Chambray, blue and yellow quilted pouch

I was ready to get up early today and drive down to Brooks to visit a litter of seven week old puppies, and, unbelievably, the whole event got canceled because it was supposed to rain. Can you believe that in NW Oregon something gets canceled because of rain? And it turned out to be a gorgeous day. Not a drop here at my place in Portland.

Since I was already up, and after a nice leisurely breakfast of pumpkin pie, I decided to go and look at some fabric. I had seen some really nice chambray at a fabric store a couple of weeks ago when  friend and I were there looking for linen. I’ve been thinking about it ever since, so I got ready and hit the road.

I took about an hour and touched a lot of fabric at the store… a large store that has quilting fabric, designer fabrics, decor fabrics, and just about anything you’d want. So I really enjoyed myself.

I found the chambray that I’d seen a couple of weeks ago, and found a nice charcoal grey linen that I didn’t see that last time I was there. The chambray was inexpensive, so I bought two yards, and it’s about 70 inches wide! It will go with just about any bright quilting fabric I put with it. I bought a yard of the linen and it will be great with the bright colors too. It’s wide too so I can get a lot of bags and pouches out of that yard.

Once home, I decided to start on a pouch that I’ve been wanting to make. It’s a pennant design out of blues and yellows. I made a paper piecing template a couple weeks ago to use for this bag. I considered just drawing out the template on graph paper, which would have been easier, but decided to try making it on Excel, and it worked! It took a long time, but it’s really accurate and the lines are nice and straight and fine. The blocks finish up right around 4 inches square.


I decided to use more of the Kaffe Fassett Roman Glass and Paperweight because I had some cut and ready to go, plus, it’s gorgeous and the colors are just what I wanted.

I made six blocks using three different blues and two different yellows, then I arranged them in sets of three and sewed them together for the panels for the front and back of my pouch. I’m so happy with how these panels turned out!


Once I had the panels done, I started assembling the pouch using the new chambray that I bought today. I left the paper on to sew the blocks together to add stability and so the blocks wouldn’t distort. I kept the paper on as I assembled the different parts of the pouch, removing what I needed to so I could top stitch. Once I had the chambray sewn on above and below the panels, I removed all the paper. I’ll probably do this in the future with paper pieced blocks as these panels went into the pouch much more accurately than they usually do.


The chambray looks grey, but it’s actually blue. A really soft, neutral blue.

Once I had the pouch at this stage, I started thinking that I wanted to do some free motion quilting on the panel… I was a little worried what would happen to this section when the pouch is washed. I figured the quilting would keep everything in place through use and washing.

So, I did a basic stippling… a really great go-to quilting design, especially for a small piece like this. I used a light grey thread because I didn’t want it to show, and it really did disappear on these fabrics.

The quilting feels amazing on the pouch. It gives the panel great texture and really makes it feel luxurious. I’m so glad I decided to add the quilting.



I arranged the blocks differently on the two panels, which makes it so much fun. I just love these blocks and will definitely try different color combinations. I’m wanting to do something in mostly reds, so that might be next.

Here’s the finished pouch from two sides.




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