Choosing Cornerstones

I made a good deal of progress on my new quilt yesterday, so today I took some time to square up all the blocks.


The blocks were supposed to finish at 10 inches square, but not one of them measured that big. They were all between 9 3/4 and just shy of 10 inches.

So to make the upcoming construction go better, I squared off all the blocks to 9 3/4. I didn’t cut more than a sliver off of any side, but this minor trimming will make the quilt much more flat and even as we go forward.

I’m going to use Phillip Jacobs black shaggy as the border on this quilt, and am thinking I want to use it for the cornerstones on the sashing as well. I’m going to give it some thought and take a look at it in the daylight tomorrow.


That black shaggy fabric is really something! It’s a bold choice for a bold quilt! I can’t wait to see it all done!



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