope immensely gratifying. I love the interplay between the bold colors and the equally bold texture of the Jumble. Genius!! Such a thing of beauty is truly a joy forever! Rocky Speedwell


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  11. I think the quilt turned out beautifully. I’m not sure how else you could put it together unless you mean laying out all the blocks and then sewing the sashing in between the blocks as you assemble each row. I have made a few on point quilts like this and I think that must be how I did it because I don’t remember problems getting it to its final arrangement. At any rate, congratulations. I think you created a beauty.

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    1. That’s the approach I was thinking of. And I’m not a huge fan of wrestling with those long strings of sashing. I’ve used my method before and it works great… but none of these was on point.

      But I think I caused the error by carelessly sewing sashing to the edge blocks before I really looked and had an idea of how it would all come together. I’m pretty sure I caused all the problems. I sort of want to make another one just to prove to myself that I can do it more easily!

      Thanks for your nice comments. I like it better today!!!



  12. The Starburst quilt just takes my breath away. It’s so simple, but has love and comfort and joy all over it. I’m very cautious of using prints, especially for sashing, but this is so inspirational that I’m going to push my boundaries. Thanks!

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    1. Someone once recommended to me that my quilt blocks needed a beige sashing. I think I laughed out loud. I’m pretty sure I don’t own a single piece of beige fabric!!!

      Go bold! And have fun!



  13. Anne, Congratulations on getting this top finished! I easily purchased 1/2 yd of the sunburst pattern thru Etsy (doing a wall hanging of about 72 x ? – I can get more if needed).

    I’m thinking of having the sunbursts face upward, not down.

    Questions: 1-Which OTHER jumble pattern color would you have used for the setting squares? I’m think the pink?

    2- the sashing- order of construction? sew piece to left side of square first? Then sew blocks in horizontal row together? Then lay long sashing pieces between horiz rows and sew the completed rows together?

    I am also finishing up a layered wall hanging (cutting through 1-4 layers to make a multi textured design for over my couch. The main fabric is the KF Feathers which I fell in love with & used in my last quilt.

    Thanks for your advice and help. Laura

    Mid-stage last week Feathers at this point were mostly borders- that changed…

    First cuttings

    My quilt with Feathers fabric


    1. Color of Jumble? I would have had to look at the options with the quilt top. But I love green so I would have at least LOOKED at one of the green options. Pink would have been a good option. It’s hard to say without trying the colored options with the quilt top.

      I clearly don’t have the sequence of blocks and sashing figured out! You might not want to ask me for advice on that. Your method would probably work. I just can’t think about it now that I’m done. I need time away from this!

      Good luck with your projects!



  14. What a wonderful jumble of colors and textures, luv the quilt . I have started one as well my blocks are 10 1/2 and the scrappy feel is awesome . What a nice area you have available to walk your kids, looks like they have so much fun . Leo and I have been working on his leash reactivity and had a breakthrough today ( so proud of him ) herding dogs are intense , enjoy the good weather can’t wait to see the next project

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    1. It would be fun to make this with larger blocks and thinner sashing. Maybe I’ll have to try that to test my ability to make this more easily!

      Good for you for keeping up on your work with Leo! Good boy!



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